Fire v Union match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Thompson, Anibaba, Berry, Segares

M Duka, Pause, Paladini, Lindpere

F Rolfe, Nyarko

Bench: Tornaghi, Videira, Atouba, Bone, Alex, Amarikwa, Santos


GK MacMath

D Gaddis, Soumare, Okugo, G. Farfan

M Carroll, Daniel, M. Farfan, Cruz

F McInerney, Casey

Bench: Konopka. Albright, Kleberson, Torres, Hoppenot, Kassel, Le Toux


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  • MacDonald is not in the 18....the official word is he has strep throat

  • Should be interesting to see how Lindpere & Duka perform in this situation. I'll watch the first half and, if it looks worth sticking around, I'll stay for the second. If it's looking like another sorry effort, I'll take my hockey skates and go to the ice rink at the half.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    What is this hockey you speak of?

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    It's not so much, hockey, as it is the burning desire to perform rather than spectate. I find it hard to just sit. Especially when the performance I'm watching is putting me in a funk. Don't think the FIre are going to keep me from a good workout today. Sorry.

  • Great FA Cup final if you are not a Man City fan. Wigan pulls it out in the final minutes, 1-0.

    I'm intrigued by the Fire line-up...let's see how it works out.

  • There's a famous quote! "Somehow the Fire have failed to score." Welcome to the club. I'm off to the rink. Good luck Fire!

  • In reply to Arklow:

    It's all Fire, all game...and they are down 1-0 with 3 min. left. Looking like you made the right choice. It's friggin unreal, this team....

  • fb_avatar

    Nyarko great movement, but he can't finish. Very frustrating to watch as a long time fan.

  • In reply to Kao Xiong:

    But he's at least creating havoc and chances. He's a better option up top than MacD.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Drew:

    There's no point in creating havoc and chances when all you get is nothing. Frustrating. Nyarko should be a winger to create chances, but we need a true finisher. Rolfe is more like Nyarko, but can't get into positions like Nyarko, he needs a creative and smart player to play with. Mac just doesn't have the efforts needed to contribute consistently. Need a striker badly. Need a real creative mid immediately. Fire used to be great once. Now... we suck.

  • In reply to Kao Xiong:

    I agree with you. My point is that you'd think based on law of averages that eventually you'd score if you create chances. I just forgot for a moment what team I was talking about.

  • In reply to Kao Xiong:

    Its obvious this team needs to make changes. Not sure if its Klopas or not but whoever brings in the "talent" (Leon). this team has a high salary and is crap. He tried "scouring the world" and signed Puppo, Chavez, Robayo, When that didnt work they brought in othet teams unwanted DPs like Fernandez and Ljunburg, when that failed we brought in other teams unwanted castoffs like Lindoere, Duka, Laurentowicz and havent developed talent. oh yea Pineda allegedly can yet he doesnt and cant beat out the marginal players we have to even get end of game junk time.
    On the good side we "almost " signed Souza.

  • This team is a bad joke. I guess the only positive is that we're not DC United-bad.

  • 2-6-1

    never been more frustrated by the Fire than I am now. at least with CDLC the expectations were low with the large turnover. this is just an embarrassment. only DC has fewer points. sweet.

  • I'm not sure if he meant it sarcastically or not, but MacDonald sent a tweet out saying Nyarko had a "great game."

    Sure, Nyarko showed some hustle, but he had a couple of chances that really should have been finished. I guess for MacDonald not scoring is indicative of having a good game.

  • You snooze, you lose.
    Nothing like having fun at good old Toilet park.
    Should have been a fairly easy win for the Fire who pretty much dominated until Duka was substituted. Don't know why the change was made, putting in Alex was a down grade, after the substitution
    the team seemed to lose focus and pace.Thought it was Duka's best game, Nyarko by a wide margin was the player of the match, although he seemed to disappear in the last 20 or so minutes,
    pretty much like the rest of the team. I don't know how Rolfe was chosen as the player of the match, didn't even come close to Nyarko. Although he played with spirit and had his moments,
    his game sense seemed to be lacking at crucial moments.
    Maybe it's time for him to sit for awhile and come in as a sub.

  • Looking at the stats, the Fire dominated in every category,
    played a solid 60+ minutes until the first sub. When Alex came in,
    I said "oh shit!". The effect was almost immediate, the team looked out of sync and less aggressive on offense.
    It seemed like the team had a collective momentary time out on "Union's goal. Too bad, because the Fire played a decent game until then.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Yup. Their $189k forward took advantage of what the other team gave them and buried a shot in the back of the net.

    Our $250k forward had at least 3 really good chances and flubbed them all.

  • We started in a 4-4-2 and looked like the better team for most of the match. One mental lapse on the goal and we lose 1-0. Nyarko and Rolfe made a pretty good combination mainly because Nyarko runs at defenders all game long. Taking of Duka and moving Rolfe outside was a mistake. Rolfe is not the player that he used to be. No creativity and so predictable out there. It is getting pretty hard to watch this team just go through the motions in the way they are. We need a big time player or this season will be another one just wasted.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    and rolfe's touch and passing is just atrocious. only thing i can guess is his confidence is shot. like you said, he's just not the player he used to be at this point...though i have fading hope that he'll rebound.

  • Guys that was the best game that the fire have played all year. I loved nyarko up front. I just could not bear to watch the big Mac shuffle across the field again. Even though they lost at least it was exciting.

  • It's terrible when you play poorly and lose, it's even worse when you play well and still lose. If we wait to July for changes we might never
    make it to the playoffs. It's encouraging to see the Fire play a solid game, but still losses are losses.

  • Playoffs are becoming more and more of a long shot with every match. At this point, making the playoffs would be a bit pointless, as the team lacks the bite to go deep even if they made it.

    Lots to talk about for this weekend's podcast recording. Should be an interesting episode.

  • fb_avatar

    Rolfe can't create like Nyarko, Nyarko can't finish like Rolfe. That is the conundrum. Nyarko needs to create for Rolfe, but he doesn't. Rolfe is a player that needs other players. He is a natural poacher, not a creative mid, or winger, or anything like that, he's a supporting striker. So I don't see this as his fault seeing as he had a good game. His chances aren't there, and atleast BigMac had the IQ to get it done with Rolfe. Nyarko can thrive in MLS, but his finishing is just absolutely atrocious. I am so hard on him because he is so promising, but it's getting more than ridiculous at this point watching him do this his ENTIRE career. Could it be mental? Because he's definitely got the skills.

  • I see a lot of people blaming Klopas here and other places for this result...

    I think you can blame Klopas for a 4-0 loss at LA and 4-1 loss at home to Chivas USA... Against the Galaxy the team clearly wasn't prepared and didn't look fit. Against Chivas the team pulled an equalizer back and wasn't able to readjust and got pummeled.

    Given the players that were out, MacDonald's sickness and Maicon being injured earlier in the week, he put the correct starting lineup out there. Nyarko and Rolfe created more dangerous opportunities together in this game than Mac has all season and they just didn't finish.

    Its easy to blame the coach for every loss but I don't think you can put it on his shoulders this time. What else could he do? He can't finish for them.

    And the funny thing is, even though Rolfe and Nyarko didn't finish, I would still start them against Philly next week even if Mac or Santos are available.

    I think what we're seeing is an overall failure in player scouting and recruitment and while Klopas bears some responsibility for that, I think more blame rests on the shoulders of Javier Leon and Guillermo Petrei.

    Seeing the salary numbers that came out this week and the passing transfer window, I have to suspect the reality of this club's situation is that they can't really afford to bring quality players in right now.

    I don't know about the MLS funny money but I don't see how the Fire have much room under the cap to do anything this season unless they offload some big salary.

    Klopas hasn't been Technical Director since 2011 so in terms of the cap, I point the finger and Leon and Petrei. Throughout his tenure as whatever his title is, Leon has been based in Los Angeles in a situation that should make zero sense to anyone that cares about this club while the guy watching things locally, Petrei, has no previous experience in player personnel or acquisition. He also has no high-level playing experience or, to my knowledge, coaching badges to speak of.

    Klopas is the public face of the Fire in part because that's what Andell has made him. Its easy to blame him but many of the on-field issues stem from the two clowns put in place by Andell.

    Guillermo, have you ever met Petrei? I know he's here in Chicago but I can't find anything that he's ever said. Its scary to think the guy in charge of our salary cap pretty much holds no accountability with anyone.

    How is that even acceptable?

    I see the Fire business side making a greater effort to be more public. While most of what they have to say is boring, its an acknowledged step they're taking and I applaud it.

    Why doesn't Petrei do the same? Is it because he's afraid to be found out as a fraud? He's looking more and more like it every day.

  • In reply to seaside:

    Sir Alex Ferguson would struggle to win with Sherjill MacDonald as his lead striker. You've said a lot of things there that we'll cover in the next Fire Confidential podcast.

    I've met Petrei and hopefully we can get him on a podcast episode sometime soon.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    To be fair even Frank Klopas would win if he coached Man U with all their talent. Ferguson most overrated coach ever. The Phil Jackson of soccer.

  • In reply to seaside:

    A lot of good probing questions there Seaside. I would be pleased to see them addressed in a future podcast. One additional thing I would like to ask. Although we've largely addressed this as a failure of the FIre attackers to finish their scoring opportunities, it also seems to me that the opponent's keeper invariably seems to have a "game of the year" type performance against the Fire. Is there an identifiable reason the opposition's goalkeeper allways displays an inspired performance against the FIre?!? Is there something to be done about it?

  • In reply to Arklow:

    We'll hit them all coming up in the next episode - including what happened to the potential Soumare trade. I thought MacMath was good yesterday but he wasn't outstanding. The Fire made it easy for him as most of the shots were directly at him.

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