Fire v Earthquakes match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Gargan

M Pause, Pardo, Nyarko, Rolfe, Alex

F Oduro

Bench: Nolly, Jumper, Videira, Paladini, Bone, Barouch, MacDonald


GK Busch

D Zayner, Bernardez, Hernandez, Morrow

M Salinas, Cronin, Baca, Dawkins

F Wondolowski, Gordon

Bench: Bingham, Opara, Corrales, Garza, Lenhart, Stephenson, Guvenisik


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  • Johnson having a cracking first half, too.

  • Brilliant goal by Rolfe - that's a very, very difficult shot to make using the outside the foot. Such a quick release - when executed properly (as he did), the keeper's left totally flat-footed. Wow.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Although Rolfe blew quite a few passes in the early part of the first half.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    A goal during the run of play! Been quite a while since the last one....

  • I know he's the longest tenured member on the squad but Pause's best days are behind him. Lost on SJ's equalizer. Game should've been over long before that, however. I hope the new guys mean new line-ups. More of the same going on tonight. Sean Johnson was a beast. And MacDonald is a big boy up there. Once he gets his fitness this team might be dangerous. Then again, we might see another Pause-Pardo line-up...

  • Well... with a man down, scoring in the 98th minute (or thereabouts)... guess that's why San Jose leads the league and we're fighting for a playoff spot.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Another match that shows how ridiculous refereeing is in MLS. Adding 3 minutes to an already clearly home-advantaged 5 minutes ET because a team complains about a red card? When officials can be intimidated by the likes of milquetoasts like Chris Wondolowski, it's clear that MLS officiating makes a league that claims to be aiming to be on par with European pro leagues more like a laughingstock. The head referee might as well have kicked in that goal in the 98th minute. I'm sure Don Garber is proud.

  • Strange officiating perhaps, but the Fire only scored one goal. Too often I have seen the Fire try to sit on a one goal lead which opens the possibility to strange endings like this.

  • In reply to FrontRow:

    Don't forget that SJ wasn't the only keeper who stood on his head last night. Busch may a few eye-popping saves to keep the smurfs in the game, particularly on Alex's wicked volley. Thought the offence looked a lot smoother for most of last nights match than it has in a while.

  • In reply to DDT5583:

    Good point.

  • What is up with the cable public access-style production values on the Fire telecasts?

    Dan Kelly is plain awful. He never avoids interjecting a superfluous adjective to describe something banal happening on the field. He has no concept of restraint. Why keep on saying "the men in red", when "the Fire" would do

    During the first half I kept wondering why he kept on getting the players on the ball wrong. Then during the halftime report it appeared that Kelly and his partner were in studio. So I am assuming they didn't even make the trip to San Jose. Is that true? If so, the club's cheapness is not going to help them build the fan base.

    To top it off, they kept on showing commercials for the MLS-Chelsea game during the break--a game that took place last week!

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    Calling games from a studio watching a tv screen can't be easy. It does come off as a bit bush league.

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