Fire v Revolution match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gargan, Anibaba, Berry, Segares

M Fernandez, Pause, Paladini, Nyarko

F Rolfe, MacDonald

Bench: Tornaghi, Friedrich, Videira, Bone, Pineda, Alex, Oduro


GK Shuttleworth

D Alston, Soares, Barnes, Guy

M Fagundez, Simms, Gavin, Rowe

F Imbongo, Bengston

Bench: Reis, Tierney, Nyassi, Toja, Brettschneider, Cardenas, Purdie


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  • Friedrich is fully fit. Klopas is choosing to sit him out due to the artificial turf surface in New England.

  • Two NE attackers against four Fire defenders, and no one steps up on Fagundez. Fuck.

  • These sluggish starts aren't going to cut it in the playoffs.

  • Considering the Fire's record on turf, it will be a miracle if they pull this one out. They aren't playing like they believe in miracles. I say "pull the flatheads and look for inspiration from the bench."

  • An entirely predictable loss.

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