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There's not much happening on the MLS end until this weekend but here are a few tidbits of interest:

  • The Fire Reserves dropped a 2-1 result to Houston on Saturday morning.  Victor Pineda scored the only goal and the Fire finished the Reserve League season with a 4-6-0 mark.  Pineda's strike was a beauty, check it out here.  Steven Kinney started the last two reserve matches at center back.
  • Alvaro Fernandez was an unused substitute in Uruguay's 3-0 loss to Argentina on Friday.  Marco Pappa started and played 67 minutes in Guatemala's 2-1 victory over Jamaica on the same night.  Guatemala faces the US on Tuesday night in Kansas City.
  • Pavel Pardo resumed training late last week although he wasn't participating 100%.  The Fire are hoping to have him available this weekend at New England.  Cory Gibbs also resumed jogging on the side.
  • Benny Feilhaber will miss the game this weekend after receiving two yellow cards in New England's last match at Philadelphia.
  • MLS action resumes on Wednesday night with a pretty good match up.  Real Salt Lake visits Seattle.  In the meantime we'll be watching Alan Gordon and Eddie Johnson bail out the USMNT tomorrow night.  There's something I'd never thought I'd type...

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  • Johnson has scored v Guatemala before in qualifying (March 2005 per wikipedia), so it's not like it hasn't happened before. But Alan Gordon... well, we'll see about that.

    I like the home-field advantage that we'll have in KC, and hopefully the fans remember his days with the Wizards and give EJ some energy. But our weaknesses in the back do not make me confident, especially with Ruiz roaming around (and pissing and moaning about everything). I know Bradley in particular has improved on his penchant for drawing cards, but I can see one of our defensive midfielders (uh, Jones, anyone?) getting sent off for a physical challenge that Ruiz or another Guatemala player embellishes.

    And then there's Pappa. I get the sense that he's going to relish the energy of the match. No matter what the atmosphere is like in KC, I don't think there's really going to be any intimidation for him, Ruiz, and any other former MLSers on the Azul y Blanco.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Jones is out of this match due to yellow card accumulation so at least he's spared picking up another yellow in this one.

    I'm right there with you regarding your concern about the back line. Carlos Bocanegra isn't an outside back at the international level any more.

    Also looking forward to seeing Pappa play in this game too.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    My bad on Jones - just read about him missing the game. Well, I guess we don't have that ticking time bomb to worry about. And it's not like we're short of defensive midfielders.

    I have a feeling Boca's going to get torched all night. Pappa could even line up facing him, in fact. Ugh.

  • My guess is that we'll see Carlos as a centerback in place of Goodson and Parkhurst at LB.

  • In reply to fireaddict:

    Why you wouldn't call in help when your LB's are injured is mind boggling

  • His moves are always mind boggling. Bring in a sub in the Mex league (Gomez) over one of the top strikers in Holland.
    Being in a sub in the Mexican league (Castillo) over a sub in the premiership (Lichaj).
    Bring in a sub in the Mexican league who ha played poorly with the Nats (Gringo Torres) over a CL starter (Klajestan)
    Donovan and Dempsey best move to the MFL before they lose they spots

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    A few months ago Klinsy was getting criticized for bringing too many German-Americans... now it's guys who play in Mexico.

    For years Arena and then Bradley got hammered for being predictable and always bringing in "their guys" regardless how they performed (and neglecting Mexican-Americans). Now Klinsy is mixing it up and telling guys like Jozy to man up or lose their spot and he's getting roasted for it. I realize it's because of the results on the field, but there's a bit of "be careful what you wish for" here at least for those who complained so much about BA and BB.

  • I don't care who he brings in. I just don't have a lot of confidence in the squad at this point. That PAINS me to say re: Klinsy, because I'm a HUGE fan of the guy.

  • Per Daily Herald's Orrin Schwarz.......

    "Klopas hopes to get Pardo back for the DC game"

    it looks like they will cocntinue to be cautious with Pardo given that the next match is on turf.

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