Fire defeat Crew in CCC preseason play

The Fire snapped a three game preseason losing (and scoreless streak) with a 1-0 victory over the Columbus Crew in Carolina Challenge Cup play.  Chicago went without Sebastian Grazzini, Cory Gibbs, Austin Berry, Pavel Pardo, Marco Pappa, Dominic Oduro, Patrick Nyarko, Orr Barouch, and Sean Johnson but still managed to pick up all three points as a result of an 80th minute goal by newcomer Federico Puppo.

An excellent lead pass from Daniel Paladini into Gonzalo Segares allowed Puppo to pick up a deflected pass attempt from Segares to beat Crew 'keeper Andy Greuenebaum. The Uruguayan forward was active the rest of the way after struggling in his last three outings.

Fire Line Up

GK Tornaghi

D Segares

D Jumper

D Anibaba

D Gargan (Walls 79')

M Robayo (Videira 84')

M Paladini

M Pause (Pantazopoulos 90')

M Sanyang (Bone 46')

F Dube (Mkosana 79')

F Puppo

Subs not used: Nolly, Watson-Siriboe, Gulley

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  • A draw for DC and they win the CCC. I guess was hoping Fire would take it...


    SLOW first 75 minutes. Not many chances, lots of back and forth but only a few sporadic chances on either side. It says a lot, however, that Columbus did nothing against what amounted to our reserve side. A few standouts from the game:

    1) Hunter Jumper - MOTM. Played excellent next to Anibaba at CB. For someone who Klopas bragged about as a backup to Segares, Jumper was solid. His aggressiveness and tenacity reminded me of Mikulic. He's a big guy, can move well, and made no less than three hard, clean tackles on Crew players. He had a few slips in the first half, but only one led to a half-chance.

    2) Paolo Tornaghi - Solid game. My guess is that they're going to sign him (yes, filling an international spot), and that he's going to give Nolly a run for backup to Johnson. Made some great saves when called upon. Columbus didn't mount much offense, but when they did, he was equal to it.

    3) Robayo - He's got good field presence. You can tell he's still trying to gel with the team, but when he does, I think he'll be dangerous. Was not unlike Seba familiarizing himself with the team in July and August. While it doesn't seem like he's on the same level as Grazzini from my limited time seeing him play, I think he can be.

    4) Paladini - All over the pitch, was causing fits for Columbus in the midfield, super aggressive, and had a few good offensive chances. This is a different Daniel Paladini from 2011. Whatever role Klopas has him playing, it suits him far better than last year. Tonight saw him play centrally and on the left, looked solid in both positions. With a full squad I don't know that he starts, but he'll be the first midfield sub off the bench, and the first guy Frank goes to if another midfield guy is down.

    5) Puppo - Summed up in two parts. First 75 minutes, he was the Federico Puppo I feared we gave up Chaves for. Last 15 minutes, he was the Puppo everyone hopes he'll be. Great footwork on the goal, almost bagged a brace, and was all over the pitch after the confidence booster. If we get the final 15-minute Puppo, this will be a fun season to watch.

    Honorable mention: Mkosana seemed to have a few nervous first touches upon subbing in, but after that, he was solid up top. Dube also played well, although he fell victim to Puppo being the target man early on, so his chances were limited. Tony Walls also played well at RB after coming in for Dan Gargan. If the Fire don't offer this kid a contract, I just. don't. know.

    Not a "great" game, but a good look at the newer faces tonight. I think with more time together to mesh, they'll be 'ight.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    I like what I've seen of Walls as well. I believe he's earned a spot.

    MLS roster compliance day is March 1 so we'll find out tomorrow who's made the cut.

  • Should be a informative conference call.

  • Puppo was very disappointing the last three games, but
    came to life the last 15 minutes of the Columbus Crew game.
    Scoring the Goal and then playing well there after, hope it is
    a sign of things to come from him going forward and not just
    a fifteen minute fluke.

  • Juan David Duque reported to Fire camp today as a guest player.

  • News I don't like, according to

    "Oduro started the match but came off in the 17th minute with an undisclosed injury while Nyarko came on at the break and set up two chances playing as a left winger in the second frame.

    Oduro will be evaluated upon his return to Fire camp later Thursday."

    Any word on this Guillermo? Leaving the match in the 17th minute of your international debut, even though it's a friendly, can't be a good sign, can it?

  • Dom sustained a minor arm injury, from what I understand. Precautionary more than anything, and knowing Dom, it's not going to keep him from playing. If he doesn't play Saturday, I'd suspect it has more to do w/ rest and further precaution than it does an actual injury. I'm likely going to talk to him tomorrow though, I'll see what he says.

  • Is there any news on roster moves?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Update coming shortly.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Waiting anxiously - just checked the Fire's site, but found nothing.

  • Guillermo Over three hours ago you wrote update coming shortly.
    Did you mean Longly?? What ever happened to Alec the Brazilian?
    Any news about a Television schedule and Brandan Hannan as the
    Play by Play announcer??

  • In reply to Juergen:

    The update is in the new post tonight.

    Alex is no longer with the team and I think Brendan will continue in his current role with team including pbp on some matches like USOC games.

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