Fire's USOC third round draw announced

US Soccer has released the potential match-ups for the third round of the 2013 US Open Cup tournament after coin flips this morning to determine the pairings. The Fire will play the winner of the match between the Seattle Sounders U-23 (PDL) team and the Charlotte Eagles (USL Pro). That game will be played on May 21 in Charlotte.

Should the Eagles win that match, the Fire will travel to Rock Hill, SC on May 28. If the Sounders U-23's win, the Fire will host them at Toyota Park on May 28 in a match starting at 6:30.

The match will be sandwiched between a road game at Real Salt Lake on 5/25 and a home match-up with DC United on 6/2. The Fire struggled to field a full squad for a reserve match yesterday in Houston so it will be interesting to see how many of the regulars are available for this game if the injury situation doesn't improve in the next two weeks. To complicate matters, Gonzalo Segares has reportedly received a call up from Costa Rica for a friendly against Canada in Edmonton on May 28. This could leave the Fire very thin in back although the Fire have not received official notification of the call from the Costa Rican FA as of yet.





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  • According to this story Diego Forlan is headed to Mexico's Queretaro for $3 million per year.....

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat...WHY?! WHY can't we have him?

  • I participated in a panel discussion over at Windy City Soccer. Check it out here.....

  • Queretaro is where Blanco went after here. I think there should be a clause that says great players have to stop here, or at least we should have right of first refusal, before they go to Queretaro. Precedent was set with Blanco and should continue with Forlan. ;)

  • Blanco went to Veracruz after the Fire.

    Queretaro is where Carlos De Los Cobos coached after Chicago.

    But yeah.....Forlan......

  • Pretty good list of signable strikers.....

    Saviola would be excellent in MLS.

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    I don't think Chicago should go in with mostly reserves. That's just me.

  • Diego freakin' Forlan. When I heard that, I literally wanted to cry real tears. Would love it if the Fire used their crush on Uruguayan talent to go after him. But we can't have nice things, folks.

  • So.....Diego Forlan says the move to Mexico is all rumor and speculation and adds that he would "love to play in MLS".......

  • In the same interview Forlan says that he would love to play in MLS and he's been to America several times on vacation but he has never received an offer from a team in the US.

    Those contacts in Uruguay should be scrambling for Forlan's number right now.

  • Time for the club to put up or shut up. Absolutely no reason Chicago can't get Forlan for that money, and ZERO reason for them not to pursue him.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    That would be awesome! Are we talking Keane money for him? I'll start prepping his #10 shirt now! Do MLS names have accent marks for vowels???

  • I'd say, given reports, probably $3 million per season. Well within the realm of "Keane-like money," which this year is $4.3 million guaranteed comp.

    And I may just get that #10 Forlan kit anyway. Forward thinking.

    Pun intended.

    Tip your waiters and waitresses. Try the veal.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    I guess reading the previous comments would help. I just saw GR's $3M offer from Queretaro. If I were a better reader I'd be doing big things by now.

    I'll probably join your forward thinking so at the next fame we can match.

  • I look at it this way....if Tottenham could have a Beckham jersey when he was only training with the club, we can have Forlan jerseys to live out a dream. :)

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    While you're in dreamland you should get a Forlan - City Flag jersey.

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