Robayo Signing Announced

The Fire officially announced the signing of 27 year old Colombian midfielder Rafael Robayo.  Decribed as a box-to-box central midfielder with a tireless work rate who can aid in the attack, Robayo was a very popular player at Millonarios where the club president issued a public thank you note for his efforts upon receiving news of his departure last week. 

Where does Robayo fit in on the pitch?  More on that later....


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  • I guess that means Chaves is not coming back or Padro?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Pretty sure Pardo will be back...Chaves not likely.

  • fb_avatar

    This sounds like another experiment to me. Should have made a deal with Pavel first. Please sign Pardo or we will all be getting just all that more restless. My season tickets is waiting for that signing.

  • if the fire signing forward my guess its the greek guy?

  • According to transfer market Robayo is the most valuable player,
    however I think some of their rankings at least for the Fire are somewhat out of whack. Transfer market has a 1.2 mil Euro value on Rafael. Any update about the hot young prospect they were talking about about a month ago, some 19 year old from South America.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    You're thinking of Juan Cazares. I believe they placed a discovery claim on him but I don't think he's the upcoming international signing that will be in camp.

  • RE: on the above.
    Most valuable on the Fire

  • fb_avatar

    Can't say we are not paying for this guy though. Looks like the paid a lot.

  • i hope this guy pans out as the replacement for pappa when we sell him in the next couple weeks.

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