Drogba and the Fire plus Weekend Notes

Several reports over the last few days have surfaced citing claims that the Fire have "had talks" either with or about Chelsea striker Didier Drogba.  One of the articles also erroneously claimed that the club was pursuing former Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack.  The club was quick to shoot down the Ballack nonsense and I wouldn't exactly rush out to purchase a new "Quaker" Drogba jersey either.

When asked about the report coach Frank Klopas told reporters, "If you're telling me - would I want Drogba on my team I would say that's accurate.  If you're telling me whatever they put into that story I would say that's inaccurate.  It's newspapers putting stuff out there. Would I want a guy like Drogba on my team?  For sure.  I'd want a guy like Messi also."

DP a Possibility?

"We're always looking for players that can help the team but right now my main focus is with the players that we have in camp," said Klopas when asked about the possibility of adding a DP type player.  "We've brought some very good football players in and there's a lot of confidence in the team.  We're going to be facing some tough decisions.  We've got (close to) a complete roster going in, which is always a good thing but more than anything I'm very happy with the progress that we've made with the team with this first phase coming to a close."


The Fire had Greek centerback Stavros Stathakis in camp although he is currently not with the club.  "He was able to come for a very short time but he has some situation with his passport so he's returning back," said Klopas.  "It's one of the options that we have but we also have a couple more which gives us an opportunity for us now to make the right decision with the right player."

Former Fire midfielder/defender Ivan Guerrero is also on trial with the club.  Guerrero was the team's Defender of the Year in 2005.  "He's technically a sound player.  A two-way player who can play left back or left mid.  I was a little bit surprised, I wasn't involved with the team back then (when) he moved on from the team because he brought a lot to the table.  He moved his family to Chicago, he's a little bit older but he brings a lot of experience and he's always kept himself in tip-top condition.  We had an opportunity to bring him into camp, he's a green card holder and being in Chicago it was a no-brainer bringing someone with that kind of experience in to evaluate and see him.  We're looking to add depth and he's able to play a couple different spots.  In the first phase, I feel that he's done pretty well".

Kinney Still Recovering

Rightback Steven Kinney has not trained with team yet this year after continuing to suffer from the after effects of injuries which caused him to miss the entire 2011 season.  "Steven is not with us for this phase.  The goal is to see if he's ready to start with us in the next phase in New Orleans.  It's really unfortunate with a young player like that who's had injuries and had a lot of setbacks.  Sometimes you just never know but it's kind of frustrating for him because he's worked very hard and he's had some setbacks.  We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping at least he'll be ready because we need to make some decisions if he's going to be part of the second phase and look to compete for a spot."

Next Preseason Game

The Fire face Honduran side Real Espana tomorrow in New Orleans, Louisiana at 5pm CDT.  Klopas said starters will likely play one half with full substitutions to start the second.

Rolfe Back In MLS?

When Chris Rolfe departed for the Danish Superliga after the 2009 season many supporters bemoaned the fact that the club wasn't able to get anything in return for the crafty forward.  Now that Rolfe's contract at Aalborg expires in June he's seemingly expressed interest in returning to MLS.

I was under the assumption that he would be subject to the MLS allocation process but that is not the case.  The Fire made a qualifying offer to Rolfe before his departure which enabled them to retain his league rights.  If Rolfe does indeed re-sign with the league the Fire will have the right of first refusal on his contract.


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  • The Fire hold rights to Rolfe?!? That is not the story that's been circulating... Sounds like you got that from someone in the Fire organization, Guillermo.

    Personally, I would love to see Rolfe back with the Fire, though there would be some reshuffling to be done if that were the case. While he took on the midfield duties like a trooper (and amped up his shooting from distance in particular, which Paladini also was known for in USL), I would like to see him as a forward if he returns. I'm not holding my breath, though.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Verified and confirmed through the league.

  • can you ask posada why the FO doesn't listen to their customers? i mean there are a bunch of us who have been clamoring about streaming preseason games. i would like to see tonights match considering i hear alot about the honduran leagues since i work with a few hondurans.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    That sure would make a lot of people happy.

  • fb_avatar

    Listening to your customers would also mean signing a fan favorite like Rolfe back. I can see Rolfe plugging a lot of holes we have.

  • Jeff Crandall's game notes.......


    Fire have released Supplemental Draft picks Justin Chavez, Evans Frimpong, and Carl Woszczynski.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    The Fire should also release Julian Posada and replace him with someone that really cares about the Fire Fans and has the marketing experience to grow the Fan Base and promote the Beautiful Game.
    "There is No Excuse for the Fire not Streaming Todays Game per the Fans request." They show highlights after the Game is over why not stream it??? Julian Posada get your act together Please!!!

  • In reply to Juergen:

    Apparently the team looked into streaming today's match but Tad Gormley Stadium doesn't have the ability to send out a signal and the internet service in that location is weak.

  • I'm glad the Fire retain the rights to Rolfe, however, I don't see him as a starter and not the answer to the Fire's need for the front line.
    However, he'd make the depth of team a lot deeper and could make a contribution. The tough thing in judging a forward's ability (unless you're a Messi or Ronaldo) is how strong the other parts of the team are. One can easily see the contributions that Pardo and Grazzini made in the second half of the season, certainly helped Oduro.
    Regarding Drogba, even if there are possibly deals going on, I'd expect the Fire to deny them until they had something solid lined up. Although, a top flight DP addition to the current team would make them challengers to the top three.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    It would be nice to have Rolfe back but it should also be noted that no serious talks have taken place between Rolfe and MLS as of yet. His contract is up with Aalborg in June and Bronby reportedly have already expressed interest in him.

  • Drogba would be a fantastic signing for our team. Rolfe would also be great to bring back here. We need someone that can get 2 chances and put at least one of them in. Imagine if Oduro put in half of his chances this past season. He would have had 20 goals. Everyone was going crazy because we finally had a 10 goal season from someone. That should be every season. Drogba would score 10 goals in 15 games for us. Rolfe would be another 10 goal/season guy. We could cut Banner and sign Rolfe. It would be a terrible mistake to pass on Rolfe if he becomes available.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    didnt they already cut Banner?

    anyway, Drogba is probly a dream. the guy was Premier League golden boot two seasons ago IIRC

  • Section 8 Chicago has found a way to stream the game......


  • No DP = no season tickets for me

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