Fire 1 Dynamo 1 - Recap and Rain Shortened Ratings

A match that included a 70 minute delay due to rain and lightning was stopped again after a second delay halted the game in the 66th minute with the score tied at one.  With no foreseeable break in the downpour coming for at least several hours the match was called in order to maintain the safety of players and fans.  It was a disappointing result for the home team although assistant coach Mike Matkovich thought that three points was in reach if the game was allowed to continue.  "I think if the game would have went on I felt we could have pulled three points out on the night," said assistant coach Mike Matkovich.

The club needed to pick up three points against a Houston side playing without their most influential player but weather was not on their side tonight.  Houston took the lead in the 24th minute when Brian Ching played a ball through to Will Bruin who found himself 1v1 against Sean Johnson with Jalil Anibaba scrambling to attempt to cut him off.  "There was some small mistakes in a row and we need to keep it in the locker," said Arne Friedrich with regard to the Houston score.

The Fire tied the match a few minutes later when Pavel Pardo's free kick glanced off the back of Logan Pause onto the crossbar and into the net.

Player Ratings

GK Sean Johnson (5) - Not tested much in his return to the starting eleven since Houston only registered one shot on target on the night.  Unfortunately for Johnson it resulted in a score although there wasn't much he could have done short of coming up with a miraculous save.

D Dan Gargan (6) - Tried to get forward in support but passing was a bit off kilter, possibly due to wind and wet conditions.

D Jalil Anibaba (5) - Played well but apparent miscommunication with Friedrich resulted in Houston's lone shot on goal and score.

D Arne Friedrich (5) - Same as Anibaba above.  One mistake resulted in a goal but that is the downside of running with two centerbacks that have little playing time together.

D Gonzalo Segares (6) - There wasn't much of anything from Houston's wing players throughout the entire rain shortened affair.

M Pavel Pardo (6) - His free kick was deflected off the back of Logan Pause in the 27th minute allowing the Fire to tie the game.  Very good in the holding role although Houston controlled much of the rain shortened second half.

M Logan Pause (6) - A bit more order in midfield with Pause back in his usual position and even scored a goal to boot although it wasn't exactly a work of art.

M Sebastian Grazzini (6) - More active in the first half than the previous match in Colorado but Houston did resort to the tripping, holding, and pushing tactics that he is bound to see all season.  A well taken shot from 22 yards in the 22nd minute forced Hall into a big save to keep the Fire from taking the lead.

M Marco Pappa (6) - A much better effort from Pappa in this match on both sides of the ball although his passing was suspect at times.  Again, conditions may have played a part in that.

F Patrick Nyarko (5) - Continues to draw fouls in dangerous areas but the Fire need more up top.

F Dominic Oduro (5) - With strong winds and wet turf it was difficult to get the ball to Oduro in dangerous areas although there were some narrow misses on balls played on the ground.

C Frank Klopas (5) - It's difficult to assess, let alone play in a match that is started and stopped like this one was.  Houston is probably happy to take a point but the Fire are left with an empty feeling after what seemed like a long gap since the last match.

The Fire reserves will play the Dynamo on Monday morning at 10am.


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  • Interesting that the locker room almost had a "loss" feel to it after the game. I think the team really thought (and rightly so) they could pull out the win had the game gone full time. Even though Houston held the 2nd half possession advantage, I thought the Fire looked good, especially in the 1st half, and given the start-stop-start-stop of the night. Given the circumstances, a point is ok here.

  • I agree Jeff. I think the weather turned into the biggest factor in this game. The locker room probably held that loss atmosphere because this IS a game they should have won, but the circumstances added to a little bad luck in the defense left them with only the tie and denied them the chance they should have had (if they had been permitted to play the full 90) to win the game. All these circumstances left them, after this 4th game of the season, with the same record (if I remember right) they held after 4 games last year.

    I don't think anyone who had anything to do with last season wants another taste of that. And they really should be better this year. But after 4 games, there they sit. Right where they were a year ago. I think this will sort itself out to a much more positive season than last year's but I'm sure that's why the locker room had the "loss" feel.

    They have to suck it up and play on. Forget it. They aren't the Cubs so they won't have either bad luck or no luck. Eventually (and I believe soon!) things are going to come together for this team.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Actually they didn't make it to 5 points until the sixth game last year. Perhaps you're getting confused because the result which netted them their 5th point last horrible season was a 1-1 home draw to Houston.

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