Dominic Oduro is fast / Podcast Episode 3

The headline states the obvious but the latest episode of Touchline TV asks the question, "Can Oduro outrun Fire staffers Jeff Crandall and Brendan Hannan in a forty yard dash - with a five yard head start?".

The answer is pretty much what you would expect it to be, except funnier.

Fire Confidential podcast

Episode 3 is available for auditory consumption.  This week we are joined by Fire team writer Jeff Crandall to discuss topics including his love of the USMNT, the growth of MLS, watching a US National team match with Pavel Pardo, and how to become an MLS team writer.

We also take some time to preview the upcoming match against Houston.  Who will start in goal?  What happened in Colorado?  Take a listen here.


  • Dan Gargan resumed training and should be ready to go on Sunday.
  • Arne Friedrich says he won't be 100% fit until he gets some games under his belt but he is ready to go as well.
  • Sean Johnson, Paolo Tornaghi, and Jay Nolly all got extended runs in practice this week.  Johnson started in a reserve match on Tuesday but if I were to place a bet I'd lean towards Johnson getting the start on Sunday.



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  • What is up with Brendan's tank top?

  • Love the podcast and a great interview with Jeff Crandall along with his analysis. The quality of the podcast was crisp and clear.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Thanks....I think we've resolved our audio least I hope we have.

  • Great having the incomparable Jefe Crandall on the 'cast today. Aside from Jeff being a great guy, he's super knowledgeable about the game of soccer. Could've listened to him talk soccer all day long.

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