Fire fall to San Jose

The Fire wrapped up the California portion of pre-season training with a 2-0 loss to the San Jose Earthquakes.  A third minute goal by Steven Lenhart and another score in the thirty-eighth from Brad Ring provided all of the scoring in a 75 minute match.  The Fire created a few chances but couldn't break through in the final third.

The team will depart for Chicago today before heading for Charleston, South Carolina to face DC United next Saturday.

Fire Line Up

GK Nolly (Johnson 46')

D Gargan

D Anibaba

D Gibbs

D Segares

M Pause

M Pardo

M Nyarko (Mkosana 68')

M Grazzini

F Puppo (Robayo 46')

F Oduro

In the "B" match, the Fire reserves defeated the Ventura County Fusion 2-1 on goals by Orr Barouch and Pari Pantazopoulos.

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  • Maybe the "B" Team should be switched with the "A" Team.
    Looks like the "B" team is Scoring more Goals than the so
    called "A" team. How disappointing "A team loses" two games
    in a row by 2- 0.
    Proven Accomplished Goal Scorer Badly Needed. "
    " Puppo playing like his name sounds." Shots at Goal but not
    going in Goal."
    Early signs of here we go again another poor season????

  • In reply to Juergen:

    I wouldn't put much stock in pre-season results (wins or losses). This should be a pretty good squad and a definite playoff team but I do agree with you that a big time goal scorer is still needed.

  • When is final roster cuts for the Fire?

  • In reply to longoria3:

    I believe roster compliance day is March 1.

  • I know its Pre Season but someone has to win !!!
    My family and I are Season Ticket Holders and two
    Consecutive 2-0 Losses are hard for this Fire Fan to accept.
    Frank Klopas was a Striker he should know and be concerned
    that we don't have that Proven Goal Scorer at this time.
    We need a wining team to grow the Fan base.
    This Vital Issue needs to be addressed now not later.

  • I want a golden goose and I want it now! Honestly, if there's a whinier fan base in all of sports, I don't want to know about it.

  • In reply to DDT5583:

    I don't see any whining when we are just pointing out what this team has been missing for some time now.

  • This just in. According to and reports in Mexican Soccer Media... Adolfo ''El Bofo" Bautista has signed with MLS and more specifically is ready to report to the Chicago Fire.ón-de-adolfo-bautista-con

  • In reply to FireRog:

    ... is he "goal scorer" enough to fill our need up top?

  • In reply to FireRog:

    Bofo has appeared done for a couple of years now. I would pass on him at this point.

  • Every year or so Bautista is reported to be coming to MLS. There's always a lot of smoke around him, but no... Fire. Ha ha.

  • Getting Bautista would be a waste,maybe 5 years ago o.k.,
    but not now. I think the Fire would have done better moving Orr to the "A" team and putting pooh-pooh on the "B" team. AT least they might have scored a goal. An Oduro-Barouch matching would be interesting to see and move Nyarko back to mid.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I totally agree, Orr with Oduro on top. This gives us speed and
    a targed forward on top who is a physical presence and can shoot.
    Lets try Nyarko, Pardo, Grazini and Paladini or Bone in the mid field.
    Puppo has been playing like he full of "pooh-pooh" up until now.
    Seems like Mkosana, Dube aren't playing up to expectations either.

  • Orr Oduro

    Nyarko Pardo Pause Grazini

    Sega/Ivan G Annibaba Gibbs Gargan

    Big Johnson

  • I think Marco Pappa has to be in the mix. He is playing for a new contract so he has incentive to play hard and score.

  • I'd probably go with smiley's lineup. Pappa could be interchangeable with either Pardo or Nyarko coming off the bench. The Fire did fairly well when Grazini was in and Pappa wasn't available, seemingly he plays better when Grazini is out of the lineup. I think Pappa's role depends on who is starting, injuries, the opponent, and who is available. I still see him playing an important part but no one knows whether it's good Pappa or bad Pappa who will show up on any given day.

  • If the Fire play an 4-4-2 with a diamond shaped midfield, then Pause won't fit as he is not a 2 way player. His offense is non existent. There is only room for one defensive mid in that formation and Pardo will take that role. You need an attacking mid on the right who can come inside and work with Grazzini. They didn't have enough time together last year, but now they do. The highlights I saw showed them connecting pretty well. As far as crosses from the right, those would have to come from Gargan even if Pause was in there because he would never go forward to be in a position to make a cross. Don't get me wrong, I like Logan Pause a lot, but I think that he and Pardo are the guys that would be interchangeable over the course of this season. Palladini will play that role too I think, right? Bone if he sticks will sub for Grazzini and Pappa will too. But I think Pappa needs to be on the field to open up space for Orr because he does not have the pace to create his own space.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    The 4-3-1-2 formation Klopas has been using utilizes three defensive mids. That's why Pause has been ok at RM, because the RM in that formation isn't expected to attack much. Our offense relies on the speed of Oduro and Nyarko and passing from Pardo and Grazzini.

  • That's how the formation played last year with the personel that the team had. Klopas wants two way mids on the wings. If the offense is simply a counter-attack offense, there is going to be a lot of frustration with Oduro taking shots when he could lay it off to an open secon or third option. The team needs Grazzini to control the attacking third but to keep others honest he needs to have the outside mids go foward and Pause does not do that.

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