Fire v Toronto FC match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Segares

M Fernandez, Pause, Pardo, Pappa

F Oduro, Rolfe

Bench: Tornaghi, Gargan, Alex, Nyarko, Paladini, Videira, MacDonald

Toronto FC

GK Kocic

D Henry, Eckersley, Emory, Morgan

M Lambe, Frings, Dunfield, Silva

F Hassli, Johnson

Bench: F. Hall, J. Hall, Maund, Avila, Wiedeman, Amarikwa


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  • Michael Kennedy is the referee tonight. He was the ref for the Seattle match on 4/28 that ended in a scuffle on the field and a missed PK call on Robayo late in the match.

  • Very interested to see the Rolfe-Oduro pairing up top with Fernandez and Pappa on the wings.

  • Think that might have put a crimp in Pappa's European career plans?

  • Decent first half for the Fire......with the exception of the score line.

  • toronto punished them self for this game and fire took advantage got to make playoff push now

  • This win should put the Fire within 16 points over 12 games to make the playoffs. At minimum the Fire should win at least 6 of the remaining games and up to 9 if they play well.
    I thought Fernandez looked great and could be a more than
    adequate replacement for Grazzini. He seems faster afoot and doesn't hang on to the ball like Grazzini did, with quicker passing.
    MacDonald brings something different up front with some nifty
    passing and creativity. While it didn't appear that the Fire were that dominating on the field, looking at the stats show how dominating the team was, while actually not playing that well at times. They lost control of the game for a spell after Toronto's goal. Also, the passing still needs improvement and needs to be a bit crisper, Rolfe while bringing a degree of energy, seemed to have an up and down game. Berry was the man of the match and Nyarko helped open up the field in the second half. Perhaps we'll see Oduro coming of the bench instead of starting, MacDonald just brings more options up front.

  • It's too bad we didn't get the chance to see Nyarko team up with Fernandez, that really could create space on the field.
    Right now, I'd go with:
    Pappa, Fernandez, Pardo, Nyarko
    Gargan, Segares, Berry, Friedrich.
    I feel this could be the most creative and dynamic lineup and produce the most offensive pressure, and would put less pressure
    on the defense.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I agree with this line-up except I would erather have Anibaba at right back. Don't get wrong, I think Gargan is really good, but I think Anibaba has a better upside and cannot develop sitting. I really think he and Berry are the future and will be a force in the back sooner rather than later. I also think that every now and then Anibaba has a magical touch that comes out of nowhere that can lead to goals. Its a tough call though because both a great team players.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    No major disagreement, we have an excellent backup either way,
    with Friedrich leaving after the season, we'll need both.
    We also will have Gibbs and Kinney hopefully at full strength
    next season.

  • Sad news, former Chicago Fire Premier and Crew midfielder Kirk Urso dead at age 22.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Sad news indeed. Urso was a native of Lombard and played for the Fire PDL team.

  • Sad news indeed. Horrible way to wake up this AM.

    Really thought MacDonald and Nyarko connected well last night. They seemed to have some cohesion early, even though MacDonald said his first few mins. on the pitch were rough. I think we'll continue to see Oduro as a starter for the time being, but once MacDonald is more fit (maybe another 3-4 games) he'll likely get the nod over Oduro unless Dom goes on a hot streak.

    I would've liked to see Fernandez and MacDonald on the pitch together as well, just glad Flaco's ankle tweak doesn't sound too serious. He was having a great game up until the ankle injury, really liked his movement on and off the ball.

    TFC, while better than under Winter, is still a really bad team. Even with the Fire on the back foot from the 15th to 75th mins., Toronto couldn't do much offensively. Against a tougher team like DC or KC, might have been a different story, but 3 points is 3 points.

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