US Open Cup - Fire v Bucks match day

The Fire's starting line-up for tonight's USOC match:

GK Tornaghi
D Walls, Anibaba, Berry, Jumper
M Videira, Paladini, Bone, Robayo
F Puppo, Barouch


Follow the webstream at and join our live chat to comment on the match.

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  • Not a real soccer game played on not a real soccer pitch?

    What's that about? No real pitches in Michigan? Shouldn't this game ge played in Toyota Park unless the other team possesses an actual pitch?

    Nice work by the men-in-red to get their motivation going in the 13th minute, giving up the traditional early goal to trail 0-1.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    The home team in this round was decided by a coin flip....of course Seattle and RSL were able to buy back the home game.

  • i be didn't think this was going to happen

  • Shouldn't the Fire now be relegated?

  • Chalk this one up for Frankie boy. As soon as I saw the opening lineup I had a sick feeling about the result. Turned out to be no surprise in the end. This happens when the team isn't serious about what they are doing. The pitch or the officials didn't effect the outcome.
    The starting midfield was a joke for most of the game, couldn't understand some of the substitution. I'd left both Barouch and Berry in the game and taken off Puppo and Robayo.
    Too much standing around and lack of energy.
    How come they don't try a short pass game for a change?
    The Fire completion rate on passing had to be pretty low and overall their passing was fairly sloppy turning the ball over too easily
    and needlessly. Worst game of the season, wouldn't worry about making the playoffs just yet

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