Fire v Crew - USOC 4th round preview

Win and advance to the quarterfinals. The one game finality is what makes tournaments like the US Open Cup exciting. The Fire will have a chance to continue onward in their quest for a 5th USOC title but first they'll need to dispatch rival Columbus in order to do so.

The Crew aren't in a good way at the moment. After a decent start to the season they've begun to tumble downward in the Eastern Conference and they're missing several key players. They managed to advance to this point in the tournament but that wasn't easy either. Columbus defeated the Dayton Dutch Lions 2-1 on an 84th minute goal by Justin Meram in order to move on but Dayton played a man down for 76 minutes. They'll be without Eddie Gaven, who is out for the season with an ACL tear, Chad Marshall, Agustin Viana (both with hamstring injuries), and Jairo Arrieta due to international duty. They've also recently missed right back Josh Williams and midfielder Danny O'Rourke due to injury.

It seems Robert Warzycha plans to use a combination of veterans and youngsters in this match. Against Dayton he fielded the same patchwork back line that also got hammered in Philadelphia 3-0 and he wasn't happy with the central midfield pairing of Tony Tchani and Matias Sanchez either. He may not have much choice but to stay with them in this game due to the absence of Marshall and Viana. If Danny O'Rourke can return from an ankle injury they'll get some help in midfield. Warzycha also has a league match to contend with this weekend while the Fire are idle.

The Fire are looking to keep the momentum of four consecutive matches without a loss including the USOC win over Charlotte two weeks ago. I'd expect Frank Klopas to field another strong eleven considering the club's next match is not until June 19 at home against Colorado.

Projected Line Ups


Lampson; Barson, Gehrig, Glauber, Wahl; Meram, Tchani, Warzycha, Speas; Higuain, Oduro


Johnson; Segares, Soumare, Berry, Anibaba; Nyarko, Larentowicz, Alex, Duka; Rolfe, Magee

Columbus is having trouble offensively with Arrieta out and their midfield in some disarray. Federico Higuain doesn't have many options with only Dominic Oduro playing ahead of him and we all know that teams are capable of shutting down Oduro if he's utilized as a lone forward.

The Fire should win this one and advance to the Quarterfinals against the winner of the Sporting KC/Orlando City game.


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    I think Paladini has earned himself a start. Not just because of his one goal last weekend but because just about every time he comes off the bench he gives us quality service. Also he seems to be our best player on set pieces.

  • I'd start Santos over Rolfe, the past few games, the pace seems more aggressive after putting Santos in for Rolfe.

  • If there's a game that they can afford to sit Rolfe in lieu of Santos, it's this one. Either way, one starting means the other comes on in the 60-65th minute, so it wouldn't hurt to give Santos a run-out.

  • Weather is not looking good for tonight. 100% chance of strong storms forecasted. Stay tuned....

  • Any chance this is going to be streamed online? I'm always missing these Wednesday matches due to my company scheduling call nights on Wednesday, like many MLS coaches they don't seem to understand the importance of the Open Cup either, regardless that we are also playing a hated rival.

  • In reply to john:

    It will be streamed online with Brendan Hannan on the call.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    OK. I give up. What's "the call?"

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I really figured it would be on but there's no sign of it there. Tried Googling "The Call," which led to a bit of reminiscing about an 80's band I used to like. But I still don't know where to go to stream the game. More clues needed to play this hunt the stream game!

  • In reply to Arklow:

    The "call" is referring to the play by play.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Not to get off topic but wasn't that the band from the movie the Lost Boys? From the looks of it the band from the movie was probably actors because I remember them being long haired muscular guys in spandex.

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  • Here's the link to the stream, but the Fire website says it's delayed due to weather. Another update at 8 central.

  • The game has been postponed until noon tomorrow.

  • Free parking, free admission, no ticket necessary. Game will also be streamed on

    For those of you who promised to not give another dime to this club until they start winning, here's your chance to still watch them and not have to spend any cash. :)

  • Actually I was going last night until the weather fates made that so obviously a bad idea. And since I left work early yesterday to go skating, I can't get away from the office today. :(

  • Sporting KC lost to Orlando City last night. The winner of Fire/Crew today will play Orlando City in the quarterfinals on June 26.

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