Fire v Sounders Match Day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Gargan, Friedrich, Anibaba, Segares

M Pause, Pardo, Grazzini, Paladini

F Nyarko, Oduro

Bench: Tornaghi, Berry, Jumper, Pappa, Robayo, Barouch, Puppo


GK Gspurning

D Johansson, Parke, Hurtado, Gonzalez

M Rosales, Alonso, Evans, Estrada

F Johnson, Montero

Bench: Meredith, Burch, Rose, Scott, Caskey, Cato, Ochoa


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  • Keller thinks Seattle is playing Houston.

  • Why the blue jerseys. Red is the home color and would contrast more with Seattle green.

  • In reply to Doug:

    I'm sure they chose the blue away jerseys because they look better with the green highlighted numerals.

  • I had a chance to check out the Second Star Club. It is very well done. Impressive. More on that later.

  • I thought the Fire were better in the first half but find themselves trailing on a bit of a soft goal. It was originally credited as an own goal by Friedrich but changed to a score for Estrada.

    Possession stats were 50-50 in the first frame.

  • Well, I thought the FIre looked much better tonight, contesting passes and controlling the ball. But the temporary defensive lapse in the first half cost them badly. Then they let themselves down again in the daze of disappointment after the apparent tying goal was called off in the second half. They have to learn to stay focused through disappointments.

    They still seem to play their best in the first half of games. But they did look better and may be coming together.

  • i can't stand micheal kennedy i think he only gave one foul to the fire in the 1st half everything went sounders way.

  • It was a frustrating game because I think that Oduro and Nyarko were fouled relentlessly but Kennedy never called anything. Grazzini was also fouled and never got a call. Oduro and Nyarko are going to get seriously hurt if the league continues to allow this type of officiating. The Fire needs to file a complaint and let it be known that their players cannot be beaten up that way. It was ridiculous especially since the Sounders were flopping left and right and got every call. Can someone explain to me why Pappa's goal was not allowed. It was right in front of me and I still cannot figure it out. Also, why doesn't the Fire have clock continue to run in stoppage time. Did the forget that its Ok to let the minutes keep running. I always have to grab my phone to check the time so I can gage when they might be getting close to the end. Its so easy to fix.

  • One has to wonder from what urinal the MLS obtains. their officials,
    tonight's ref was both a clown and a eunuch and the west side linesman must be his twin brother.
    Overall, the Fire held their own and played well enough to either tie
    or win the game, a major improvement but there still seems to be some confusion on the defense

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Agreed. The defense seemed a little chaotic at times.

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