Logan Pause out 4-6 weeks

The Fire will be without team captain Logan Pause for the next 4-6 weeks after suffering two broken ribs and a collapsed lung as result of a first half collision on Sunday night in Philadelphia.  Pause has started every game this season and trails only CJ Brown in all-time appearances for the club.

Without Pause in the line-up it will be interesting to see if Frank Klopas continues to utilize two holding midfielders or if he experiments with a diamond shape keeping Pavel Pardo as the lone defensive mid.  Odds are that a change in formation and system at this point isn't likely and we'll see either Daniel Paladini or Mike Videira fill in for Pause.  Victor Pineda could also see an opportunity to crack the game day 18 since much of his time with the Fire Academy teams has been spent playing the holding role.  Pineda can also play on the outside.

Paladini had a very good preseason but hasn't seen much action this year with Pardo and Pause playing ahead of him.  He should get a good look at a starting spot over the next month and a half.  Ironically, Rafael Robayo's argument for more playing time would have been realized if he would have shown some patience and earned his way onto the pitch.


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  • Agree on all counts. Paladini seems the likely candidate, but Klopas going with Videira count signal a changing of the guard. Seems Paladini has fallen out of favor in recent weeks.

    Robayo....ah yes. I remember that guy. :)

    Sorry to hear of the severity of Pause's injury. Not a fun one to recover from.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Not fun at all. I had a pneumothorax as a result of a collision about 20 years ago and it makes breathing incredibly painful. That makes Pause's 20 or so minutes on the field AFTER the injury was suffered all the more astounding.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    No kidding? Isn't that what happened to Mark Walberg after he was shot in Three Kings. Pause is a warrior, no doubt.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Ah yes, I remember that Robayo guy. The same guy who is playing for Millionaros who is available on the bench for his respected club playing in the Sudamerica tournament vs. Initi Gas Deportes (Peru). Great timing when you need him the most. Instead it is up to Paladini or Vidiera to fill the that role while Pause's recovering.

  • Wow! I recall the collision and thought he looked hurt but he seemed to shrug it off. 20 minutes played after suffering that severe an injury should earn him some sort of medal! Incredible. Hard core! Gotta admire such a gutsy performance. I trust his teammates are suitably motivated by their captain's example.

  • Paladini, I don't think is the answer, outside of having a long shot he doesn't offer much offense wise and could hinder the attack.
    The team instead of playing an inferior holding midfielder, should put in an attacking midfielder such as Nyarko.
    The most potent line up would be Rolfe, MacDonald,
    Pappa, Nyarko, Fernandez, Pardo, Arne, Segares, Berry, or either Gargan or Anababa. The ball movement and the ability to hang on to the ball would easily make up for the lack of another holding midfielder.

  • WOW Pause sure is a Iron Man! He puts his health out there to lead the Fire! Glad we got rid of most those preMadonna me 1st players playing for the name on the back of the jersey rather than the name on the front of their jersey "Fire, not Quaker" that is! ;-)

  • So true lonecoyote! Holding the ball and playing aggresive, fun, and offensive soccer is much better than bunkering down and looking to get your offense mainly with hail marry kicks from the the back and counter attacks! I liked what I saw from the Fire last game against the Union and we could/should of scored 5 goals in the game but 2 before 1/2 time was very welcomed from our low goal production prior.

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