Fire v Impact match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Segares

M Pause, Alex, Nyarko, Fernandez

F Rolfe, MacDonald

Bench: Tornaghi, Gargan, Jumper, Bone, Thompson, Videira, Oduro


GK Perkins

D Ferrari, Nesta, Rivas, Camara

M Arnaud, Bernier, Warner, Felipe

F Nyassi, Di Vaio

Bench: Bush, Brovsky, Iapichino, Mapp, Neagle, Ubiparipovic, Wenger


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  • Paladini still out with a calf strain. Pardo out with hamstring tightness.

  • Pardo and Paladini being out will be tough. This is Alex's chance - he's had nearly 1 season to acclimate, let's see what he can do from the opening whistle with the first team.

    Recalling Rolfe's goal against AC Milan (yeah, I know, it was a friendly), i see him getting inspiration from Nesta and netting one.

  • NY - CLB tied; NE - DC also tied! C'mon parity!

  • In reply to Modibo:

    In fact, TOR - PHI and SEA - POR also ended up tied. Looks like 1 goal is the minimum and maximum per team in MLS for the evening so far.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Let's hope that doesn't hold for this match or it'll be pretty dull the rest of the way.

  • I think I'm pretty close to being done with Fernandez. The guy is a giveaway machine. I can see why Seattle didn't mind parting with him.

  • In reply to Ufficio:


  • And as long as I'm complaining, I really wish Dan Kelly would stop saying "Muntreal".


    Right on Alex! Can't wait to actually see the goal. I can follow the commentary in my meeting but can't really watch it in any sort of subtle way on my laptop.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    It was an absolute beauty.

  • Mapp comes on - l'enfant maudit (hey it's Montreal) returns to his old stomping grounds.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    And Frank counters with Oduro. Let's see what he can do against those tired Montreal legs.

  • I think Fernandez just adequately redeemed himself.

  • Um, Ufficio, I haven't been able to watch Fernandez, but a goal and an assist looks pretty good on paper. I can't comment on turnover stats.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    He really does need to take better care of the ball. But the upside is obviously there.

  • Killin' it Chicago! Still 2nd in the East and with a 6 point gap over last place playoff team, and 8 points over CLB which sits outside playoff inclusion as of today.

  • A win next weekend against Columbus should just about clinch the playoff spot. Wouldv'e been cool if Revs had held on for a result against DC. I saw quite a bit of the match, and the Revs were clearly the better team.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    And it just kills me how DC always looks like giant killers whenever they play the FIre. I think the FIre gets them at home to close the season and I'm hoping they can turn that around for a big win to close out the regular season.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Last game is against DC - they're still stinging from Oct 15th last year, but this time they're at Chicago. Gonna be a good one.

  • The Fire are two wins away from making the playoffs but could easily win two more finishing with 62 points, the worst spot they could finish is 4th but more likely to finish 2nd or 3rd. unless K.C. hiccups. With this recent surge, the Fire haven't looked completely solid from beginning to end in any game usually having a flat first half, hate to see the team scored on first but they seem to bounce back.
    So there is room to improve can't wait to see team play at their max, saving the best for the playoffs, team could end up being more competitive in the playoffs than many thought several weeks ago.

  • We came out a little flat to start the match last night but that had to be because of the Toronto game. The first goal was a nice team goal for us. Their goal came out of nowhere. Long ball to a 25 yard header that had no business getting there. MacDonald made Nesta look old and slow and Montreal should have taken him off earlier. Nyarko looked really good and so did Rolfe. Gargan looked dangerous when he came on also. Hopefully Freidrich isnt out long and we can get him back in there.

    This team has been playing so well lately. They are fun to watch. They keep possession well and they counter well and just play good looking soccer that we havent seen in awhile. Going into every match, I feel like we should win and that we are the better team. There isnt a team in the league that really scares me. With this form we are in, we have every chance to win the whole thing. We have made Toyota Park our little fortress and we just win now. Im excited for the future.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    what is arne's status? where is gibbs at with his recovery?

  • In reply to Drew:

    Arne's injury didn't seem to serious and Klopas wasn't overly concerned. He was moving his neck a little gingerly in the locker room afterward but said he'll be okay.

    Gibbs was ahead of schedule but suffered a little setback so the coaching staff scaled him back a bit. They're still hopeful that he will be ready by the end of the season.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Good stuff happening at Toyota Park. The Fire played on Wednesday night and Montreal was off last weekend with almost two weeks to prepare.

    The Fire still beat them 3-1.

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