Klopas & Anibaba suspended

Frank Klopas and Jalil Anibaba will both be unavailable for the match on Friday against Chivas USA.  Although there was no mention of disciplinary action immediately after the match the stats page at MLSsoccer.com on Sunday afternoon showed that Anibaba had received a red card for "fighting" in the 87th minute.  The referee's standard game report however apparently indicated that Anibaba had been dismissed for the late challenge on Seattle defender Leo Gonzalez.  The referee's report also stated that Klopas had been dismissed at some point during the post game shoving match between the two clubs.

No word yet no whether or not anyone from the Seattle side will face repercussions for their involvement in the post match nonsense but Hooksnladders.com has an interesting set of photos taken on the field that should warrant some attention from the MLS Disciplinary Committee.  Hooksnladders also captured video of Eddie Johnson flipping an obscene gesture towards fans as he enters the tunnel back into the locker room.

We haven't heard the last of this one.

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  • Klopas was apparently dismissed for abusive language. If that's the case Eddie Johnson definitely has some free time coming up.

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    I hate Sounder fans. I absolutely hate their fans.

  • In reply to waam:

    It's really a pity that their online presence results in this view. It does seem that the majority of their fans represent the same lack of humanity as you could find in the deepest bowels of a Yahoo article's comment section. That is, they seem to have a disturbing number of internet trolls among their fan base. However, the Sounders fans I talked with at the game were actually quite pleasant, so I would feel bad for them if I were to agree with your sentiment completely. Perhaps "I hate Sounders trolls. I absolutely hate their trolls." would better represent my stance.

  • If the MLS is really serious about becoming professional they need to upgrade the officiating, the ref probably deserves a suspension as well. He was clearly out of his element and what happened after the game could be directly related to his less than mediocre performance. I don't remember seeing a red card during the game, but saw Klopas arguing with the officials after the game so I could see why he is suspended.
    But there several fouls ther were not called against Seattle, that probably should have been yellows. At least this will give one of the younger players a chance, don't think the team will miss Anibaba that much, just hope for an evenly called game.

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    MLS' Disciplinary Committee has decided to crack down on hard fouls, two footed tackles, elbows, etc. after the fact if they were missed by referees during the course of a game. They should also crack down on the consistency of fouls called in general. The league needs to protect it's most dynamic/technical players from fouling tactics. There is a difference between physical play and simply fouling for the purpose of slowing down talented offensive players. Referees must begin to enforce the supposed "game first" initiatives that Garber has been spewing for the better part of the last two seasons.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Let's face it. Until the Fire shows they can consistently win, they won't get enough respect from the referees to get the fair calls. The referees will just take the attitude that it doesn't matter anyway for a mediocre or losing team.

    The Fire needs to get their act together. I didn't think Anibaba's foul at the end of the game was a very big deal. Should have been able to control the emotions, walk away from the confrontation and, if their were repercussions, let Seattle players collect them.

    And they should have won that game or at least picked up the tie. Even with just the one goal. If the defense was able to be disciplined and avoided the lapses, Seattle would not have had at least one, if not both of those goals.

    If they can clean up their play, be a bit more disciplined, they are capable of limiting their opponent's goals much better than we've seen in the last couple of games. If they make that happen, they are a winning team and will start seeing respect from the referees. The aren't so far from making that happen. But they have to play under emotional control. And with confidence.

  • I posted the Eddie video on the MLS's article regarding "Eddie Johnson wanting to prove his worth versus Fire." I was met with the same "blue sky" Seattle fans. I know we probably want to see the opposite that Sounders fans saw in the melee that followed the match but Eddie's "salute" to the fans cannot be mistaken for anything else. The fact that the league has yet to say anything makes me fear that no Seattle player will see any discipline. Seattle is the one of the darlings of the league so I guess that's their excuse. (Sorry, that'll be the end of my rant).

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    I forwarded it to people at the league and several reporters yesterday so it shouldn't go unnoticed. The Sounders next match is Wednesday night against LA so there should be some discipline handed out before then.
    I didn't think that much of anything happened during the "melee" that was suspension worthy but the Johnson incident is absolutely inexcusable and should result in a suspension of some sort.

  • One of the issues for getting talented players to stay here and come here is the quality of the league. The quality of the league includes the quality of he officials. US Soccer assigns the officials to MLS so our gripe is really with US Soccer too for not training, paying, and retaining quality officials. Any young European thinking about playing here would really second guess that thought if he saw Saturday night's game because playing here could cut his career short by getting seriously hurt. The fouls on Oduro and Nyarko are a safety thing too. Those guys are going to get concussions if this continues.

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    They care, but not really. Only the fans really care, until they become apathetic to it. Then where does that leave us?

  • Nice article on Oduro at a new Chicago sports site.......


  • I bet the MLS committee won't suspend any Sounder's players till after their match against LA tomorrow. I would be shocked if they did.

  • Guillermo any more word on the street about Rolfe this week? Are we likely to see him suit up vs Chivas?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    He did not train today and Klopas said they were monitoring him daily.

    I wouldn't expect him to play on Friday.

  • MLS has fined Eddie Johnson for making " an inappropriate gesture" as he was leaving the field on Saturday. No suspension.....just a fine.

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