Fire v Revolution match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Segares

M Fernandez, Paladini, Pardo, Nyarko

F Rolfe, MacDonald

Bench: Nolly, Gargan, Bone, Alex, Pappa, Videira, Oduro


GK Reis

D Alston, McCarthy, Soares, Tierney

M Cardenas, Simms, Guy, Nguyen

F Sene, Brettschneider

Bench: Murray, Barnes, Lechner, Fagundez, Feilhaber, Rowe, Bengston

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  • Good win by the Fire. Not beautiful, but strategic. The Revs goal should not have happened, but glad MacDonald got the GWG. Go Fire!

  • The Fire played well overall. I must say they look better without Pause and Pappa. Everyone on the field has, pretty decent technical ability, good passing ability and play both ways. Looked fluid with this midfield. A lack of Backpasses and futile 35 yard shots on goal. Oduro should have scored at least once.

  • Great to see MacDonald have a good game and having someone strong on top, he provides a lot of options. Thought Videira did a fine job when he was subbed in, weakest links tonight were Paladini (was lucky he wasn't called for more fouls for shirt tugs) and Anababa.
    Felt if Pappa and Gargan started in place of the above, the game would have been over at half time. Generally, a fairly solid game but with some sloppy play which resulted in a 4-1 win into a 2-1 win.
    Fire dominated play, except for maybe a 15 period after N.E. scored,
    Revs picked up play for awhile. Team played good enough to beat N.E. but will need to improve play to win against the top teams.

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