Fire crash out of USOC

It didn't take long this season.  One and done.

The Fire were eliminated from US Open Cup play by a virtue of a 3-2 overtime loss to fourth division PDL side Michigan Bucks.  Frank Klopas went with a reserve line-up that should have been able to handle Michigan but the team came out flat and atrocious defending in the first half left the Fire fortunate to be tied at 1-1 after forty-five minutes.

The second half saw improved play with Frederico Puppo actually giving the Fire the lead in the 51st after a pass from Corben Bone allowed him to work his way into the penalty area and create a shot that beat the Michigan keeper.  Lax defending cost them again when an 80th minute cross found Nathaniel Boyden at the back post to beat Paolo Tornaghi and force overtime.

Nermin Crnkic wasted no time in hitting the back of the net when he found himself alone against Tornaghi in the 93rd to score the winner.

Michigan was the better team throughout the match and deserved the victory.  The Fire will look to regroup and head to New England on Saturday after an embarrassing defeat tonight.

Line Up


Walls (Gargan 84'), Anibaba, Berry (Watson-Siriboe 49'), Anibaba, Jumper

Videira, Paladini, Robayo, Bone

Barouch (Oduro 84'), Puppo


Fire goals

Bone 28' (Puppo)

Puppo 51' (Bone)


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  • Paolo Tornaghi ‏@PaulTornaghi
    I'm so sad because of the game we lost will be a long night. We care about the Open Cup, I'm so sorry!

    i really like this guy.. didn't get to watch the game, but i wouldn't mind seeing him get more time.

  • Columbus, Los Angeles, New England, Houston, FC Dallas, and Real Salt Lake have all lost to lower division clubs tonight and are out of the USOC tournament. Wow

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Yeah, lets just hand the trophy over to Seattle. This was a good chance for us to make it to the final again after all these teams dropped.

  • In reply to waam:

    If Seattle wins a fourth consecutive USOC title does that make them Kings of the Cup?

    Just askin.....

  • fb_avatar

    I officially HATE where we are headed now.

    I'm ready to scrap this team and start all over.

  • Feel like the team isnt balanced, if there isn't a speed counter to be had we struggle and stagnate. Hopefully rolfe can add some movement in the pocket to take advantage, but we also lack the size to go direct if needed. Barouch is the only big forward.. i guess gulley too but it seems we sign academy guys to not play them ever.

  • imo, i blame klopas for this. maybe he underestimated the bucks thinking that an all reserve lineup would work? maybe he didn't do enough tactically or getting his players prepared? maybe frank is not that good of a judge for talent?

    i just remember at the beginning of the season when making these additions to the team people were saying that there is nothing wrong with depth at every position just in case of injuries or what have you. well apparently that depth isn't working out. it didn't work out against a 4th division club and i highly doubt its going to work in trying to get us into the playoffs. yes when rolfe and arne come back from injury they will add to the team but i highly doubt they are the answers that will push us into the playoffs.

    last night we may have had the more talented team on the field but the bucks had the team that played better together and wanted the win more than the fire. and for this i blame klopas.

  • pathetic

  • Is it wrong that I'm planning on watching the Seattle-Atlanta match online tonight hoping for an Atlanta win? I think there's something wrong with me but my greatest satisfaction in USOC now would be for Seattle to get knocked out. Either tonight or against Wynalda's Cal FC.

    Ugh, this sucks!

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    I dont think you're alone with those sentiments.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Hmm... Maybe Seattle should win and stick it into the faces of the Fire front office.

  • Maybe Im alone in this but Robayo is really starting to piss me off. This was a game that he could show off all of his "skill" against clearly inferior competition. And from what I was watching, he couldn't have cared less about the game. I saw no effort, and no sense of urgency for him.

    Maybe I have an extra eye on him becuase of his comments recently, but In my opinion he should move on come july. The sad thing is that he probably is a good player that can help the team if he wanted to.

  • After this week's near total MLS wipeout in US Open Cup play, does the MLS get relegated with either (both?!?) NASL or USL moving up to be considered the US first division?

    I'm tempted to believe the quality of MLS sides has slipped but, honestly, I have to admit it's more likely that the calibre of these other leagues has improved, though we may be seeing a bit of both circumstances. Thoughts?

  • In reply to Arklow:

    MLS quality has slipped. The league has nearly doubled in size in ten years, so there's naturally going to be a dilution in talent. There are 28 job openings on every team, so there have been over 250 new jobs created in the last ten years because of expansion. And the rate of job creation has accelerated due to MLS clubs needing to create reserve teams. The American/Canadian talent pool isn't deep enough to maintain a certain standard of play with the rapid addition of all of these new teams.

    I think what it really means is that the guys on the bottom end of MLS rosters simply aren't much better than guys playing in NASL, USL or PDL. We saw a great example of that last night.

  • In reply to StaryByk3:

    It's a little of both. MLS has increased in size in terms of teams and have increased roster limits. The young, inexpensive players that occupy spots 23-30 on most rosters aren't a whole lot better than the guys who are playing everyday for the lower division teams. The guys on the bench also don't play much despite the re-introduction of the reserve league. The developmental system and lower leagues are also improving albeit very slowly.

    Taking all of that into account, the team the Fire fielded last night should have been good enough to beat Michigan. They were out worked for the most part.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Arklow:

    I think US Soccer needs to drop it's PR and marketing team, sell the rights of the tournament to Nike or somebody, because $100,000 is not going to tempt anybody to play better.

  • In reply to waam:

    Sponsorship for the tournament with an increased dollar prize would be great but a trip to CONCACAF Champion's League should be good incentive for clubs to take it more seriously. $100K by itself divided up among all parties really isn't isn't going to grab anyone's attention.

    Also the promo/relegation stuff I've seen on twitter is silly. I'm fairly certain MLS first teams would easily clean up on lower division sides over the course of a 34 game season. We didn't see anyone field their first team yesterday. Upsets and underdogs are what make Cup competitions exciting. If you don't field your best side in the USOC there's always a chance you're going to get beat just beacuse of all of the circumstances involved.

  • Here's another slant on this MLS wipeout scenario...

    What's the chance that there was some quiet agreement among the MLS teams this year to forget the Lamar Hunt Cup, play reserves, lose and get out of the Cup competition so they can focus on MLS competition?

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Arklow Very little chance of that being the case.
    As G.R. said yesterday the PDL Teams have gotten better.
    What I wish what would happen in the USA is this, as they
    have it in Europe. You have two divisions within MSL.
    A First and a Second Division.
    At the end of the season the last two teams in the First Division
    drop down into the Second Division. The two first two teams in the
    standings in the Second Division move up into the First Division.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Theres probably a better chance that we find out tomorrow who the second gunman in the gunman in the grassy knoll was. ;)

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