Fire v Crew - USOC live stream

Can't get out of work this afternoon because you've got TPS reports to complete? No problem. Catch the live stream and share your thoughts here.


Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Segares, Berry, Soumare, Anibaba

M Duka, Pause, Alex, Nyarko

F Rolfe, Magee

Bench: Tornaghi, Jumper, Videira, Larentowicz, Paladini, Santos, MacDonald


GK Gruenebaum

D Gehrig, George, Glauber, Wahl

M Finlay, Warzycha, Tchani, Speas

F Anor, Meram

Bench: Lampson, Barson, O’Rourke, Sanchez, Oduro, Higuain, Schoenfeld

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  • I have to give credit where it's due.

    AP fronted a lot for this, and its all free for the fans. Fans need to show up to support the Fire. If I didn't move my butt to MN, I would be there.

  • 16m - Baky with a perfect pass to Oduro. Luckily, he bangs it over the bar. What a great trade.

  • finally had a chance to tune it, saw the final win 2-1, on to the next round!

  • Couldn't pick an outstanding player for the Fire, didn't see anyone
    that played that great from start to finish. There was some individual
    outstanding play by the defenders, but collectively they still leave gaps and openings. Satisfied with the result, but the game was tighter
    than it should have been, team still appears to be somewhat out of sync. Decent effort but with room to improve.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I'm with you there. Crew seemed to have control when they wanted it, and we basically had out first team out there. Doesn't bode well for the future, especially for a game that wasn't supposed to add any pressure for the team.

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