Fire v Whitecaps match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Berry, Friedrich, Segares

M Pause, Pardo, Rolfe, Nyarko, Alex

F Oduro

Bench: Nolly, Gargan, Paladini, Bone, Robayo, Pappa, Puppo


GK Cannon

D Lee, DeMerit, Bonjour, Harvey

M Davidson, Rochat, Koffie, Nanchoff, Robson

F Mattocks

Bench: Knighton, Mitchell, Richards, Hassli, Teibert, Klazura, Camilo

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  • What's with Segares tonight?!? Several errant passes, now the pointlessly chippy foul for a yellow card.

  • Not great that our only goal came from a dead ball situation. Lots of long shots in the second half, too. But the team showed resilience in holding onto the lead after Friedrich's red card. I'll take the 3 points and the first victory over Vancouver.

  • Our Men in Red did a good job tonight of giving credance ot the mid-week words of Frank Klopas. Alex looked good. Corbon Bone looked serviceable. Robayo put in a nice performance. Berry continues to look a diamond in the rough. And despite my earlier words about Segares, he settled down after the yellow and had a good game thereafter. Pause & Pardo pretended youth like magicians. Another very good game from Sean Johnson. Note! The 2 goals in the LA game are the only goals conceeded over the last 4 games! Perhaps the guns are still in the stable!

    Not to get too up over a 1 to nil win, but if Robayo and Alex continue to mesh, we may still just be missing the bullet up top.

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    If not for Pardo... Still we'll take 3 points, but we need to start scoring in the run of play. CAM is hurting. Better from Alex but we still can't find that final touch. And even then, when its there, many times wasted. Oduro works better when he's got a million chances.

  • Agree with everyone, Alex looks solid if not quite as dangerous as Grazzini. But until we get a legit 2nd striker, we won't have a complete squad.

    That 2nd yellow on Arne was highly questionable, imo. Glad it didn't hurt us in the end.

  • Thought Alex had a decent game, but isn't quite the quarterback Grazzini was. We'll have to see how he works out the rest of the season. Hopefully, MacDonald is the strker we need.
    He is supposed to be able to play with his back to the goal which would put him ahead of the rest of the forwards who have trouble
    playing facing the goal. Long term needs are still a quality striker and CAM. Right now the team is about 20 points away from making the playoffs with 15 games left. They are on pace for 55 or 56 points at this point.

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    2nd legit striker? How about 1st legit striker. Oduro still frustrates me to no end. I keep thinking if I am being driven nuts because of his potential or something else less nice.

    When he was offsides on the goal, I thought, "WHY ARE YOU EVEN TOUCHING THE BALL!!!!???" Should have let the shot from Rolfe sail in. Oduro can make runs, but he's got to be aware of the defenders. He may score 10 or more goals this year, but that just means he would have been 10 of 100 chances. Kinda like last year, but I digress.

    The second yellow? The ref probably forgot to take a physics class, because Berry who came across was the reason the opposing player fell. Arne actually already was well on his way to securing the run until Berry came over and swiped Maddox. Another great example of reffing, hooray.

    3 more points for the Fire. We'll take it, but boy was it a tough game to watch. Rolfe was a bit lethargic. I actually thought Alex did well on the ball, a bit stronger on the ball than Graz, actually, probably much stronger. Nyarko had some chances I thought he should have done better with, but we all know how well he finishes and how maddenly unselfish he is too. Pardo and Pause had good games I thought. The defense was good too, but that could have been Vancouver not really pressing, didn't look like they were too urgent, which was fine with me.

  • In reply to waam:

    Couldnt agree more with you on Oduro. He has been figured out by defenses. Play an extra 4 or 5 yards off of him and he wont do a thing the whole game. Even if he does get in behind he wont score because he is a terrible finisher. He needs 4 or 5 chances a game to get 1 goal. He gets on breakaways but never takes on the keeper. His speed alone should score him 7 to 8 goals a season. He NEVER tries to beat the keeper. We cant afford to not score in those situations.

    Pardo played well last night and so did Alex. Ran at the defense with speed. Needs to work on the finishing and final pass but that might come with game time. Bone struggled with his time out there. Hopefully he can do better on Saturday against Villa. Anibaba is a good RB for us. He gets up and down and defends well. While I like Gargan, he doesnt really do anything out there but the long throw. We just need someone to finish the chances we create.

  • With the Fire & Red Bulls both sitting on 31 points (though the RBs play later today) this win puts greater emphasis on the game Wednesday in New York.

    Good question! Why IS Wednesday's game at noon (11 am here!) on a Wednesday and how do I explain it to my boss?!?

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    In reply to Arklow:

    Hope to follow it somehow on radio or streaming something. Looking forward to it.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    It's a 1pm game N.Y. time, on TV here @ 12 noon CSN.
    May be possible to stream it at Frontrowsportsonline or
    Weird time for a game not on a weekend, maybe a special N.Y.
    holiday like Dork Day.
    N.Y. has made several player up grades in the past week, while the Fire sits with a thumb up their and wonder what's wrong (that is if the F.O. see anything wrong) I see a 2-1 loss, the best thing the Fire has going for them is the N.Y. coach,( surprised the F.O. didn't try to hire him as the Fire coach) and N.Y.'s history of under performing. It would be a sweet victory, poosible if the team can generate some offense against a fairly weak defense.

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