Fire v Galaxy Match Day


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Segares

M Nyarko, Pause, Pardo, Pappa, Rolfe

F Oduro

Bench: Nolly, Gargan, Jumper, Alex, Paladini, Robayo, Barouch


GK Saunders

D DeLaGarza, Franklin, Lopes, Dunivant

M Juninho, Sarvas, Stephens, Jimenez

F Barrett, Keane

Bench: Perk, Gaul, Gonzalez, Meyer, Donovan, Jordan, Magee


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  • What sloppy play by the Fire.. Anibaba can't make a pass.. guys are getting knocked off the ball with ease. Johnson sending more kicks out of bounds. Ugly stuff. Pretty poor for a national broadcast.

  • I like how Frank brought in Barouch late to make sure all the centering passes from the left went directly to Galaxy players. Do we still need to wonder why Orr doesn't play much?!?

    A completely lackluster perfomance by the Fire. Looked like they didn't have their playmaker and were just kicking the ball around hoping something would "happen."

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Wouldn't put the blame on Orr that much, blame should be shared
    all around, passing in general was sub par. Seemingly Alex disappeared somewhat when Robayo came into the game..
    It is clearly evident that the team needs improvement at several positions. Oduro seems to be fading, Rolfe had a sub par game.
    Too bad for the weak effort, L.A. could have been had, they didn't play that brilliantly either. Minus a couple of errors, should have been a 0-0 tie. The only life the Fire showed was for about a 10 minute stretch when Alex came in.
    The offense needs much better coordination. Although there were several defensive lapses, I'd tag the loss on the offense.
    The defense can carry a team so far.
    Kind of a lucky bounce for the penalty.

  • Biggest crowd of the year and the Fire makes sure all those "first timers" won't pay that kind of money for a boring afternoon in the sun again. Another PR success!

  • Maybe Gargan should have started instead of Anibaba.
    Gargan pushes the issue with a lot of energy.
    Perhaps a different result.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I was thinking the same after watching Anibaba's misadventures today. But you're right! This mess was a TEAM effort. Nobody was having a very good game.

    Grazzini's absence was very apparent. Too bad this nickel & dime operation can't afford to pay him enough to bring his family here.

  • In a nut shell we have average players and we were lucky to get some of our wins against the run of play.

    Oduro is a one trick pony and the league has figured hi out good for one point blank shot right to the goalie a game.
    Nyarko is the
    Poorest finisher in MLS outside of Oduro and Chad Barrett. Pardo has technical ability but too old making him average now. Pause is a average with below average technical skills rating him poorly in my book. I think Robayo might be a better D Mid than both but he doesn't have the last name of Pause or Pardo.
    Anibaba has physical skills but is good for a bonehead play a game making him average. Freidrich Berry and Johnson above average thou Berry had kind of a stinker today. Gonzo slightly above average not the force he once was. Pappa if he's not scoring he's turning the ball over. Slightly above average.
    And Alex did nothing to make me forget about Grazzini.
    This is common for the Fire they pack the stadium and lose. If you go by position LA has superior talent plain and simple.
    Puppo & Barrouch = mediocre to poor

  • fb_avatar

    Maybe I should just stop posting here. I haven't had much good things to say lately.

  • So one word for todays performance, GARBAGE. Enough about that, I took my brother and his daughters to their first game in 4 years today and as we were leaving my brother asks me "The Fire looked horrible today, don't they have a midfielder on the team that can pull the strings and can make the necessary passes that will lead to goals?". My response was "It's a long story".

  • Besides looking for a reliable striker, the team needs a reliable attacking central midfielder, for awhile Alex looked strong but gradually disappeared. The team has to deal with the Grazzini issue head on, if he wants to go home, let him, if he wants to return to the Fire, fine, make arrangements for his family to be here, the team shouldn't wait weeks or months for this to be resolved.
    Is bad as the Fire looked, they dominated every stat category
    except the final score. It isn't that they played that horrible, but mediocre, with a little bit of more effort and coordination could have resulted in 1 to 3 points. They played 3 games without Grazzini with positive results, but their luck seemingly is running out.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    It's too bad that the only stat that matters is the score. Look at the KC game, we were crushed in every stat category except the score line and we were able to take the 3 points. Well it didn't help that the Galaxy had the answer on how to stop the Fire's attack and that Klopas had no answer for it. He didn't make the proper adjustments because it just didn't seem he knew what adjustments to make.

  • Very limited imagination by the offense. The Fire couldn't connect three, maybe even two, passes in a row. Long kicks to no one. This was really a poor display by the Fire. The Galaxy may have won 2-0, but they didn't look all that spectacular either. One good thing, Sean made three saves so free milk!

  • I said this before and I will say it again , the Fire is not a playoff team without Grazzini , This team better make things right and gett him back. This team can not crate and it can not score without Grazzini.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    Quite right! Three games now without Grazzini. Total goals by the Fire in those games? 1

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