MLS award finalists announced - Berry, Pause nominated

Major League Soccer announced the finalists for their 2012 year end awards and the Fire are represented in three categories.  As expected, Austin Berry is a finalist for the league's Rookie of the Year award.  He should beat out DC's Nick DeLeon and Vancouver's Darren Mattocks when the winner is announced on Monday.  The Fire are also nominated in two other categories which will be awarded on November 19.

Logan Pause is a finalist for the Invidual Fair Play award and the club is in the running for the "TEAM" version of the same award.  According to the release the Fair Play award is "selected by MLS based on objective criteria such as fewest fouls committed, cards received, and on subjective evaluation of sportsmanlike behavior".  MLS Postseason Awards are voted on by clubs (head coach, technical director, president + 1 other), current players, and media with each group representing a third of the total vote.

With any sports voting mechanism there are always going to be some questionable selections.  This year's list boasts a few bungled choices as well.  Mattocks made the top three for the rookie prize based on a couple of highlight reel goals but in reality Dallas' Matt Hedges had a better season and should have been included as a finalist.  Columbus' Gonzalo Higuain was voted into the top trio for Newcomer of the Year based on a brief period of blazing form that got the Crew back into the playoff race but Jairo Arrieta was probably more consistently influential for them.  My pick for the  award, Arne Friedrich didn't even make the top three.  The Fire's October finish probably cost Frank Klopas any chance of garnering a top three nod for Coach of the Year.

For what it's worth, these were my votes for the major awards:

Rookie of the Year - Austin Berry

Defender of the Year - Matt Besler

Coach of the Year - Frank Yallop

Comeback Player of the Year - Eddie Johnson

Goalkeeper of the Year - Jimmy Nielsen

Newcomer of the Year - Arne Friedrich

MVP - Chris Wondolowski


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  • is your vote part of the media voting?

  • In reply to Drew:


  • In reply to c0quito18:

    The coaching carousel in Mexico is nuts. They sure don't hesitate to pull the trigger down there.

  • fb_avatar

    Eddie Johnson? I'll hold my nose and respect your decision ;)

  • In reply to ManOn TheFire:


    I was waiting for this comment....

  • Dom Oduro has voiced his displeasure with being relegated to a sub role this season.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    i don't blame him. sure he didnt set the world on fire this season, but he wasn't horrible either. he needs to finish better of course, but he does cause a lot of problems to the opposing defense

    the Fire need to figger out what their identity is and focus play on that style. so if that means letting oduro go, i am ok with it, but get someone in that fits the way they want to play

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    Can't blame a guy for wanting to play...especially after starting and experiencing some success. He gives the Fire another option and another way to attack with this pace so he would be a good piece to have around....just have to wonder if he will be happy in a support role next season.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    he has proved that he can be a solid if not spectacular starter, though he's a perfect sub and provides nice F depth. hopefully we keep him and he's professional about it, though i also get why he'd want to play.

  • According to his twitter account, Jalil Anibaba is in Spain and about to begin training with Fire partner, Atletico Madrid.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    this can't hurt...

  • The Red Bulls new sporting director says NY2 isn't such a good idea.....

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    De Bontin's analysis of the two-team set-up is overly simplistic. He implies that the LA market wasn't ready to support two teams and this is why Chivas USA's attendance is lower than that of the Galaxy. Although that may be a contributing factor, he ignores the fact that Chivas USA has been mismanaged from the beginning. The name of the team itself alienates Mexican fans in LA who are not Chivas de Guadalajara fans. Vergara meant to tap into a fan base that he felt MLS had ignored to that point and mistakenly believed that a Chivas team in LA built on the model in Mexico would thrive. It might have if the team hadn't sucked from the get-go. When Bradley and Preki coached Chivas, the team was a consistent playoff team and attendance was probably at an acceptable level. When the talent level and coaching got worse, the team went back to their losing ways and attendance suffered. My guess is that the LA market is big enough to support two teams, but the formula fails miserably when one of the teams plays horribly bad and unimaginative soccer.

  • True enough....the problems with Chivas USA go well beyond just being the second team in LA.

    A second team in the New York area, although many seem to believe that Queens is a soccer gold mine will surely result in the loss of customers/fans who will support the Red Bulls. That should be a legitimate concern for them.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I've heard the NY/NJ market described two ways; the way you do above, and that the Red Bulls are a NJ team, which means there is a separate market for a team based in NYC. The Red Bulls are not filling that stadium. I think you're right that they should be concerned if Team 20 is in NYC.

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