Fernandez arrives ; Tuesday notes

Newly acquired Alvaro Fernandez trained with the team for the first time this morning and feels he's ready to step in where ever he's needed.  Where exactly on the pitch that might be has yet to be determined but the Uruguayan midfielder says he can play anywhere including in the middle of the park.  "Generally I feel comfortable in the middle or any position.  In Seattle I played left midfield and a little bit on the right and I can play there too but I've also played in the center of the pitch and on the right as well.  I don't have a problem with any position," said Fernandez.

Getting forward and scoring goals is something he was able to effectively in Seattle and he thinks he can contribute the same thing in Chicago.  "I can help in holding the ball in possession and by getting myself into attacking positions to score goals," said Fernandez after stating that fitness is not an issue and he's ready to go right away.  "Physically, I've been playing so I don't have any problems.  I trained up until Friday last week and physically I'm good.  It's just about getting accustomed to my teammates and the system here," he said.

Frank Klopas wasn't ready to name starters for the Toronto match instead pointing to form and competition as determining factors when completing a starting eleven.  "Flaco can play left or right," said Klopas.  "Who's in form will determine who's going to play now."

MacDonald trying to work into fitness

Unlike Fernandez, the Fire's other transfer window acquisition has joined the team in the midst of his offseason and needs to work his way back up to full fitness.  Sherjill MacDonald feels he's at about "70 percent" and is working to regain sharpness in front of goal and the "quick movements" required to compete for a starting spot as the target forward the club has been missing.  "Normally I play as a target man. I can hold the ball decently but I've also played on the sides a lot, but mostly I'm a player that's running everywhere.  I can play anywhere in the front," said MacDonald when describing himself as a player.

His contract calls for a one and a half year base contract with an option for two more years.  MacDonald is hoping to play well enough to earn the extended option and believes that he's ready for the MLS style of play.  "I had a friend here in Dallas that told me a little bit about the league.  It's mostly physical but in Belgium it's very physical so it's not that far apart," he said after training.  He's had contact with the Fire for some time now and has apparently been on Klopas' radar through past relationships.  "My manager had good contact with Frank and he saw a lot of my games on DVD and there were some American players like Klejstan playing at Anderlecht and they gave a good report.  It's a long time I've been talking to Chicago through my manager.  I'm happy to finally be here," said MacDonald.

The big forward is also not phased and doesn't feel any added pressure as a result of assuming a "Designated Player" tag.  "I just come here to do my best and think about the hard work.  If you work hard the level always comes so I don't worrry about that," said MacDonald.

Klopas on moves and the current squad

Klopas sees both players being able to step in and help the club right away but admits Fernandez is further along fitness-wise at the moment.  "With Sherjill every day is better but Flaco is fit.  Flaco knows the league and he knows our team so that's any easy transition.  With Mac, every day that he's with us he gets better and better.  His whole thing is to get him fitness and into games.  Flaco needs to get used to new teammates and how we do things but he's a smart player, he'll adapt pretty quick," said the head coach.

Both players have added depth and competition that should help fuel a playoff run although Klopas feels that this squad has always been a playoff caliber team.  "I felt like that from the beginning, I felt like that last year when I stepped in.  I believe in the group.  I always felt that we had a team that could make the playoffs from the beginning of the season.  When you do that, anything and everything is possible," he said.

"The depth is a lot better, there's more competition for spots on the team and I've felt it was about the team and you have to count on all the players throughout the season.  I feel the same way right now," said Klopas.  When asked if there were any positions that he would have liked to have filled during the transfer window he replied, "Right now I feel good.  We added another forward and another wide guy.  It's more depth.  We've always played with two strikers, Mac is a number 9 who plays higher up the pitch and Rolfie's a second striker who plays underneath."

How the pieces will fit into place with different options and formations is yet to be seen but Klopas seems to want to get Chris Rolfe closer to goal although he doesn't call the formation he has been using a 4-5-1 utilizing a single forward.  "I think we've been playing with two strikers.  We play with a first striker and a second striker.  Rolfe and Alex can play the same spot as a second striker," he explained.  "Chris has been used wide and in other places because we didn't have the depth.  Now we do.  Now he can get up the field and play closer to the second striker."


  • Cory Gibbs continued his road to recovery jogging laps around the practice field.  He still looks to be ahead of schedule.
  • Stephen Kinney continues to work and is relatively pain free.
  • Rafael Robayo trained with the team this morning.  He is not scheduled to depart for Colombia until the end of the week so the club has invited him to train with the team until then.
  • There is nothing new to report on the status of Sebastian Grazzini
  • Klopas also shared some thoughts on the San Jose game this past weekend.  "It was an open game. Exciting and entertaining.  The way the game played out...sometimes that's soccer.  The only disappointing thing for me is that you get a red card and the guy wasn't even going to call it, which is terrible.  Then something's thrown on the field and they're delaying the game and we get punished for it with extra time.  That I don't understand.  But for sure I'm proud of the performance of the guys, they put a lot on the field and now we have to continue because dropping those points did hurt in the end," said Klopas.


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  • I feel pretty strongly our best lineup going forward is:


    I was pretty sure MacDonald was mostly a target guy and Fernandez can play in the middle and I was happy to hear them confirm that.

    People keep saying they want someone for Oduro to play off of, but that doesn't have to be relatively centrally as a forward. I like the idea of letting him get a head of steam from midfield instead of trotting next to the opponent's CBs waiting for a through ball and only then turning on the jets.

  • In reply to iron81:

    Thats a tough call because it moves Rolfe to the bench and Nyarko should always start ahead of Oduro if they're playing out wide IMO.

  • -----MacDonald-----

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I don't think it's ever wise to try putting Pause at RB unless it's an absolute emergency. If Gargan's healthy it's a no brainer.

    Other than that, I agree with Adam's lineup. I know it's mostly semantics at this point, but I'd like to see them line up as a 4-3-1-2, with Flaco in the CAM role he prefers.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Pardo cant handle the middle by himself. He doesnt have the legs to do that. This formation that we are playing with right now is a great formation for us. Logan allows Pardo to dictate the tempo and not have to cover as much ground.
    BN: Nolly, Oduro, Rolfe, Alex, Gargan, Jumper, Bone

    That is a very good MLS squad. We need MacDonald to hold the ball up and let players run off of him and finish inside the box. I think this team will be fun to watch going forward.

  • Guys it is going to take that tank named McDonald at least a monthto get in any type of shape. I checked out a utube of him last year and he was thin and looked as if belonged. How come other Dp come to the mls with a great background while ours are unknown that the team tries to convince us how effective he is. The only way to stop this half assed effort is o not renew your tickets until obvious changes are made. Please hold them up and watch how quickly hauptman
    N will lose hope

  • New England has shipped Shalrie Joseph to Chivas USA in exchange for Blair Gavin, a second round pick, and allocation money.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    We should have taken that deal. Second round picks hardly ever amount to anything. Could have dumped both Pardo and Pause for him. We could have him out there doing what it takes both pause and Pardo to do.

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    Joseph is a guy on the decline who is nowhere near the player he was two years ago and he's making $500k per year as a DP.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Speaking of players that are hanging on who are on the decline, last Monday former Crew striker Jeff Cunningham signed with the San Antonio Scorpions in the NASL Division 2 after he was released from Comunicaciones.

  • Mac has been eating too many Big Macs and will need some time to get into playing shape as we all can agree!

    We have been good about keeping the ball out of our net but not good at putting the ball in the opponents net so why I like Pardo and Pause is our captain...so Pardo should come off the bench. Too much defense and not enough offense with Pardo and Pause in there in front of our 4 man backline and future starting USA goalkeeper Johnson

    With Flaco here and Mac still some time before he is match fit to start I say play Rolfe higher up with Oduro and Flaco in the middle, Pappa on the outside (L) and Nyarko on the outside (R).

    Oduro Rolfe
    Pappa Flaco Pause Nyarko
    Sega Berry Annibaba Gargan

  • In reply to smiley:

    I like your line up except I don't like Pause in the starting 11 even
    though he is the Captain. Pardo and Arnie would do just as good
    as Captain or better than Pause. Pardo is good at Free Kicks and
    Corners were Pause isn't. I would like to see Pardo in place of
    Pause and have him come off the bench as a replacement if needed.
    I have seen way too many bad passes and playing the ball back from Pause which doesn't help the offense at all. I like Annibaba, but
    Gargan is a better right back and the pairing of Arnie and Berry is preferred if all are healthy.
    MackDonald and Alex can come in for Orduro, Rolfe, Pappa, or
    Nyarko based on their game performance.

  • I feel like you would have to start playing match ups. Depending on who you are playing and what not. Bad thing is that as a effect on chemistry I would think.

    I dont think Pause is all that bad. He doesnt give much going forward I admit, but I see him jumping in front of passes and winning possesion back in the midfield on a consistent basis.

    That being said, our struggle is scoring goals. So I would him Pause come in as a second half defensive sub to apply midfield pressure.

    My line-up


  • Updated MLS player salary information has been released. Sherjill MacDonald is listed with a $360k base and $487k guaranteed. Interestingly, Sebastian Grazzini is still listed at $50k. Alex is at a $96k base.


  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I'm just speechless. What's going on here?

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Guillermo, This goes to show what a bunch of Incompetent
    Morons are managing the Chicago Fire.
    Grazzini has proven himself to be a good player that can
    hold, pass and shoot the ball. Alex has yet to prove himself
    and thus far has not lived up to all the hype and probably wont.
    MackDonald is not Game fit and his prior record does not
    support that kind of Salary for an unproven Goal Scorer.
    The Fire Management really shot themselves in the foot
    with their unproffesional handeling of Grazzini. I wonder what
    these Morons are paying the ball boys???

  • In reply to Juergen:

    It's possible that Grazzini made more than the listed $50k but since the club will likely never go on the record regarding what really went down its impossible to know if his actual salary is/was high than that. I just find it interesting that the option was picked up and he's still listed at $50k.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    i find that odd that alex is making more than grazzini and alex is only on a 6 month contract. so apparently they did not go with the cheaper option. what are the chances the team does not renew alex's contract at the end of the season now that we have fernandez at least through 2013?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    If Alex plays well he'll be back....unless he suddenly encounters "personal issues" in Brazil.

  • Guys the fire are paying more to the big Mac than San Jose is paying Chris W. what are they thinking he looked like elephant chasing jaguar.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Alvaro Saborio also makes less....just sayin'.

  • Here are the base and guaranteed salary totals per team:

    1. New York Red Bulls: $12,242,557.54 / $13,008,545.88
    2. Los Angeles Galaxy: $10,657,821.00 / $12,527,881.45
    3. Toronto FC: $5,715,463.00 / $7,275,456.39
    4. FC Dallas: $4,805,549.04 / $5,226,674.04

    5. Vancouver Whitecaps: $4,355,665.96 / $4,964,652.45
    6. Montréal Impact: $3,753,853.00 / $5,089,536.25
    7. Portland Timbers: $3,747,116.00 / $4,471,377.29
    8. Chicago Fire: $3,474,026.00 / $4,016,563.33

    9. D.C. United: $3,298,675.20 / $3,879,556.33
    10. Real Salt Lake: $3,206,785.00 / $3,577,995.25
    11. Philadelphia Union: $3,041,006.08 / $3,559,810.25
    12. Seattle Sounders: $3,081,781.00 / $3,491,310.65

    13. Columbus Crew: $2,984,884.00 / $3,427,259.00
    14. Colorado Rapids: $3,050,761.96 / $3,324,837.64
    15. Sporting Kansas City: $2,884,657.00 / $3,210,874.37
    16. Chivas USA: $2,579,728.00 / $3,193,841.64

    17. New England Revolution: $2,772,009.96 / $3,144,578.75
    18. San Jose Earthquakes: $2,638,078.25 / $2,925,244.99
    19. Houston Dynamo: $2,554,916.00 / $2,901,341.87

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Guillermo, Just goes to show how much more Superior Seattle Sounders
    Management is to the Chicago Fire. I attend most of the Home Games
    and always bring a Large Group with me and watch all of the Games since Day One. Chicago is One of the Largest Soccer Communities
    in the US and it is a shame because of Miss Management that we are
    behind Seattle and Portland even though they spend less on their Roster.

  • In reply to Juergen:

    We pay less in salary than Toronto, Dallas, Montreal and Portland but are above them in the standings. What is impressive is where San Jose and Houston are in the standings with the two lowest salary totals. That is insane. Looks like we are very average which sucks. It could be worse it could be better.

  • In reply to OptimisticFireFan:

    agreed, we could be better and we could be worse. its amazing that some teams can spot better talent and pay them less and also be consistent season after season(ie houston). well i guess andrew did make good on his promise of spending "keane like" money, not just on one player but on the entire team. apparently we took the translation of his comment to mean one player. GR do you think that managment in scouting department needs to improve in order for this club to get back to its winning ways?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    I think that the Fire have to get a lot better at identifying talent. There have been quite a few hits, but far too many misses. When you make this many mistakes on players, it is difficult to build a roster that has continuity and cohesion. The 2012 team was supposed to revolve around Puppo, Grazzini and Robayo, and all of them are gone.

  • In reply to StaryByk3:

    Paying large transfer fees for guys like Puppo is an inexcusable error. The Robayo acquisition didn't work out because he ultimately discovered that he never wanted to leave Millonarios but the move to get him wasn't bad. In theory, he is the type of South American player they should be targeting. Young (under 30), succesful with an established top division club, and affordable in MLS terms.

    I completely agree with Stary on the need to build continuity and cohesion within a roster. RSL is a great example of that.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    There was no error in translation of the "Keane money" comment. It was made in reference to spending big on one single player as a DP.

    I think there needs to be one person responsible and accountable for final personnel decisions and it should be somebody with an established and succesful history of evaluating professional talent. Right now player acquisition and evaluation duties are done by committee. I think Jeffries, Klopas, and Leon have done a decent job of evaluating college talent. There have been some big misses along the way with South American players and some good veteran talent added in certain spots but Klopas does not have time during the season to "scout" talent now that he's coach and there should be one voice responsible as the go to guy when a big personnel decision needs to be made. At some point I'd like to see a Technical Director with that authority or at least someone who's clearly in charge of making the final calls on all personnel moves.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I thought Frank was the "go to guy" for making the final decision on a player and that Petrei and Jeffries were basically his assistants. Longer version of my theory: http://www.bigsoccer.com/community/threads/the-fire-should-sign-diego-forlan.1943660/page-3#post-26004706

    To me, the interesting question is whether Frank has the authority to fire Petrei

  • In reply to iron81:

    Klopas does have final say on first team decisions but thats not solely what I'm suggesting. There should be a top guy to address all issues related to football. Your query is certainly an interesting one.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    i also don't agree with the coach being the final decision maker . as i've been saying for about a year now, there should be a person in the role that Klopas had last year, and it shouldn't be klopas. there needs to be division of powers and a leader whose sole job is to find players to make the team better and to manage the roster. klopas has enough on his hands trying to coach the team.

  • In reply to Juergen:

    It should also be noted that Christian Tiffert is not listed for Seattle yet. Seattle will surely move up several notches when he's added to the totals. Tim Cahill is not listed for New York yet either.

    You have to hand it to Seattle's marketing people.....they're doing something right up there.

  • So glad we are not Toronto.

  • In reply to OptimisticFireFan:

    We should save our talk until after the game.
    We should beat Toronto, but if we don't,
    the only thing worth talking about is next season.
    Maybe we cab buy out the management in Houston,
    Seattle, or SJ. The level of team salaries should reflect
    team results on the field. There are several teams doing at lot
    more with less. I'm not advocating spending less money, but spending more money more effectively. But for us, our salary reflects the talent level of the team, a somewhat just above average team. A playoff qualifier, but not a true contender.

  • Chicago is the 3rd largest market and is paying 8th most in the MLS!
    Also their distribution of the $ is very bad! No wonder Graz left only making $50K??? Then Bone making $100k but never gets to play?
    Young Italian goalie making like $34K? Then Big Mac with extra mayo and cheese making $350K?
    Grazinni should have been making at least $100k like his fellow south of the border teamates if not $200k, near DP $!

    We do pretty good drafting players but really crappy with international signings! Pretty sad when Galaxy can get Keane and Beckham and NY gets great DPs (3 of them) Henry, Mexican capt., Cahill...what do we get crap sounding guys...Puppo, Pappa, Robayo, etc!

  • In reply to smiley:

    We need to be a bit more levelheaded about our intl. signings. Yes, Robayo and Puppo were largely flops, but look at our other intl. signings:

    Friedrich - good
    Pardo - good
    Tornaghi - promising
    Pappa - suspect in the past, but solid this season
    Grazzini - good
    MacDonald - unproven
    Alex - decent, but still largely unproven

    That's not a bad track record of recent guys in our intl. spots. Also, I've heard reports that Grazzini's pay was as much as 3x the listed MLSPU salary, so it's not like he wasn't getting the money. The question was whether he was getting the money he deserved, which, given the current status of the situation, I'd say is a "no".

    Maybe I'm just having a more balanced week than the last few, but I see more promise in the current state than disdain. A few weeks ago I couldn't say the same, but we know more now than we did a few weeks ago, so....

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    I've also heard that Grazzini's option was for considerably more than the 50k but the report doesn't show it. The bigger question is whether or not there was some sort of verbal agreement that wasnt upheld as it pertains to picking up the option. I'd love to hear from an MLSPU rep to explain why some players on their list apparently have separate terms of compensation from the majority of the league.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Handshake agreement. You're onto something there, GR.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Can we do a contingency scarf eating event should Grazzini return to the Men in Red?

  • In reply to c0quito18:


    No....there is a small chance that Grazzini does return. There was absolutely zero chance that the previously mentioned culinary extravaganza was going to take place.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Not fair to include Grazzini, Pardo, and especially Pappa and exclude Puerari, Chaves Mikulic, Maric, Cuesta, Nazarit, Krol, Umanzor, Ristic... Need I go on?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    True, except I was only listing our current international signings.

    And because I could say it's also not fair to exclude Blanco and Ljundberg in your list. ;)

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    or Hristo Stoichkov

  • In reply to Doug:

    If you want to go back to 2000 and compare his era to now, fine. List all the foreign players signed back then - including benchwarmers - and compare them to now. Don't just include the players who stuck around for 2-3 years like Hristo.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Sure, I get what you were doing. I used the ellipsis to indicate that there are plenty of other players going back several years that were not included.

    But Pappa was signed in 2008, and he's still with the team for a reason. So it's only fair to judge the success of our international signings since then. Let's list ALL the international signings from 2008 to now (Blanco was a 2007 signing, so you can't claim him, sorry), and see how they stack up according to your good, solid, promising, suspect scale.

    I'm not sure that Ljungberg boosts your argument much, either.

    But let's look at the "international" roster slots (including US-based players who are not US citizens) from 2008 forward:
    2008: Soumaré, Frankowski, Blanco, Nyarko, Pappa, Conde, Marmol, Herron, Segares;
    2009: Soumaré, Husidic, Blanco, Nyarko, Pappa, Conde, Dimitrov, Segares
    2010: Ljungberg, Husidic, Castillo, Nyarko, John, Conde, Krol, Segares, Ristic;
    2011: Oduro, Husidic, Grazzini, Segares, Barouch, Pappa, Pardo, Mikulic, Nyarko, Pantazapoulos, (what's that Greek guy doing on the team? Oh, yeah, now I get it...), Nazarit, Cuesta, Chaves (and Puerari and Maric - who signed from a Greek club, surprise surprise - were already gone by then)
    2012: who do we include in the revolving door? Robayo, Puppo, Pappa, Nyarko, Oduro, Grazzini, MacDonald, Tornaghi, Pardo, Friedrich, Segares, Barouch.

    So, how do we look in terms of international recruits over the past two years compared to when Pappa was signed? How many players are still around the next season - or by the end of the SAME SEASON?

    Looks like the wheels started to come off in 2010.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Chaves, Mikulic, Cuesta, and Rustic were all decent finds, and all good value for money. Having both Umanzor and Krol on the roster at the same time was stupid. Krol was frank's guy and Deris was CDLC's. The only real disaster was paying 200k for a year of injured Maric, but no one could have seen that coming and maybe he would have lived up to it. Overall, the signings and scouting have been ok, we've just lacked the top level talent and stability to take advantage of a supporting cast that's well above average.

  • I have to agree with Jeff, as I too am feeling a bit better about the current state of the team than I was a week or so back. Again there is potential assembled. Perhaps enough to be an improvement, though we'll have to wait and see.

    I know Petrei and Jeffries are trying. Maybe not even doing a bad job of it. It might be some of their supporting staff that have been responsible for not pulling things off right. I don't know. And that's it as much as anything. I feel confident in the leadership of Frank Klopas and the on field effort has mostly looked pretty good. It's the murky things we can feel lurking just beyond view that trouble me most. All the REAL salary uncertainty, the confused (and still largely unknown) circumstances surrounding Grazzini's departure, the apparent loss of interest from Robayo after he got here, and last week's revelations that Freidrich wants no part of these circumstances beyond his existing commitment is particularly disturbing. It seems like the people handling the player personnel moves are not very professional and are creating a lot of unhappiness among the players. There are just too many suggestions that, behind the scenes, just barely out of sight there is an epidemic of bungling that could collapse the performance of the Fire at any moment. I can't help myself. I like the Fire and soccer. I'll continue to watch and root for them. But I don't want to watch from close enough to risk find myself paying for it if this turns into a collapse.

  • Looks like Houston has re-signed Ricardo Clark. The East keeps getting tougher.

  • fb_avatar

    Keep in mind, we're all talking about good signings as if they were good enough to get us a championship. No, all these good signings are good enough to get us to 5th place.

  • Why are they not good enough. Macdonald has not been given a chance to play and we haven't even seen Fernandez yet. Who cares that he was not wanted by Seattle anymore. He could be just the player we need. All you need to do is get into the playoffs and then anything can happen. Would you rather get top of the league and lose in the first round or sneak into the playoffs and win the whole thing. If Macdonald starts scoring goals then everyone here is going to be praising him but if he doesnt score every game he is a terrible signing and everyone in the FO should be fired and if Peter Wilt was in charge this would never happen. Blah Blah Blah. We needed the FO to get a attacking, playmaker type player (Fernandez) and a forward that can play with his back to goal (Macdonald).

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    What everyone is saying is that MackDonald IS NOT the consistent proven Goal Scorer everyone was hoping would have been signed.
    His record prior to signing with the Fire is below average and he has
    not played played for top teams in Europe. I hope he proves to be
    the Guy that can score Goals for us on a consistent basis will see.
    Peter Wilt has a proven Track Record in promoting and running
    Soccer Operations. He is liked and respected in the Chicago Land
    Soccer community. Yes he would be much better in being in charge
    of the Chicago Fire than Posada and Leon. Those guys have proven
    that they are not qualified to manage and promote the team and are disappointing and not encouraging the fans.

  • The big Mac has never been a big scoring threat. Check out his history and you will see a very average European forward. Who ever made the decision to chase this guy made a huge mistake. Oduro is a much better option with maybe substituting the big Mac later in the game.

  • The big Mac has scored 13 goals for 7 different teams . He scored 0 goals in the epl. Please someone tell me why this very very average player is the highest paid player on the team.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Because the corporate headquarters of the double arches is located on Lake Michigan?

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    ask andrew or javier that. actually your stats are a little off, he has scored 15 goals over the past 3 season at beerschot(mid table belgian team) where as oduro has scored more than that in the last calendar year and pappa has scored more than that over the past 3 seasons. but according to frank macdonald is a goal scorer just like how he called puppo is a goal scorer.

  • Frank's comment that MacDonald is a "goal scorer" just shows that Frank is adept at the art of misdirection. Of course, he's a goal scorer. That's what he does. Our concern is not with "what' he does. We wanted to know how much and how well he does it! The fact that we're stuck with Frank's "He's a goal scorer" comment with no further insight tells us more about the lack of a probing follow-up question from the reporter that collected the quote than it does about Frank's opinion of MacDonald. We should not be debating the significance of this quote because it was Frank's way of answering the question without appearing to prejudge somebody he's going to have to work with. The answer was intended to be meaningless and we should ignore it. I don't blame Frank for his response. How's he going to lay out an honest advance opinion of somebody and then try to have credibility with the player when he tries to coach him? I respect Frank. He knows how to work with these guys and is getting good results. We can't expect him to provide public, hard, detailed analysis of individual players, either before, or after their arrival. He would be a fool to give us that.

  • Toronto has signed Irish National team center back Darren O'Dea.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Nothing New to Report about the Fire??
    Very Quiet on here for almost 23 Hours!!
    Don't really care about Toronto except of
    beating them today!!

  • In reply to Juergen:

    Have some stuff but couldn't get my match preview out last night.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Guillermo Thank You
    "We all really appreciate your dedication and hard
    work in keeping us Fire and Soccer fans informed."

  • New Sounders acquisition Mario Martinez scores to give Honduras a lead over Brazil in Olympic soccer. This should be an excellent game. Andy Najar is on the bench for Honduras.

  • The Fire have parted ways with Director of Player Personnel Mike Jeffries.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    javier passing the blame for robayo and puppo?

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Try to find out who pulled the trigger here. It would go a long way to answering our organizational structure questions.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Finally! Some action in the problem area. May be hope yet.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Sorry Guys, I have said it before and will repeat it again.
    "The Fire Need to Part Ways With Posada and Leon."
    These Guys are to blame for the Very Poor Management
    Decisions that have been made and frustrating the Fans.
    Instead of growing the Sport they are destroying it in the
    Chicago land area. Jeffries and Petrei report to these Guys.
    They are to blame for Puppo, Robayo and screwing up
    the situation with Grazzini etc.
    You don't Pay DP Money to MackDonald who doesn't have a
    solid prior record and has yet to prove himself but makes
    more than Wondo the Number One scorer in the league.
    Peter Wilt who has a proven record and is highly respected
    in the soccer community can step in and turn this organization
    back into the right direction.

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