Fire v Sporting Kansas City match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Friedrich, Berry, Gargan

M Pause, Pardo, Nyarko, Rolfe, Pappa

F Oduro

Bench: Nolly, Jumper, Paladini, Bone, Robayo, Alex, Barouch

Sporting KC

GK Nielsen

D Myers, Collin, Olum, Sinovic

M Zusi, Cesar, Espinoza

F Kamara, Bunbury, Sapong

Bench: Kronberg, Besler, Harrington, Thomas, Peterson, Joseph, Saad

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  • Referee tonight is Baldomero Toledo.

  • Rolfe playing ok, but he's not a creative mid. Grazzini-less squad is evidently different. EVIDENTLY. DIFFERENT.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    If only he'd of gotten some training in this week........oh wait.....he did.

  • Talk about stealing one. I'm going to go have a heart attack now.

  • Wow. I had some heart issues as well. Glad to come out with the win. Sean John did his thing big time. Big win by the Fire. I didn't think they could go to KC and pull this one out. Great result!

  • Wow. I only watched the second half, but I thought the Fire were very, very good at executing their game plan. They went in knowing it would be a blood bath with lousy refereeing, they played for points and came away with all three. Without Grazzini and with two rookies and a second year defender on the back line for the last 10 minutes. Alex showed some great potential. SKC fans lose major respect for chanting f bombs at Rolfe after he was injured. Communications nonsense around Grazzini's option aside, I hope these last three wins will calm some of the negativity going on among fans. This team can impress when they play their hearts out.

  • In reply to Mateu:

    A great gritty win on the road, surviving the powerful late surge by SKC. Great game by Sean Johnson. Much credit due the back line as well. Another character (and confidence!) builder. I hope there's no bad news on the physical side with Rolfe or Friedrich.

  • I really like Alex. Also, I'm going to need from now til Tuesday to recover. Wow.

  • I really like Alex. Also, it's going to take me from now til Tuesday to recover. That is all.

  • Not spectacular but a solid, workman like effort, playing within themselves. Thought the team was a bit off on passing/possession and could have done a bit better on offense, but they maintained their composure in difficult surroundings. The teams that make the playoffs are the teams that win when they are not in top form.
    24 more points should put them easily in the playoffs.
    Hope they save their "A" game next Sunday against L.A.

  • Apologies on the lack of game recap but ChicagoNow is experiencing technical difficulties with new posts.

  • Glad the Fire won. A real Nail Bitter performance.
    The Fire passing game was terrible last night.
    Just goes to show the positive impact Grazzini
    makes on the team. "Sign the Man {Grazzini} to a
    several Year Contract."

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