2012 season ratings - Friedrich top field player

Now that the Fire's 2012 season has been completed we can take our annual look back at individual player ratings over the course of the entire season.  The cumulative ratings at the half way mark identified the top performers through the first seventeen games of the season and as you can imagine, there aren't many surprises when looking at the top ranked players on the club this season.  The overall rating has been calculated by simply adding each indivual rating number for each performer in every match this season. Those accumulated numbers equal a total point value for all games played.  The total is then divided by games played to tally an "average" numerical grade for the season.

Player                       Average

Paolo Tornaghi           6.33

Arne Friedrich            5.83

Patrick Nyarko           5.79

Austin Berry               5.79

Sean Johnson             5.71

Cory Gibbs                  5.67

Chris Rolfe                  5.64

Marco Pappa              5.64

Sebastian Grazzini    5.64

Gonzalo Segares        5.61

Pavel Pardo                5.57

Dan Gargan               5.55

Sherjill MacDonald  5.50

Jalil Anibaba             5.39

Mike Videira             5.33

Logan Pause              5.31

Dominic Oduro        5.27

Alex                            5.24

Hunter Jumper       5.20

Rafael Robayo         5.19

Alvaro Fernandez   5.15

Daniel Paladini       5.13

Federico Puppo      5.09

Wells Thompson    5.00

Guillermo Frano    5.00

Corben Bone           5.00

Orr Barouch            4.89

The numbers bear out that Arne Friedrich, Patrick Nyarko, and Austin Berry were the top field players over the course of the entire season.  Chris Rolfe was named the team's most valuable player based on a combination of media, team, and front office votes and I must admit, I voted for Rolfe in that category myself.  His eight goals and introduction into the line-up allowed the coaching staff to change their approach offensively and the Fire were at their best when Rolfe was playing well.  When Rolfe was bottled up at the end of the season the Fire struggled.  Without his contributions after returning from Denmark the team would have been hard pressed to find another scorer with his ability that would have been available for non-DP money.

In my mind however, Patrick Nyarko has been the most consistently good field player for the club over the last three seasons even though he feels that injuries hampered him this year.  Nyarko signed a contract extension in April that ensures he will be around for a while and he'll be an important piece of the puzzle again heading into 2013.  He's more than deserving of this year's Supporters Player of the Year Award handed out by Section 8 Chicago and was my second choice for team MVP behind Rolfe.  Friedrich was also a legitimate candidate but he only appeared in 23 games while Nyarko managed to make his way into every match depsite the injury struggle.

The rating for Frank Klopas and the coaching staff averaged out at 5.35 over 34 games.  Klopas was in the running for Coach of the Year consideration up until the last few weeks of the season.  Disapponiting results against New England and Philadelphia knocked out any hope for that honor but if I were to assign a letter grade in lieu of a number I'd be inclined to dole out a solid B.  Klopas did well to continue earning results on the way up the table after seamlessly integrating new players into a system that could have been crippled with the losses of Grazzini and Pappa.  He managed to successfully change the team's style of play in mid-stream from a direct style that relied on Oduro's pace to a more passing oriented system that incorporated Rolfe and Nyarko playing off of a post player in MacDonald.  Opposing clubs have apparently adjusted to that change and the Fire will need to address that in the coming months with reinforcements.

The season was by and large a succesful one although the last month of the season soured the perspective a bit.

2012 Season Ratings

Playoff Ratings vs. Houston:

Johnson (5); Anibaba (4), Berry (5), Friedrich (6), Segares (5); Nyarko (5), Pause (5), Pardo (5), Fernandez (5); Rolfe (5), MacDonald (5); Alex (6), Oduro (5), Paladini (5)

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  • To no one's surprise Hans Backe it out as coach of the Red Bulls. Mike Petke takes over in the interim.

  • i love that you explained how you got the average score, lol...

    my vote for mvp, if anyone cares, would have been for nyarko. and i think robayo should have had a 6.19 rather than a 5.19, he was robbed! ;) i nearly forgot about him and puppo...selective memory methinks...now i'm going to have recurring nightmares of their play.

    gargan graded out higher than anibaba. another reason the former should have been starting at rb, the fire confidential rankings prove it! a word to the wise, klopas, when in doubt ask guillermo.

  • In reply to Drew:

    Lol.....Just wanted to be clear that it's an average.

    I doubt that Klopas will be looking at these while filling out his line-up card next season but it should be noted that one of your two DP's is in the bottom half of the chart and needs to pick it up in 2013.

  • Poor Barouch, the only player with a ranking lower than 5!

  • In reply to Drew:

    A result of limited time and pretty weak outings in those few minutes.

  • Fair ratings.

    The team as a whole averaged out to about a 5. Mediocre not great but not terrible.

    Are they going to do their yearly tradition of scouring South America to find an oscure average player from and average Uruguay team to sign then loan him out at midseason ?

  • Wasn't Grazzini officially "loaned" during that "soap opera" part of the season, which would open the door for a possible return? Unless I'm completely mistaken...

  • In reply to Blaizeingspeed:

    He was indeed "loaned" to Atletico de Rafaela but don't expect to see him back. A shame really.

    Robayo, Barouch, and Puppo were all officially "loaned" and they're not coming back either. I suspect Barouch's contract will be purchased by Bnei Yehuda in January.

  • Chivas USA has launched Robin Fraser, his assistant Greg Vanney, the club's technical director and their trainer.

    Talk about cleaning house....

  • New episode of Red Priests podcast is up. Discussing the season and looking forward to 2013.....


  • Sean Johnson gets a call for the USMNT's last match of 2012, Wednesday's friendly against Russia.....


  • fb_avatar

    Great point on relative value of Rolfe given DP structure and roster restrictions. Logan Pause's rating stands out. It's the lowest of all regular starters. A solid 'B' to Klopas is indeed accurate and fair. And that '4' for Anibaba in the playoff game is screaming to be addressed. Nicely done sir!

    - Scott

  • In reply to ManOn TheFire:

    Thanks Scott.

  • now this is funny:

    "All the behind-the-scenes maneuvering couldn’t have helped matters in Red Bull camp, where some recent meltdowns showed clear issues developing within the team. According to multiple sources, defender Wilman Conde was effectively banished from the team after blasting his high-priced teammates and Backe after the team’s loss to the Chicago Fire a month ago (a match Conde was subbed off at halftime in). Conde ripped into Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez, as well as Backe, leading the team to ask Conde to take some time off, which was spun as him needing time off for personal reasons.

    Conde never played another minute for the Red Bulls, and will almost certainly be part of the team’s roster purge this winter."

  • In reply to penapirata:


  • Where are the folks that went ballistic when the Fire traded Conde's rights away? In doing so, they got allocation money which presumably went to capture Arne Friedrich, the club's 2012 Defender of the Year and perhaps also Chris Rolfe, the club's 2012 MVP.

    Elsewhere in New York, Conde was banished from his own locker room less than a year after joining the team.

    The Fire have made some dumb moves and mishandled players but they had this one spot on. Well done, Fire.

  • In reply to seaside:

    An excellent move to get a six figure allocation from New York in exchange for a guy who was going to be a gamble anyways. This ended predictably for New York.

  • fb_avatar

    MLS should commission a reality show for Red Bull. Question is, what would its title be...?

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