Fire v FC Dallas match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gargan, Anibaba, Berry, Segares

M Nyarko, Robayo, Grazzini, Pause, Pappa

F Oduro

Bench: Tornaghi, Jumper, Bone, Paladini, Pardo, Barouch, Puppo

FC Dallas

GK Hartman

D Loyd, John, Hedges, Benitez

M Jackson, Marcellin, Jacobson, Hernandez, Leyva

F Perez

Bench: Seitz, M. Hernandez, Rodriguez, Guarda, Ulloa, Sealy, Top


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  • Robayo gets a start as Pardo gets a break.

    Kevin Hartman is still not starting for FC Dallas. Fabian Castillo did not travel with them.

  • Section 8 Chicago is taking deposits for a bus trip to see the Fire play the Michigan Bucks on Tuesday in US Open Cup play. Bus ride and ticket package is $50.

  • Line Up change: Hartman is starting in goal for FCD, Seitz is on the bench.

  • How long until we see Chris Rolfe?

  • In reply to eplkewell:

    It's possible he's available on Saturday in Columbus.

  • I can't say I'll take it...

  • fb_avatar

    These announcers are biased almost on MLS net. Not one word about the dive from the forward when Dom brushed past him. It was dumb from Dom, but still, if you watch the replay he dove before the contact was even made. Sick.

    Pappa went down easily as well, but gosh, there was contact, and he was knocked over from the RB. Easy call.

    Anyway, I hate this team for some reason. Maybe its because FC Dallas is one of those teams that just brings the image of the whole league down. Their unis are just ugly. They don't win anything. Just another fixture on the schedule.

  • In reply to waam:

    That dive was so bad, it should have been a straight red.

  • A win is a win, as close as this was. Brilliant save by Johnson on the penalty! Same goes for Grazzini with his equalizer.

  • Due to technical difficulties, I'll have the postgame stuff up in the morning.

  • aside from johnson's save on the penalty and grazzini's fabulous strike, we were lucky to get max points. robayo looked good though.

  • The first half hour of that game was strange. The Fire were dribbling the ball all over the field, but couldn't move up. Dallas kept a lot of pressure on them, but it was like the Fire were playing keep away. Later in the second half it looked like the field spread out and they were able to move the ball around easier.

  • What was going on with the broadcast? When I turned it on in the second half and the announcer was encouraging viewers to follow FC Dallas on Twitter. I thought, "OK they are just taking the Dallas feed." Then I was like,"Dallas' announcer has a Canadian accent and talks too much just like Dan Kelly. How odd."

    Of course it turned out to be Kelly. The entire broadcast was sponsored by Dallas businesses, yet you had Kelly saying things like "FC Dallas fans, enjoy a Bud Light."

    Why didn't Dallas use its own crew? Why were the Fire's crew acting as the Dallas broadcast team?

    I can understand the teams wanting to keep costs down, but I can imagine both sets of supporters thinking it was weird.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    It was a shared feed broadcast. Kelly was on pbp with Brian Dunseth on color and Evan Whitfield on the sidelines.

  • The Fire have looked very poor over the last two games. We're lucky to have come away with three points, and it's obvious that there are some pieces missing. Luckily, we haven't buried ourselves early like in the last couple of seasons, so if we can put those pieces together we'll be in pretty good shape.

    At least one encouraging sign: Grazzini looked committed to keeping his feet and fighting through challenges instead of flopping like a fish.

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