Fire v DC United match day

Staring Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Segares

M Pappa, Pardo, Paladini, Nyarko

F Rolfe, MacDonald

Bench: Nolly, Gargan, Bone, Videira, Fernandez, Alex, Oduro


GK Hamid

D Najar, McDonald, Jakovic, Korb

M Pontius, Kitchen, Saragosa, DeLeon

F DeRosario, Pajoy

Bench: Willis, Chabala, White, Tan, Wolff, King, Salihi


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  • Olsen with some interesting line up changes. Najar has played some right back in spots this year and he gets the start in this one. He also moves DeRosario up to more of a true forward spot. Playing him in midfield with only one holding player behind him like he has recently would have been asking for serious trouble. Let's see if Pontius spends more time in midfield.

  • Everyone's sleepwalking through this one. Awful.

  • Fire looked terrible against DC in preseason. I was afraid this game would be like this. Let's hope Frank rips them right out of their dreams at halftime.

  • Seriously, what's going on here? They've played poorly at times this year, but this is just pure laziness.

  • There are certain teams the Fire don't believe they can beat. I don't know why. DC or Seattle show up on the pitch and the Fire just meekly climb into their pet carrier. Let's hope we don't see either one in the playoffs!

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