Quaker Oats Jerseys Revealed

Check out this video featuring Logan Pause and the Fire's brand new 2012 kits.


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  • I really like the home jersey, and the away kit at least has some flair even if it isn't a flag jersey. I often wondered why the navy color is hardly ever used.. I think this is a nice look

  • Nice production values. Maybe it will carry over to the broadcasts/streams.

  • Like the video. Not a fan of the blue stripe. Don't we have enough teams in this league (including a team I still consider our nemesis--the Revolution) who are red, blue, and white? Blue has been a supporting color on occasion, but this is a pretty drastic departure from tradition, and not in a good way. Still, I'm happy to have Quaker on board.

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    I'll grow into it. Glad to have Quaker part of the Fire family.

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    Also, heard it was rumored to be worth close to 8 million for 3 years on from the AP. How close is that to the truth? I don't know how you guys feel about that, but it feels very low. I believe Herbalife has a 4m a year with the Galaxy and Microsoft has 3m+ with the Sounders.

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    Sounds about right....remember thought that the Galaxy had Beckham to sell and Seattle has a huge season ticket holder base to back up a higher price tag. $2.5 per is pretty close to what Best Buy was shelling out.

  • Quaker is now the official breakfast partner of MLS (?!). So part of their $$ is going into MLS's pockets, it seems. Clearly they wanted more than just their name on the jerseys. Quakers are no spendthrifts...

    Don't like the blue band on the home jersey. either, but if it brings in extra $$ for player acquisition, I'll take it. Hate that neckline / collar though.

    The away jersey, on the other hand, is sharp. Nice integration of the Chicago flag in the stripes - classy! A distinctive jersey, much more so than the old white away jerseys. Now, all we need is that light blue flag 3rd jersey...

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    believe all jersey sponsorships create an official mls partnership

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    Not sure about that. Don't see Herbalife, Corona, Alaska Airways, Xango, Amway, BMO, Bell or Greenstar on the official sponsor page for example:
    Guillermo, what's up with jersey sponsors? Are they automatically in for league sponsorship too?

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    Oh the other hand, VW, Bimbo, RedBull, and Xbox are team jersey AND league sponsors. Dick's, Jeld-Wen, and Home Depot are also league sponsors, but they just sponsor stadia, not jerseys... but Toyota is not a league sponsor (which makes sense because VW is the league auto sponsor, or was last year to my recollection).

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    I don't think they're automatically involved with league sponsorship.....I believe shirt sponsorship money all goes to the club.

  • I really like the away Jersey. Im indifferent about the home. I would have liked to see the home have a white stripe. But the Away is just great. Going to buy it asap.

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    away one is nice, home one would have been better with the white stripe.

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    The Jerseys are Okay as they are, cant please everyone.
    Just hope the 2012 Chicago-Fire look as good as the New Yerseys.
    "Julian Posoda, I apologize for my prior negative comments about
    Your non performance as Chicago-Fire President."
    Landing a Sponsor is a major accomplishment Congratulations on that accomplishment. Hope we see more accomplishments
    throughout the Year. With the right marketing in place we should do as well as the West Cost teams attendance wise going forward.

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    Just imagine if the jersey read... PepsiCo - thats an instant buy :)

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