USWNT v Germany at Toyota Park this Saturday

As you're prepping for the USA v Guatemala World Cup Qualifier tonight don't forget that the US Women's Team is set to face Germany at Toyota Park this Saturday.  That match is nearly sold out but you can win tickets here at Fire Confidential courtesy of MLS and US Soccer sponsor Allstate Insurance.  Enter to win a set of 5 tickets to the match by commenting about US Soccer in the comments section of this post.  One winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, October 18 at 3PM.  The winner will be contacted via email and tickets will be available at will-call  before the match.

As part of the festivities, ’99 World Cup Champion Brianna Scurry, will be signing autographs on match day at the Allstate Fan Zone, just outside of Toyota Park between 4 and 6 p.m.  There will also be interactive activities, chances to win ticket upgrades as well as a handful of other prizes fans can register to win.

Now comment away, as you resume temporarily rooting for Eddie Johnson......

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    So proud of what the US Soccer Women's Teams have accomplished recently! Their matches are EVERY BIT as exciting as any other sporting event I've seen! Keep it up!

  • US lineup tonight.....

    lineup: Howard; Cherundolo, Cameron, Bocanegra (capt.), Parkhurst; Zusi, Williams, Bradley, Johnson; Dempsey, Gomez

    Bocanegra moves inside and Parkhurst starts on the left.

  • For Guatemala.....

    Jerez; R. Morales, Vasquez, E. Morales, Velasquez, Rodriguez, Contreras, Leon, Figueroa, Ruiz, Lopez

    Marco Pappa is on the bench.

  • if the USA loses tonight it will be bye bye jurgen.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    USA 3-1.

    JK is safe, although I think he would have been regardless of the outcome tonight.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    look at who has a correct crystal ball. you go to Vegas much? ;)

  • Pappa scores in the second half?

  • In reply to dustbin:

    Pretty silent second half for Pappa.

  • look who guessed correctly. go to Vegas much? ;)

  • Hey! I would be willing to skip ice skating Saturday to take my grandkids to the USWNT vs. Germany. They would be thrilled too!

  • promising win by usa. still need to get back a few players to be strong enough to qualify for wc. what is stuart holden's status these days?

  • In reply to arsenal john:

    It would be nice get Holden back. He returned to training this week with Bolton for the first time since April. Hopefully he's back in the January camp before the Hex play starts in February.

  • Awesome, I was just looking up that USWNT game yesterday. Glad to see that it's going to be a popular event.
    As for the Guatemala game, I was scared to death after that first goal, but I liked how they came back and answered with three in the first half. Eddie Johnson does look good out there. I remember when he was more of a regular on the team a few years ago and I though he had to go. Maybe things have changed. It would be nice to have stiff competition for these spots.

  • In reply to Madvora:

    They still need help defensively. Klinsmann should get a look at as many defenders as he can in the next few months. Maybe Austin Berry has a shot at a call for camp?

  • In reply to Madvora:

    Johnson scored bags of goals in past WCQ, but he may not be the player we need if we qualify and go to Brazil. He may be the kind of guy who can torch Central American competition but does not do well in other contexts. He also scored bags of goals in MLS before going on his tour of Europe and now... he's back in MLS, scoring bags of goals.

    Or maybe he has grown and is the guy we need after the hex. I'll believe it when I see it though.

  • If this #Berry4ROY campaign keeps up, I don't see why he wouldn't get called in for winter friendlies. Would be good to get his name on the radar, and last night showed that you can't have too many CBs in the picture - I think Boca is on his last leg. But yeah, Pappa was pretty well shut down that entire half. Know how he's doing in Holland, GR?

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Pappa played 78 minutes in a friendly a week or two ago before departing for Guatemala's national team. He has yet to play in a regular season match.

  • I had a great experience watching the USWNT qualify for the last World Cup against Italy at Toyota Park and I had thought about going to USWNT vs Germany this Saturday but didn't think I would make it. But, if there's a shot at winning tickets, I would love to go. Whereas the men's side has a superior ability to make me really nervous, the women always seem to deliver magic. I like nothing more than rooting for the #1 women's national team in the world.

  • USWNT is practicing at Toyota Park Friday night, 5:00 to 6:30 PM. According to the USSF website US Soccer Supporters get in free and free parking! Any idea if that is the only way to attend the session?

  • In reply to Lewis26:

    Everyone gets in free! US Soccer Supporters just get to sit in a better area.

  • Is it hard for everyone else to take Taylor Twellman seriously when he comments on players' attitudes on the field? I once saw him mock a player that was seriously injured because he didn't believe he was injured. Twellman, who ya' crappin'?

  • German football - led by the scoring of a player named Muller ... just like the 1970s!

  • so proud of Alex Morgan for winning Sportswoman of the Year! I hope I can see them Saturday!

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    US Soccer is doing a great job developing players and making a huge impact with soccer in the US. USWNT is also amazing! Hope to win tickets and get to see the great squad they have.

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    Wooo USWNT at Toyota park should be a great match! Hope to be the lucky winner of the tickets. Soccer is Life.

  • Can't wait for this team. USWNT is a great team. Overall US soccer is doing great developing soccer. Can't wait to see where we stand in the near future. Soccer is life. Really hope to win these tickets!

  • fb_avatar :)

  • Too bad Pia was gone before this tour. Would have been great to honor her with the rest of the ladies. Go team USA!

  • Congratulations to Madvora!!

    You're the winner of the tickets to see USA v Germany this Saturday night.

    Check you email for details......

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Very cool. Very excited about going. Thanks a lot.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    it was rigged ;)

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Completely random choice, the old fashioned way...picked out of a hat.

  • This is something we've discussed here before........a growing relationship between MLS and NASL in terms of young player loans.........

  • GR- next time you get a chance to ask Frank a question, could you ask him what is with the short goal kicks all the time?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    It's a welcome change over hoofing the ball to midfield and watching a clash of headers and a 50% chance of giving the ball away.

    If the Fire's defenders have the technical ability to play the ball out of the back, it makes for better soccer. Much preferred over hit-and-hope. Friedrich and Berry are very calm with the ball at their feet and can work out of pressure. I am hopeful that the Fire can continue to play this way.

  • In reply to StaryByk3:

    Totally agree with that. If your centerbacks can help move the ball forward why take a chance on giving up possession with a 50-50 ball.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    but at the same time if you look at what happens specifically against teams that play a high pressure system, our back four normally ends up knocking it deep anyway. in the past we never had those players that can win a ball in the air now we have 2 guys that play attacking that can win the ball in the air allowing players like rolfe and nyarko the chance to make runs from those balls in the air. just my opinion.

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