Oduro for Duka....done deal

Gotta love social media....

After SBI reported earlier tonight that a Dilly Duka for Dominic Oduro deal had been struck both players confirmed via their twitter accounts that they were indeed on the move. The Fire have acquired midfielder Dilly Duka from Columbus in exchange for 2011 leading scorer Dominic Oduro. Details of the trade have not been made available as neither club has yet to officially confirm the transaction.

Oduro tweeted this out tonight: "Thanks to all the fire fans and front office for all your supports. And I'm now looking forward to the next chapter , here I come #columbus".

And from Duka: "Its been a fun 3 years @ColumbusCrew Big thanks to the Massive Crew #Supporters and my #Teammates..All the best in 2013".

Duka will likely get an opportunity to start outside opposite of Patrick Nyarko. Alex and newly acquired Brendan King will also vie for time at left mid.

Also from the twitterverse, Rich Balchan confirmed that he is no longer with the Fire and is in search of a new club. Balchan figured to challenge for time at right back but Logan Pause's move to that position during phase 1 of training camp seems to have made him expendable.


Update: The deal will officially be announced on Monday. Source confirms that the deal includes the MLS rights for midfielder Robbie Rogers. Duka's salary cap hit will also be considerably less than it was last season.


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  • They probably have the the deepest midfield in the history of the MLS
    but still haven't picked up the key player they need, a quality striker.
    With Bone coming back from Spain at some point, it will be interesting to see who will be cut or traded. Still don't think Klopas is finished, there might be another deal or two left up his sleeve except it probably will not be an international, could be an interesting summer window

  • Chupete would've been a steal and the right fit. I'm going in with low expectations this season, we'll see if I'm surprised (I hope so!).

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Chupete would be phenomenal in MLS but it appears he re-upped in Monterrey through 2015.

  • Maybe with the plethora of midfielders on the team Frank is planning to emulate Spain and win the title sans forwards...I just hope Duka is not a locker room cancer here.

  • In reply to DerSting:

    Spain has Xavi and Iniesta so that's cheating.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    But Guillermo, didn't you know that Corben Bone is the American Xavi?

    - Scott

  • Right now the Fire have just three natural forwards on the roster.
    Still think they'll try to obtain another forward of some quality
    before the start of the season.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    The big one will probably have to wait until July.

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    In reply to lonecoyote:

    This Kevin Mercado kid from LDU Quito is a forward, and he's coming into camp along with one of their defenders...



  • ... And then get the excuse that "HE", whoever that is, needs time to adapt to MLS , .... Yadda, yaddda, yaddda. Same crap different year... I'm still hungry for some scarf :-)

  • According to the Daily Herald's Orrin Schwarz, the Fire are also getting the MLS rights to Robbie Rogers in the trade.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    that would be sweet, and would make sense since there didn't seem to be any financial compensation for the salary difference.

  • I think this is a good move. Oduro forgot how to shoot within 30 feet of the crossbar last year. He would have matched his 2011 numbers if he knew how not to sky the ball. I think he was trying to give a ball to a friend in the last row of Section 8 most games. I think Duka is a far better overall player. He can be a playmaker as well as a natural winger. Is he really that difficult to get along with?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I think his issue in CLB was more related to struggles on the pitch than interpersonal stuff. Only 2 assists in 2012, not the production they were anticipating out of him.

  • didn't he leave the team before the end of the season beacause he coudn't get alommg with the coach?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    He wasn't a fan of Warzycha and vice versa.

  • i'm pretty shocked by the update. duka at a reduced salary and rogers for oduro. no brainer...if that's right and the entirety of the deal then the fire absolutely fleeced the crew.

  • Are they going to try to sign Rogers? Rogers and Nyarko on the flanks sounds good

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    Chances that Rogers signs with MLS and ends up with the Fire this season? 50/50.

    I'd rather see them flip his rights for something else of value within the league. He'd be a big cap hit and would take up a huge chunk of what they have left. Moving him to his preferred west coast may be even better business.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Yeah, send him to the West Coast. I don't think he liked Columbus, and while we all know that Chicago is no Columbus ;-), I don't see him being really happy in the Midwest. Didn't Vancouver have about 25 forwards on their roster last year? I know they've made a lot of moves, but there must be one or two who could use a new home with some playing time...

    Wouldn't it be fun to send him to Toronto for Eric Hassli, though?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Sounds like Hassli might be headed to FC Dallas.

  • I was joking on Twitter about picking up Rogers... I am not a huge fan of Rogers from about 2009 on, as he seemed to disappear in many games, only to show flashes of bright play ending with a shot off target. I recall injury problems as well. But this strategy - going after players with a history of performance in MLS (Lindpere, Larentowicz, Thompson, now Duka and possibly Rogers) looks more promising to me than sifting through SAm for players who might be able to adapt. It's hard to get excited about these guys, especially after they have had a mediocre season or two, but that's how Oduro came into the team from Houston. We still don't know if they just need a change of location to perform, if they just dropped down the pecking order at their old team, or if their good seasons were anomalous. But at this stage of the game it seems like the FO has been making some good moves.

    We still don't have the goalscorer we all would like. It's a bit strange, as if the Fire is just going to count on the strength of the midfield to carry the team. It should be easier for Rolfe in particular if we have threats other than Nyarko in the midfield, but opposing backlines aren't exactly going to be quaking in their boots at the strikers in our lineup.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Larentowicz and Lindpere are more than just hopeful acquisitions. They're proven MLS players with good track records. You have to like the change in philosophy from the (insert unknown Uruguayan) strategy they've employed over the last few seasons.

    I complete agree with you on Rogers. He's always been vastly overrated for me.

    They are still looking to add depth at striker. It won't be a big name for now but they are looking to add a forward before the season starts. For what it's worth, they almost had a good one this offseason.

    A top flight #9 probably won't be available until the summer window though.

  • I think Rogers is better than he has performed, but that could be for a number of reasons. He has done well with the US National Team when he has been called in. I think in the right situation (maybe the Fire) he could do well. If the Fire could convince him that this is a great place to play and live, he could thrive here. Or he could be sold in July. Why not take a chance (granted I don't know the financial picture so I am ignoring that for now)?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Win, win deal for the Fire in this case. The FO has had a pretty good offseason.

  • Yesterday, Jill Carlson confirmed the Dilly Duka/Dominic Oduro trade on CBS 2 news. Fire getting some pub for once.

  • I don't think they will get anything as good as Rogers in a trade. Allocation money doesn't score goals and the front office hasn't shown any ability to get a front line striker

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