Fire v Galaxy matchday 2013

Opening day is here as the Fire travel to Los Angeles to face the two-time defending champion Galaxy. While they're not the same side that captured a second consecutive MLS Cup last December, LA is still very formidable. Of course, Robbie Keane is still the main scoring threat but without David Beckham and Landon Donovan service will be harder to come by particularly if the Fire defense can force the ball onto the feet of the outside mids where the Galaxy have been somewhat lacking over the last two seasons. Even without Beckham in the middle of the park, Juninho and Marcelo Sarvas are dangerous enough for concern and are likely to test Sean Johnson from distance.

The Fire should be more a of a threat offensively on set pieces as Joel Lindpere has been entrusted with cornerkick duties but they must be aware of Omar Gonzalez on the opposite end. The big centerback has already scored two headed goals from corner kicks in his career against the Fire although both came before the duo of Arne Friedrich and Austin Berry shored up Chicago's aerial defense last season.

The Galaxy are in a bit of transition and if they struggle early in the season as they did in 2012, Chicago may be able to get out of Los Angeles with a result.


Fire 1 Galaxy 1

Projected Line Ups

LA: Cudicini; Franklin, Gonzalez, DeLaGarza, Dunivant; Stephens, Juninho, Sarvas, Clark; Magee, Keane

Chicago: Johnson; Segares, Berry, Friedrich, Anibaba; Duka, Lindpere, Larentowicz, Nyarko; Rolfe, MacDonald


Catch the Live Chat over at during the match. I'll be joining Jeff Crandall and Stephen Piggott in a shared session with the Galaxy. There should be a lot to talk about in this one.





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  • Shouldn't they pick one of the starters for captain? It's gotta be strange to have a captain no in the starting 11.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    Larentowicz got the arm band when Pause wasn't on the field in preseason.

  • Spanish language radio deal announced......a full 1 hour and 45 minutes before kick off no less......

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    There they go. Extending the insult to their own created second class fans. At what point does MLS issue the warning they'll be competing with an English language Chicago MLS club if they continue to refuse to share?!?

    I just don't get this nonsense.

  • In reply to Arklow:


    Not likely.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    We almost got Chivas USA.

  • Fire Line Up today

    GK Johnson
    D Segares, Berry, Kinney, Anibaba
    M Duka, Lindpere, Larentowicz, Nyarko
    F Rolfe, Santos

    Bench: Tornaghi, Videira, Paladini, Thompson, Atouba, Alex, MacDonald

    Friedrich out with a hamstring issue.
    Pause is out with a quad injury.
    Larentowicz is wearing the "C"
    Atouba makes the 18 in his first match.
    Santos replaces MacDonald in the starting line up.

    A lot to discuss here....

  • Down 0 - 1 at the half. I thought the Fire played rather poorly for about the first 20 minutes, unalbe to maintain hardly any possession or mount a serious threat. After that they seemed to gain confidence and began showing some stuff. Had a couple of good shots at goal. The Galaxy goal came after a fortunate bounce on a Fire defender's deflection. Galaxy looked the better team, but the Fire played well. Liked Kinney's work, especially that move to prevent a Galaxy corner late in the half.

  • Also.. I have to say that the video feed from Unavision is not bad. Far better than what I remember enduring from Galavision last year!

  • wooping somee a$$ thats a good lesson to the fire.

  • That was painful to watch...

  • Stating the obvious, that was awful. I left at 4-0. Mike McGee looked like Messi. The worse performance I've seen in a number of years without question. No other way to say it. The defense was atrocious, the offense virtually non-existent, and the midfield ineffective and dominated. This could easily have been 7 or 8 goals.Lots of work needs to be done.

  • Fire were crap.

    I know it's the fist game but..
    Kinney was crap like I remember him being. I know his abscence caused some fans to inflate his talent in their minds but not mine he should get a -3 ratings.
    The difference in class between the Fire and La was mountainous.
    No wonder Arne told that magazine LA wouldn't get regulated in the Bundesliga ...he didnt mention the Fire thou..
    Rolfe also looked like carp today and Mcadonald and Rolfe can't hold McGee and Keanes jockstrap.
    Looks like it time for a change in the Fire front office.
    No Landon no Becks no problem

  • That looked like a team with a lot of new parts that hasn't played much together vs a team that is pretty much intact from last year and was the league champ. When you have little continuity from year to year, its got to be tough to get any flow when everybody is learning about their new team mates. Not ready for prime time.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    I have to agree. It WAS painful to watch once the second-half defensive "deer-in-headlights" kicked in. I too left after the 4th goal. Was that the final score?

    But this is a team with lots of new parts and needs time to come together. They showed some flashes of potential. But they were missing connections and showing the need to improve cohesiveness today.

  • Okay one good thing that we do not have to worry about is call ups to national teams. That performance was absolutely terrible. This season is going to be very very long and painful.. Klopas looked stunned at the performance of his guys, the announcer said something that really hit home that the fire were rudderlous since the loss of blanco and grazxini. I could not agree more.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    They also seemed to forget to mention that the team did fine after Grazzini left last year.

  • Rudderless is right. They seem a solid team on paper but no real guile or class in the midfield and no go to striker. I think they will be solid but they strike me like a team built to avoid relegation, a kind of Stoke City, grinders and solid, but i cannot see them challenge for honors without an infusion of quality. Still, early days and the Galaxy are champions after all.

  • In reply to Celt:

    Well if they play like stoke city the Fire won't get my money .
    Yes LA are champs but they were without Becks or Landon. You have to ask yourself WHY is LA better. Because thy have better personnel men and a better gaffer.
    Look I liked Lalas as a player and US soccer royalty, but LA sucked while her ran them ..
    Kinda see a parallel ?

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