Thursday notes - Thompson suspended, Podcast Episode 30, Hauptman addresses player acquisitions, and more

The Fire got more bad news regarding the right back position today with the league's announcement that Wells Thompson has been suspended for 1 match after his challenge on Agustin Viana this past Saturday. Thompson received a yellow card from referee Chris Penso but the Disciplinary Committee felt further action was necessary. This leave the Fire with a likely choice of either Mike Videira or umm, Mike Videira at right back. Logan Pause or Jalil Anibaba can be moved into the position but the Fire have played well over the last three games with those two where they currently are so it doesn't make much sense to move them.

Fire Confidential Podcast

Catch the latest episode of the Fire Confidential Podcast which features part 2 of a conversation with Fire Chief Executive Office Atul Khosla. The topics in this segment include ticket sales and attendance at Toyota Park, recent front office turnover, the Village of Bridgeview, and plans for the much anticipated third kit.

Hauptman discusses player acquisitions

Fire owner Andrew Hauptman was on hand after training to answer questions from the media this morning. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out there today but Jeff Crandall posted a wrap-up of the discussion here. Among the highlights are comments on attempts to add players before the current MLS window closes on May 6, setting expectations for high profile player signings, and rumors regarding Sebastian Mila. Hauptman dismissed the talk about an offer for Mila as "all nonsense" but did acknowledge that some "outreach" was made.




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  • I understand that Hauptmann is downplaying expectations, and he may be smarting a bit by some of the recent botched signings (not sure if he'd put MacDonald in this group - the fact that the Fire has gotten a lot more miles out of him than guys like Puppo or Castillo or Franco says no - for the owner). He says as much when he admits that they haven't been good at it recently.

    It's just all very depressing. No timeline for Friedrich's "recovery," no finishing and no sign of any change during the current window... For all I know, the CLB game was the high-water mark this season. I get the idea of letting 10 games pass before we take stock, but all of this does not bode well.

  • I haven't had time to listen yet. But I don't expect anything except more of the same from the owners. Things won't change there until they agree to sell the Fire to a less tight-fisted owner. And for that reason, I agree with Mobido. We can expect more of the same discouraging overall results on the field.

    We've all heard Andy's positive spin before. It no longer merits serious consideration.

  • A few links of interest.....

    A detailed and thoughtful article spelling out supporter's concerns over front office turnover at HTIOT....

    The full transcript of Hauptman's comments yesterday at OTF....

  • The Fire are developing a pattern of making changes in areas that need no change and ignoring areas that need change. If they are worried about support and attendance they should focus on what is happening on the field and on the top level of leadership..
    They are not the Cubs who continually offer a mediocre product
    while maintaining high attendance. Unforunately for the Fire there are only a limited amount of suckers in a city that easily parts their money.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Perhaps most notably, the Fire does not have a stadium in the middle of an entertainment district with easy access to public transportation for anyone who chooses to enjoy themselves a bit too much on game day. Everyone knows this, but the point is that the Fire in some ways are operating in a completely different market from the Cubs. I wouldn't say those people are suckers, because if they're at Wrigley for a good time, they're pretty likely to get it there or a stone's throw away.

    The Fire on the other hand have to win to get butts in seats, 'cause they're not going to wander in off Clark Street for the hell of it.

  • I have to agree that Bridgeview is not a prime venue.

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