Fire suffer first defeat of preseason

The Fire were defeated for the first time in 2012 pre-season play by losing to the Portland Timbers 2-0.  The match was extended to 120 minutes of play in an attempt to get both sides a look at different players vying for roster spots.  Frank Klopas also extended most of the starting eleven to 60 mniutes of playing time.  Eric Alexander scored in the 64th minute and Jorge Perlaza tallied in the 113th.

In a scenario similar to last season, both Orr Barouch and Kheli Dube both managed to find the goal post with shots.  Rafael Robaya also made his Fire debut, playing 60 minutes as a substitute.

Fire Line Up

GK Tornaghi (Johnson 46')(Nolly 93')

D Gargan (Walls 60')

D Anibaba (Berry 60')(Watson-Siriboe 105')

D Gibbs (Inigo 60')

D Segares (Jumper 60')(Guerrero 105')

M Pappa (Robayo 60')

M Pardo (Paladini 60')

M Nyarko (Pineda 60')(Bone 96')

M Grazzini (Videira 60')(Pantazopoulos 105')

F Oduro (Dube 60')(Barrera 105')

F Puppo (Barouch 60')(Mkosana 96')


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  • I know its only Pre Season but it looks like
    The Fire are in need of that proven accomplished
    Goal scorer. I don't think Puppo is the answer.
    Portland is not the best team either.
    Frank and the Fire need to do better.
    Way too many missed chances.

  • In reply to Juergen:

    i've been saying all off season that the fire need a proven striker. what if oduro 2.0 doesn't produce like oduro 1.0 did? what if the rest of the strikers can't seem to find the back of the net? we'll have to wait till august and possibly have a repeat of the past 2 seasons.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Puppo is a proven scorer. If your definition of proven scorer is "someone who has played at a high level in MLS or Europe", we probably can't afford him.

  • In reply to iron81:

    Puppo hasn't proven much while in Pre season but disapoint sofar.
    Lots of shots wide of Goal, Missed PK and having Goalkeeper
    take the ball right off his foot. Unless he gets his act together
    "We are in for a Long Year."

  • In reply to Juergen:

    I think it's a little early to be too negative on Puppo. It's only preseason and sometimes it takes guys a while to adjust. And again, it's only preseason. If preseason results were to be believed, than LA is the worst team in the West and the Timbers are going to win the Cup.

  • In reply to iron81:

    can't afford or is ownership too cheap to spend?

  • New All-In podcast with Eric Wynalda........

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I guess everyone agrees partially with him but really how far you can push this league to try to match everyone else...

  • I agree with Eric Wynalda just about every time I hear him now. He was kind of a jerk at ESPN, but he gets it now as far as how to deliver his message. I wish FOX Soccer would bring back Fox Football Fone-In. I liked that show. Anyway, the answer as far as the winter games issue is relatively easy to fix. First, the schedule can be "back" loaded as Eric suggested. Second, the league can do what Germany does and take a month off from Mid-December to Mid-January. The teams can stay in shape by playing mini-tournaments with teams in Mexico or maybe Central America which can then broaden the popularity of the league. I wish Wynalda was with the Fire in an official capacity.

  • I wish that both Peter Wilt and Eric Wynalda were with the Chicago
    Fire in a official capacity. Having both of them would only benefit
    benefit and strengthen the Organization and grow the Fan base.

  • I don't agree with a lot of what Wynalda thinks. For a tip of the iceberg, Wynalda thinks that having the MLS Playoffs in the late fall is terrible because it conflicts with the NFL (minorly) and college football (majorly), which sends MLS to the back page of the sports section. Meanwhile if we followed the European calendar, we'd only be competing with indoor games and that's a different fan base. I disagree. Having the playoffs in May and June will leave us on the back page (if we are) because of March Madness (which goes into April), the college hockey playoffs (big in the north if not in LA), the NBA playoffs, and the NHL playoffs. It's an endless buffet of sports in the spring and early summer. Meanwhile, the MLS competes with MLB for playoff action, and while there is some crossover appeal, the two are very different sports and I would guess have very different fan bases. Let's face it, as citizens (even if not technically) of the United States, raised here, we're raised on a bunch of sports, not just soccer (I, for example, enjoy gridiron football, baseball, and hockey as well as soccer). Most of us get distracted by more than one sport (which is more true of Europe than most U.S. soccer purists/Eurowannabees know or want to believe). The playoffs have now been pushed into December, where yeah, there are umpteen bowls that no one cares about (for example, Purdue, with a 6-7 record, played Western Michigan in some bowl in Michigan this year--I love Purdue, but to see them in a bowl with a losing record is just embarrassing), or even knows about, but that really isn't a ton of competition for MLS.

    Oh, and while I'm on my soap box, that fall to spring schedule that everyone is so wedded to isn't all that and it isn't universally followed. Mexico has two seasons a year. Sweden follows a spring-autumn season format (I think the other Nordic countries do, too). And some big yuckity-yuck over in Europe was just lamenting that they play during the worst weather of the year instead of when it's nice out.

    Frankly, I enjoy the MLS season. I don't want to be forced to watch my team on TV for the winter months. What would that do to the schedule? Remember KC last year, or any team waiting for a stadium in the past? They go on these 8-10 game road trips and barely win or tie any games during that period. Then they come back and have a long home stand. Sometimes they pull out of it and sometimes they don't. If I had my druthers, MLS would be more like Spain, where every other week is a home game. But then, the U.S. is almost the size of Europe while Spain is smaller than Texas, so the logistics are a bit different.

    My $0.02 for the night.

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    Fuegofan, MLS followed the Mexican Primera, there would be two competitions a year (spring and fall). Most of South America follows this schedule too. I think that is a little odd. I like the idea of the Fall -Winter- Spring schedule because it is more consistent with when my kids play and thus their interest is up. The fact that the Winter is harsh is not news to anyone. Playing a few games not, 8, to kick off the second half of the season is not a big deal. It would work like this. Starting in August, play normally until mid-December. Have a month off with some friendlies in South America/Central America/Mexico to stay in shape. Start in January with the Northern teams starting out with two road games. Then the rest of the schedule. No biggie. The interest in the playoffs will be higher because soccer for most non-MLS fans i,e, parents and kids who play is a Fall/Spring sport. It fits the conflicts better with other sporst because the final will be before the NBA or NHL finals because those technically never end. I just think it works better for players and fans to end when the weather is nicer.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I think there's got to be a way to make it work one or the other -- if it's really worth it. But the trouble is, in theory it could be below freezing in Chicago (and some of the other northern markets, I assume) anytime from October to March. Not consistently, but it's always possible. That's just a long window of really bad weather potential. And it's hard to keep up fan interest if 1) there are even 3-4 poor weather games in late November, early December, or February; or if 2) there are a bunch of road games at the end of the fall and the end of winter; that could make for 3+ months without a game to go watch.

    Still, if there are actually as many benefits as Wynalda and others think (which I'm undecided on), it'd be worth looking into more.

  • More like $.10, but some good points.

  • I was a season ticket holder when i lived in chicago, and seattle, but I wouldn't have been one in chicago if i had to go to games in winter months, you can call me what you want but i don't enjoy freezing. I think we have more in common with the nordic countries when it comes to weather then we do countries like italy, spain, or england.

  • Guys mr pupo has only scored two gioals in the major league in Uruguay .

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