Fire Stay Unbeaten in Preseason : Beat Chivas 1-0

The Fire defeated Chivas USA 1-0 in the first match of the "California" phase of pre-season.  An unassisted 49th minute goal from Daniel Paladini was all they needed to improve their exhibition record to 3-0-1 so far in 2012.  Chivas USA had the better of the play in the first half but failed to capitalize against Sean Johnson, who came up with a big 1v1 save on Michael Lahoud to keep the goats off the board.

Fire reserves also played to 0-0 draw with Ventura County Fusion in the second match of the afternoon.

Here are the line-ups used for both games:

Fire v Chivas

GK Johnson (Nolly 46')

D Gargan (Walls 46')

D Anibaba (Berry 46')

D Gibbs (Watson-Siriboe 46')

D Guerrero (Jumper 46')

M Pappa (Pineda 46')

M Pardo (Paladini 46')

M Nyarko (Videira 46')

M Grazzini (Bone 46')

F Puppo (Barouch 46')

F Oduro (Dube 46')

Fire v Fusion

GK Tornaghi (Kann)

D Zayner (Walls)

D Berry (Watson-Siriboe)

D Inigo

D Pantazopoulos

M Pineda

M Paladini (Videira)

M Bone (Pantazopoulos)

M Barrera*

F Gulley

F Mkosana

*guest player

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  • GR -- does the Fire have any program to help foreign players settle into Chicago? I was reminded of that when I saw the references to Robayo's family. Do they get any help in finding housing, schools for the kids, churches, doctors, etc.?? If not they should start now. I read an article some time ago that someone had done a study of foreign players and those who were aided in settling in by their new clubs were more likely to be successful.-- Jim

  • In reply to shortpasses:

    That's an excellent question and actually something the Fire is very aware of. At the beginning of last season they instituted what they call an "onboarding" program to help foretign players settle in. A new player receives a manual and help from staffers that includes aid in finding apartments, locating the BMV, etc.

    The transition for foreign players into a new country and culture is something that generally goes unnoticed but could potentially play a big part in the success of the player.

  • Very good points Jim about assisiting foreign players get acclimated to Chicago and their new team...especially now in this frigid cold and us having some South American players used to the warm climates and Chicago can be very overwhelming with it being such a big city!!!
    Our team looks good so far and I'm very hopefully we will challenge for the Cup this year going forward!
    GO FIRE!!!!

  • I think I read the same article Jim did ... that often big-time transfer players fail more because of off-field problems then on. Imagine getting dropped off in a strange city and you don't speak the language. The 3-4 hours spent in training is fine, but what about the rest of day? How do you get around? How much should things cost? Who do you call if you have questions? And what about being home sick a 1000 miles from your family? After awhile it's got to affect how you play.

  • The FC Twente/Marco Pappa rumors won't go away. According to this Twente is preparing a pre-contract offer that would allow Pappa to finish the season in Chicago but he would start 2013 in Holland. (similar to the Chris Rolfe situation in 2009)........

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    smart move by them if it's true to wait til next year to avoid the transfer fee. who knows, maybe it'll work out for the fire too and we'll win some hardware with him this year.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    He'd have to really impress to get starts with Chadli and Ola John out wide for them. From the Eredivisie matches I've watched, I thought those two looked pretty sharp. Except for John's free kicks...

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