Fire v Chivas USA plus Weekend Notes

The Fire will take on Chivas USA tomorrow afternoon at 2pm cdt and fans will be happy to hear that the club will provide a live audio stream of the action at  Brendan Hannan will handle the play by play duties and Jeff Crandall will chip in with sideline reports.

Here are a few other notes to peruse while listening to the match.....

  • The Fire are looking to bring in another centerback or two for trial during this camp.  Klopas said during his weekly media conference call yesterday that the team will sign another centerback before the season begins.
  • Contrary to a published report in South America, Klopas says the Fire did not make a contract offer to Eduardo Dasent.  "We never made a contract offer to Dasent.  I know the player.  I think the team was looking to send him over so we could look at him.  He plays centerback and at times he's a right back, but that's the extent of that.  We never reached out with any contract offer to him or to the team, but for some reason it didn't work out," said Klopas.  " I don't know who wrote the story but it's not the accurate story".
  • Sebastian Grazzini is fine after leaving the last match in the 41st minute with an ankle injury.  He was pulled for precautionary reasons and has returned to full training.
  • Klopas says the full roster is "pretty close" to set but evaluations are still taking place for several spots.
  • A recent report listed Colombian left back Juan David Duque as a new MLS signee destined for either Portland or Chicago.  Klopas said that he was aware of Duque but at this point the young defender was not set to report to camp with the Fire.
  • Klopas seems to be favoring a formation with two forwards and likes the Oduro/Puppo combination.  "Last year we played in a 4-4-2 system and I thought it suited us very well.  It's the system that we've been working on but it's always good for any team to be familiar with at least two systems that they know very well.  I went with those two (Pupp/Oduro in the last match) because I think that those two play very well off each other.  Puppo's got very good movement, very smart the way he moves off the ball and he's got very good feet.  There's a good understanding now when he plays with Dominic together.  The last game against Real Espana, they worked really well together and created some very good opportunities," said Klopas.  "We have some different options with different players we can play but those two are more dynamic with good mobility and fast.  It depends on who we play, we'll have some different options but 4-4-2 is our primary system."
  • The plan is for starters to play 45 minutes versus Chivas on Saturday, 60 minutes versus Portland on Wednesday, and close to 90 versus San Jose in the final California match.
  • Rafael Robayo arrived at training on Wednesday and will not be available for the Chivas match.  He may be ready to get a run against the Timbers.
  • The Fire will also play the Ventura County Fusion following the CUSA match.  The squad will likely be made up of "reserves".

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  • Yeah audio feed???? I would have liked to see the game rather listen to it. And how come teams like SKC and FC Dallas have tv contract deals in place and we don't? I mean Dallas only draws like 5 people to their games.

  • I would guess its only audio because Oxnard College is a community college ( likely without any internet hookup at their field.

    The team said they couldn't guarantee quality video in New Orleans and I would gather they can't here... It's about the venue guys, I'm pleased they're at least giving us audio coverage (we don't actually get that for regular season games) and its more than most MLS teams have done for their fan bases this preseason...

  • The Fire have two more trialists in camp. Center back Rodrigo Inigo and left back Jed Zayner.

  • Seems like Paladini is puttin' in work this preseason. I think he sees how stacked the midfield is, and is fighting hard to earn a spot in the gameday 18. Good to see, he's always had a pretty high work ethic, and he definitely brought it this year.

    Going to be interested in seeing some action out of Robayo as well, hope he gets some minutes Wednesday vs. Portland.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    In 2011 Paladini's play left a lot to be desired.
    His passing was often off the mark and lost the Ball a lot.
    In 2012, I agree we are seeing a "New Paladini his passing
    is a lot better and has broken up a lot of the opposing teams plays.
    "Wow Voted Man of The Match Yesterday with his Goal and
    agressive Play." I hope we will continue to see that from him
    when the Season gets under way.

  • In reply to Juergen:

    I'd agree, although I will say that I think his field vision was much better than most in the CM spot until Pardo came along. Yes, he would lose the ball at times, and shorter passes were giveaways at times, but he had some solid long passing (especially in a switch) throughout the season. Looks like his aggressiveness, which came out from time to time last year, has increased this preseason. Hope it continues.

  • February 13th, Comcast Sports Awards sponsored by the March of Dimes and among the honorees are Corey Crawford, Carlos Boozer, Kerry Wood, Earl Bennett, Alexi Ramirez and Logan Pause.

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