Fire v Dynamo match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Segares

M Fernandez, Paladini, Pardo, Nyarko

F Rolfe, MacDonald

Bench: Tornaghi, Gargan, Bone, Alex, Pause, Pineda, Oduro


GK Hall

D Hainault, Boswell, Taylor, Ashe

M Garcia, Clark, Davis

F Watson, Kandji, Bruin

Bench: Deric, Sarkodie, Camargo, Sturgis, Carr, Ching, Weaver


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  • Logan Pause is in the 18....that's a pretty impressive comeback from the injury he suffered a few weeks ago.

    Victor Pineda is also in the 18.

  • Close game IMAO! Needed the 3 points for sure...

  • Was Flaco paying a tribute to Barrouch possibly leaving by missing from point blank range, was he conjuring up the ghost of Chad Barrett or did he mistakenly put Oduros shoes on?
    Good game by Fire IMO they look more fluid without Pappa. Pappa scored some nice ones but he didn't track back much an was often dispossed.
    I also think the Fire moved the ball much better since Pause has been out.
    They did a good job until the second half when they apparently just sat back

  • My thoughts.
    I think Arne did a great job keeping everything organized.
    Patrick had some great moments but in the second half he wasn't getting rid of the ball quick enough.
    Liked the hunger on Logan's face when he came in. Cautiously optimistic about the playoffs.
    Do we lose Sean for the TFC game as he'll be with the Nats v. Jamaica?

  • In reply to Doug:

    I liked the look on Paladinis face after he scored more than I liked the look of hunger on Pause's face when he came in

  • I thought the Fire would have a difficult game tonight but was surprised by the ease the Fire won. Turned out to be a tight game for only several minutes and also surprised by Houston's mediocre play particularly in the first half.
    The Fire played fairly well but still not as good as they can play.
    I f this is the best Houston can do fighting for a playoff spot, we probably have no worries about making the playoffs.
    Fernandez looked like he had two left feet tonight and was frequently knocked off the ball. The team is capable of playing much better than they did tonight.
    But a win is a win especially against a contender, a big step in reaching the playoffs

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Remember that Houston had a CONCACAF Champions League game on Thurs night... that said, big win. Positions will change plenty during the next few rounds, but I prefer seeing us in 3rd than out of the playoff range as we were this morning.

  • Don't think that this is the best Houston can do. This was their fifth game in the last two weeks, including midweek Champions League games in El Salvador and Honduras. On the other hand, we were coming in totally fresh and focused. An incredibly important 3 points for us, though.

  • I wonder how the Fire would have done against a fresher team,
    although they played good enough to win last night, they still have room for improvement. Hopefully, they may pick up a solid striker or midfielder before the 15th, but not if they pick up more of what they already have, if it's not a major improvement, forget it, and wait to next year. They have a solid nucleus, and only need a top flight striker and midfielder to be fully competitive next year.
    Although, I'm not paticularly a Paladini fan, he probably had one of his best games as a starter. Nyarko, also had a very solid game.
    MacDonald has to be one of the Fire's most productive players per touch, he's had 1 goal and 3 assists in what 5 games or so.
    He may not be the goal scorer we're looking for but his assists are a big help, protracted over a full season, he'd have anywhere from 15 to 20 assists. I groaned when they put in Alex, but he probably had one of his best games, running all over the field both on defense and offense. This had to be a must win, and they won it, need at least 4 to 5 wins in the next eight to secure a playoff spot.

  • I would not mind seeing Alex and MacDonald playing together up top. It would be interesting seeing what they could do. I would not do this for the entire game, but I think it would give the Fire the ability to maintain possession in the attacking third unlike anytime in the last several years. The Fire's attack can be devastating at times but it is not patient enough. They need to work the ball more and not accept taking a shot after the second touch. they need to look back more get the ball to Arne and Berry and restart the attack. Bob

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