Fire land Magee in trade for Rogers


Now the Dominic Oduro trade doesn't look so bad.

The Fire have traded the rights to Robbie Rogers, acquired in the Dilly Duka for Oduro deal to the Los Angeles Galaxy in exchange for Chicago native Mike Magee. The 28 year old forward/midfielder has scored 6 times for the Galaxy this year equaling the Fire's output for the entire season and will be a welcome addition to a struggling offense. Although he hasn't historically been a high output goal producer (42 goals in 232 career MLS games) he is a solid performer who has provided numerous clutch scores for Los Angeles since joining them in 2009.

The Fire have been negotiating with Los Angeles over the last few weeks while attempting to come to an agreement on the  fair market value of Rogers' rights. It seems that in Magee, Chicago has maximized the potential trade value in terms of players available on the Galaxy roster. The Fire have managed to upgrade their roster by adding a veteran who is capable of finishing capably at the forward spot. Although he may not be be quite as dangerous without Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane to play off of, he should be a solid contributor.

Magee is slated to make $191,667.00 guaranteed compensation according to the latest player's union report so there should be moves accompanying this one in order to facilitate Magee's place on the roster and another July reinforcement. It should be an interesting next few weeks as the Fire seemingly aren't done shaking things up yet. It didn't seem possible that Chicago could wrangle Magee out of Bruce Arena a few weeks ago but Javier Leon and company played their hand well enough to get it done.

If the Fire don't manage to rebound from a 2-7-1 slump to start the season, they're at least going to make it interesting.


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  • Shoot for the moon, and you get.....the moon.

    This will help. Worth noting that Magee had the likes of Beckham, Donovan, and Keane around him through his time in LA, but he's a solid midfielder who won't seemingly age 5 years over the course of a weekend, so the team seems to be moving in the right direction.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Also, Mike Magee can also play goalie if needed. :)

  • Wow. First time all season that I've felt excited about the club. And the fact that he's a local guy who's happy to be coming home is icing on the cake.

    Guillermo, do you think the FO will still splurge on a big name up top in the July window? I'm thrilled for fresh talent like Magee, but as others have pointed out, some of his production at LA may have been due to busy defenders with their eyes locked on Keane, Donovan, etc. I'm hoping we get Magee some more help up front, since Rolfe and the Recliner have been so inept this season.

  • In reply to Adam Morgan:

    They're still planning on going after a DP striker. There will be some cap juggling to get it done but I believe that's the plan.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Yes they could get rid of 3 or 4 high priced players without even missing them.

    We will see how McGee does though I think the a galaxy were smart not to give up one Their hot prospects

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Forlan looked good yesterday in Internacional's first game of the Brasileiro. He had a nice goal and appeared to be fit.

  • good stuff and thumbs up to the FO. looking forward to seeing how the team plays coming off these recent moves.

  • Guys. McGee is a smart player. He would help any team. If I was him I would feel as the rug was ripped fom under me by the galaxy meanagement. What a change going from a qualified world coach to very bad coach that has difficulties in just about all areas of thr game.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Sounds like Magee knowing Klopas actually helped him in his decision to let the Galaxy know he wouldn't mind playing back home.

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    Rolfe has been bad this year, there is no doubt about that, but this is a move that makes Rolfe a better player, and I'm sure McGee knows that as well. Now if only Patrick could finish, then you are talking.

  • I'm shocked we pulled this off.

  • What great news to wake up to! This is a fair trade in my eyes, Rogers may have more star quality but as far as talent and value go we got the better end of the deal.
    I am concerned however that playing with Keane and Donovan had a lot to do with his success but I think of some of the chances we had this year and how our current forwards just wasted them, insert Magee and I think he scores on those chances so regardless the Fire are better off. I also thought Lindpere was a great addition so I'm a little hesitant to get too excited. I'm glad the Fire didn't pander and held strong to get a player that they needed and is a quality proven player. Magee also being from Chicago is a plus, got to love your locals!

  • In reply to john:

    Agree completely. Fire got the better end of the deal on the field IMO.

  • In reply to john:

    After the sad overall results of the earlier personnel moves, and knowing there are more moves necessarily to be expected, I too cannot get too excited at this point. I also fear we may see Magee not making the impact with the FIre that he had in LA.

    I'm wondering where he fits into the Fire lineup. I don't expect to see him on the pitch before next weekend and would like to here opinions as to how and where he plays for the Fire. Can he play at forward or attacking mid? Those seem to be where we really need him but I've not seen him play much.

    I tentatively applaud the moves made on Soumare & Magee but need to see the course of the related moves that must be made and how the team performs with these changes. I like the hometown thing with Magee. Don't think I will have the opportunity to see today's game as I will be out-of-town and don't expect I will be able to access any coverage unless someone has a link to a good streaming feed. Even then, Mom's poor Internet bandwidth may not permit.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Magee won't play until the USOC game on Wednesday at the earliest.

    He can play out wide but I expect Nyarko will move back outside with Magee either pairing with Rolfe or MacDonald up top depending on who the opponent and situation is.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    From what I read he can and has played at Forward and I assume/hope this is where he'll play given that is where he is needed most. I don't follow the galaxy much but from what I have been reading from upset Galaxy fans is that he has been able to carry the team when Donovan and Keane were out so that is promising. He is also commonly described as clutch and a clutch player is something we lack.

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    Wow, first time I've been excited reading anything on this blog all year! I think McGee himself has more goals against the Fire this year then the Fire have scored all season LOL

    McGee should play his normal position (relatively speaking) to start, and I'd like to see Patrick back up front as a forward. He needs more time up there to become a finisher. And Mac should be paired with the bench, he's produced zilch this year.

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    In reply to Jeff S:

    Magee not McGee. Stupid spell check.

  • First Larentowicz, and now Magee. Looks like the Fire are trying to build a squad out of the players who have driven them crazy for years. What's next, bringing back Ruiz and Twellman? Looks like I'll be switching my longtime allegiance to a club that respects its fans.

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    In reply to tribhater:

    Rogers stated he had no desire to play here, so Magee was literally the best result we could have gotten in turn for our rights to Robbie. Check the LA Galaxy Facebook page; their fans are livid right now.

  • In reply to tribhater:

    As a fan I feel most respected when players are acquired that can help us win. They could sign Eddie Johnson and Matt Reis's Mother if it meant more wins and I would feel just fine about it. Also reading his tweets I noticed the guy finds ways to mention Chicago more than Kanye West so he is clearly proud of where he comes from and that is something all Fire fans can relate to.

  • In reply to john:

    This response made me laugh.

  • In reply to tribhater:


  • The best result we could have gotten out of this deal. Very exciting.

  • Wow. This is a shocker. I thought that they would get scr***d by LA on this.

    Guillermo, any news on whether or not the league had to step on in this? Or was this pretty much a direct negotiation between the two teams?

    I reserve the right to be completely cynical about the team's prospects this season.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    There was some conversation with the league but the agreement was made by the two clubs. It helped that Magee was receptive and happy to play at home.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    The New York Times reported that "Arena said he would not have made the trade against Magee's wishes."

  • Smart move by Galaxy get more playing time for their prospects since unlike the Fire their academy produces talent. Now they get rid of some salary to make room for Rodgers salary plus they will undoubtably get their third DP over the summer.

    On paper Duka and McGee for Oduro is a laughable steal. If we get 1 real DP to play up top with McGee it might work out. Rolfe can go to the bench until he gets back on track.

    Need to dump some salary thou getting the foul and injury prone and with a problem with authority Soumadre was a silly move

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    The Soumare "attitude" issue is a little but overblown. The injury concern with him is legit though but if he stays fit he can play. The Fire could use a little bit of an enforcer. CJ Brown played that role and Soumare learned from him early.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Do you think that bombing out of the second division in European leagues taught him some humility? I'm excited by these moves! No if only we could get Matt Reis' mom... :)

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Now if only we could get Matt Reis' mom...*

  • fb_avatar

    Something tells me we will make a run late in the season, however it will be too little too late.

  • If Soumare can keep his cool, he can be a force at times. I like having Anibaba back out wide. Put Magee anywhere on the field. He is better than everyone we have going forward. He can even back up Sean in goal. Does anyone else think this is the Fire trying to draw women fans who are duped into thinking the Fire signed Bradley Cooper? Maybe its just me playing tricks to convince my wife to come to the games with me.

  • Despite my immense excitement, I'm a little concerned about what the FO/Klopas will do now that we've secured Baky and Magee.

    My greatest fear is that they will rest on their laurels, i.e., put Magee up top as a forward and hope that it solves all of our current problems.

    Magee is a one-of-a-kind talent, but putting an inordinate amount of pressure on him to score all of our goals on his own is a recipe for disaster. Adding a true, six- (or seven-) figure striker should still be our #1 priority going forward.

    Given the ineptitude we've seen thus far from Rolfe and the Recliner on the offensive side and Kid Klopas' lack of creativity, adding one player--no matter how talented--isn't going to fix the team.

    We still need 1) a true number nine, 2) an offensive strategy, and 3) confidence/motivation.

  • Wow we made some bold moves! We r on track to set a new record for least goals scored in a season before these moves! It really is disappointing with Arne looking like he will retire before one more fine year for us! Baky is a force with his size and physicality! This is good for us especially on set pieces defending and getting his head on the ball to score once in awhile.
    Mac I hope sits! I would like to see Magee with rolfe and nyarko up top to wreck havok and generate some goals going forward!

  • With Baky back it will b nice to start annibba at right back! Really wish we had a creator to play the ball to a quality finisher but Magee is a great move and I love the odura deal for duka and Magee! Like other have stated Magee had lots of attention off him with the quality around him in LA but it is great to get him playing for his home team finally! Not like McBride who was totally spent before he finally played for his home team! :-)

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