Fire v Toronto FC Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Segares, Anibaba, Friedrich, Gargan

M Pappa, Pardo, Grazzini, Pause

F Nyarko, Oduro

Bench: Tornaghi, Berry, Jumper, Robayo, Paladini, Puppo, Barouch

Toronto FC

GK Kocic

D Eckersley, Frings, Cann

M Stinson, Dunfield, Avila, Morgan

F Lambe, Johnson, Plata

Bench: Roberts, Harden, Aceval, Henry, de Guzman, Burgos, Silva


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  • A bit surprised Winter's going with a 3 man backline against us. It'll be interesting to see if we exploit that w/ our speed.

  • Wide open first half.....sloppy defensive play on both sides. 2-2

  • Defensively a frightening first half, but nevertheless a fun game to watch. I've saved my beer for the second half to bolster my nerves. Here we go..

  • Just started breathing again. When we have the lead, why can't we hold onto the ball for more than 2 touches?

  • Yeah the last 15 minutes need work, TFC had couple chances there to equalize but i'm happy with the win...

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