Fire v Rapids Match Day

Starting line ups


GK Tornaghi

D Segares, Gibbs, Anibaba, Pause

M Robayo, Pardo, Grazzini, Pappa

F Nyarko, Oduro

Bench: Johnson, Jumper, Berry, Paladini, Bone, Puppo, Barouch


GK Pickens

D Kimura, Wynne, Moor, Zapata

M Castrillon, Larentowicz, Mullan, Rivero, Cascio

F Cummings

Bench: Ceus, Palguta, Marshall, Thompson, Nane, Amarikwa, Hill


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  • This Galavision is not so gala and certainly mislabeled "vision." At times I have trouble distinguishing one team from the other. Bet the advertising will come through crystal clear!

  • Solid coverage by the D on that one...

  • Two guys playing keep away leads in the Fire third leads to a goal. I sure hope the Fire offense was taking notes, because they sure do not work for each other like that. I hope it is not a season of long balls to Oduro all year. What a pathetic display. 10 guys running around in the same uniform without a purpose.

  • Thoroughly outplayed. Luckily I left Colorado yesterday. Had to get my grandaughters back for school tomorrow.

    Well, now Frank has 2 weeks to whip their asses in practice. Hope they like it!

  • Chicago barely had any possesion this game, slow tempo, boring game!

  • In reply to Adam25:

    That what I was seeing. I'd be interested to see the possession percentage. I was half watching the first half while making dinner but in the second half it had to be 75-25 Colorado. And when we got the ball, the strategy seemed to be to blast it to a Ghanaian.

  • In reply to Doug:

    Possession was 61-39 in favor of Colorado, which for the not good.

  • "Chicago Fire Played just plain Pathectic."
    They were totally out played throughout the
    entire game. No ball controll and couldn't
    string together three consecutive passes
    before loosing the ball. On both goals
    defenders just standing around ball watching.

  • Terrible display of soccer! To lose the possession percentage by 21 percent is unacceptable. Hate to admit it, but the midfield play has been pretty pathetic since Blanco left. When Grazzini has an off night, the rest of the midfielders are useless.

  • I was at the game and it was an awful display of attacking soccer. At halftime, I thought that a 0:0 final score would flatter both teams. Give Colorado credit, they were the better team in the 2nd half. They deserved to win, for sure.

    Do the Fire have wings? Both Pappa and Robayo spent more time in the middle of the field than the flanks. Poor Grazzini, no room for him to do anything, with that big crowd in the middle. How does Frank allow this? Our team plays without any width and the outcome is predictable.

    Pause gets lots of stick for the way he plays. But when Frank puts him at wing, he stays F-ING wide!!! Pappa, Robayo, you should take notes! I sooo wanted this team to sell Pappa in January, and this is what we get now.

  • In reply to StaryByk3:

    I have to agree about Pause's positioning. He doesn't have the same offensive skill as Pappa (haven't seen enough of Robayo to judge), but he plays in the right place on the field.

    I was multi-tasking while the game was on (in part because I was watching some crappy online feed from Al-Jazeera Channel 5), but when I did watch, there wasn't much there that made me want to pay more attention to the game. The negative comments reassure me that I didn't miss anything.

  • Paolo made a couple of good saves but also had a couple that he needed to hang on to or, at least, deflect wide rather than deflect right into the path of a Rapids attacker.

  • I was more worried by the time and space the Colorado attackers had. If that continues it does not matter who you have in the nets, they will be playing catch up all season if it continues. I just hope it was an off night, I can't take another season like last year (of which I was reminded of watching the game yesterday)

  • Except for several times by Oduro, the Fire attack seemed weak and disorganized. Nyarko will never be a scoring threat at forward,
    put him in the midfield and Pappa on the bench and start either Baouch or Pupo at forward. On the last goal the defense seemed to be ball watching and stopped when the shot was made, if one or two of the defenders continued on they might have helped out the keeper.
    This game was a reminder of last season.

  • Corey Gibbs is worthless. Tornaghi looked like Bill Hamid at the Olympic qualifier game against El Salvador--pathetic.

    Oduro can run really fast, but his technique is sub-par and he can't shoot.

    Midfield was hopelessly disorganized.

    This was one of the more boring games I've seen in a while and typical of MLS mediocracy.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    I really dislike generalization of MLS as mediocre after watching a terrible match like this can catch plenty of bad matches at the lower end of EPL, Serie A, etc.- this doesn't mean that the leagues stink it just means it was a bad game like every league and every sport world wide has. The difference is MLS does not have super-teams with rosters full of mega stars that elevate the perception of the league and that won't happen any time soon so there's little sense in comparing the leagues in every match.

    RSL versus Portland this weekend was excellent btw.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:


    I'm not sure what you are talking about as I wasn't making comparisons with other leagues. I was just trying to convey that these are two mediocre MLS teams and the game was awful.

    I don't think anyone thinks either of these teams is at the top of league or in the running for the MLS Cup; hence, mediocre.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    That I agree with......I read the original comment as a generalization of the mediocrity of MLS altogether.

    Neither of these two teams is much of a threat to lift a cup at this point.

  • I missed the first 70 min. due to a dvr snafu, but those last 20 minutes were virtually unwatchable. It's definitely an issue with MLS, it really can be just brutally boring.

    I didn't see more than a couple of minutes of Robayo on the field, but sounds like he's starting slowly, which is disappointing. He was flailing around during his short stint in the Union game as well.

    Pappa is maddening, as he can really impact a game (like that fantastic couple of moves in the Union game that resulted in Oduro's header) but then can just completely disappear. It's a conundrum for Klopas as you never know what you're going to get from him. I wouldn't mind seeing him try lonecoyote's idea with pappa coming in for, say, Pause at the 60-70th min if we need a goal.

    Tornaghi looked brutal on that 2nd goal rebound he gave up. It's funny, after two good games everyone is calling for him to be the starter, what say you now?! Looks like we have 2 good, young, fallible goalies with loads of potential to both win and lose games for us. We could be a lot worse in the goalie position, so I'm not that worried about it, but it's a concern.

    What I would give for a legit 2nd striker.....

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Drew:

    You mean, legit FIRST striker. Oduro should have put atleast ONE of these away last night. ONE!!!! If not all 3. Oh well. You have some good games, and you have some bad ones.

    Tornaghi - it wasn't a howler. There was no defense to help him out with that last one. Lots of standing around so the ball could have went anywhere. Tough for a keeper, on replay, it looks like he should have got it. Still, we lost anyway, so that goal was inconsequential. There was no way we were going to score with that kind of organization. Games like these don't give me confidence in the coach.

  • In reply to waam:

    I think Oduro is a legit striker if he can keep up what he's done in the past 1/2 season+. We've always known he isn't world class, but he is a starting striker in mls right now. Nyarko is a good player, but should be playing wing...he just doesn't score goals so should be put in a position where just assisting on goals is enough.

  • Poor showing, midfield was totally absent, and the back bypassed them all game. Seems they were relying on the speed of oduro and nyarko to much to get behind the defense, which was silly because 1, wynn is just as fast, and 2 it made it easier to play them.

  • For me besides the incredibly sloppy passing, the biggest factor in the game was the fact the Fire's midfield was two to three steps slower than Colorado's. They never won a 50/50 ball and never could create space on their own. They were just plain slow. Maybe it was the altitude, but I doubt it. I think it was a combination of just not being in the right place and not being as fast as they need to be. Robayo from my perspective was a non-factor for a majority of the game. I could not tell what position he was even trying to play. He just looked to be in the way. For the next game, Orr and Orduro should start up top, Nyarko on the left wing, Pause on the right, Grazzin in the middle, Pardo behind, the usual suspects at the back. Pappa and Puppo can sub in.

  • I agree with most of the comments made here. I think you have to cut Tornaghi some slack - in both goals the defense was caught ball watching and the first goal he probably had a bit of sun to deal with (and I think Colorado knew that too since they continued to attack on the right flank).

    Also, whoever decided to make the blue kit our away jerseys did not think of how it would look on television. If it were not for the white shorts Colorado was wearing, I would not be able to tell which team was which. Don't get me wrong, I love the kit. I just wish they would have considered that one a third option and kept the white ones.

  • In reply to dustbin:

    Agreed on Tornaghi. For those saying he's just "eh", he had 7 saves last night. The two goals are hardly his fault, when the defense is loafing back and ball watching. It's nearly impossible for a GK to stop shots repeatedly when the defense doesn't do its job.

    Other than that, agreed on all fronts. No attack, horrible midfield, horrible defense. Bad, frustrating game to watch.

  • "For the next game, Orr and Orduro should start up top, Nyarko on the left wing, Pause on the right, Grazzin in the middle, Pardo behind, the usual suspects at the back. Pappa and Puppo can sub in."

    I agree Krasov! We can't rely soley on our Ghanian duo to run us goals, especially in this game with the super fast and athletic Wynn!
    The Rapids put on a good show for the home crowd and they deserved to win as they really outplayed us! We held that 0-0 tie for awhile which would have been a very underserving 1 point for us if the game ended that way considering how lopsided the possesion was!
    We could never keep the ball and support our fowards who really are way to redundant anyways as both being smaller speed guys without the finishing touch for the most part! We need that target forward and have 1 in Orr...not saying he is the answer but he is young and big and has some international experience as well now with Israel...well Oduro and Nyarko do as well but just recently. :-)

    Our defense as well was very bad and allowed way too much unchalleged room for the Rapids to get in deep and have a uncontested crack at a dangerous shot on goal!
    I hope most of that problem was not having Pause in the middle with Gargan being out on the right side and Pause not being able to jam up the Rapids possesion mid field.

    I hope for a much better showing from the Fire this year as we have had 2 painful seasons to watch in the Nation's 3rd biggest city/market! :-(

  • A little perspective on this weekend's loss, though....

    As badly as the game went, the Fire have still shown promise over the last 8-10 months. But how bad would it suck to be a Chivas or Philly fan right now? :)

  • fb_avatar

    Jeff, we were that fan for the last 2 years. SO yes, I like the promise we have. Still, would like to have some semblance for form out there. We were clearly clearly outplayed. They looked like the Colorado Globetrotters.

  • i'm glad that trophys are won with promise and not results.

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