Players Report On Wednesday

As MLS camps open across the country Fire players are set to report to Toyota Park on Wednesday and Thursday for physicals and medical exams before heading off to Ave Maria, Florida to begin training.  The club has also released their full pre-season itinerary.  Warm up fixtures include:

January 29 (1:00 pm) vs DC United at Florida Gulf Coast University

February 1 (6:00pm) vs Florida Gulf Coast University at Ave Maria University

February 4 (5:00pm) vs Real CD Espana in New Orleans, LA

February 8-18 Training in Ventura, CA - Games and opponents to be determined

February 25 (4:00pm) vs DC United at Blackbaud Stadium in Charleston, SC

February 29 (4:00pm) vs Columbus Crew in Charleston, SC

March 3 (6:15pm) vs Charleston Battery in Charleston, SC

The Fire are sending one lucky season ticket holder to the Carolina Challenge Cup in early March.  All season ticket holders who have bought or renewed tickets by February 3 are eligible to win a trip for two to catch the March 3 game against the Battery. 

Ring of Fire?

With Fire original Zach Thornton apparently set to announce his retirement it got me wondering how long it will take the Fire original to find a place in the club's Ring of Fire.  The club apparently changed the rules for selection last season by instituting a mandatory one year after retiring requirement but the rules and process for selection are still a bit fuzzy.  That led to me wondering whether or not CJ Brown would be rightfully inducted this season.  Real Salt Lake pays their only visit to Toyota Park on May 9.  That should be a no-brainer no matter what the new rules are.

Weigh in on whether or not Thornton should be included next season in the newest Fire Confidential poll found on the right rail of the page.

Supplemental Draft

The MLS supplemental draft will be held tomorrow and the Fire will have two picks to make.  While it won't get the hype or coverage of last week's Superdraft, tomorrow's event can prove to be very benificial.  Fire 'keeper Sean Johnson was selected in 2010's fourth round. 





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  • In reply to dustbin:

    Jersey sponsor......This would be a good thing

  • Hopefully the logo will by tastefully added to the jersey ;-)

  • Good to hear the deal is reportedly getting finalized. While it's only a portion of what the Best Buy deal was, it's still good to know that sponsor revenue will be coming in. Going to be interesting to see the impact that revenue has on the 2012 season, compared to the 2011 season w/o any sponsor revenue stream.

    I have no doubt it'll be tastefully added. We (thankfully) didn't end up with a big yellow price tag w/ the Best Buy deal, I doubt we'll end up with an old Quaker dude on the front of these jerseys. (I hope, lol)

  • someone on twitter suggested the Fire do what Getafe did a few years back with their Burger King kit sponsorship, but instead with the Quaker. ha, would be hilarious and a publicity-maker, no doubt!

  • rumor has it that the white stripe across the chest is being replaced with a blue one. is this true? i hope not.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    That would be a bad thing.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Looks like your rumor is correct. No more white away jersey as well :-(

  • In reply to dustbin:

    imagine that ;)

  • The pre-season schedule seems to have a lot of travel in it. Florida to New Orleans to California back to South Carolina. Is the travel costs associated with this worth it? What about the fatigue on the giys and the lost training time due to travel. They should just stay in the Southeast and not waste money and time travelling. Its not like they are building afan base in Ventura.

    Maybe the blue stripe is being added to match the Quaker Oats guy who is going to be on the back of the shirt with two fingers pointing at his eyes indicating he is watching us.

  • Great to have a jersey sponsor, and with a company that has high visibility and reputation. Hopefully there will be other Fire personnel featured besides Klopas, ideally, a field player. Klopas isn't that big of a name in the Chicago sports field compared to other executives from other Chicago teams, not neccesarily his fault but in the way soccer is treated by the local sports media.
    With the ring of Fire, I would think that the three top choices would be C.J., Thornton, and Razov, who like it or not is the team's highest scorer.

  • Does this change anyones opinion of Posada?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I'm not sure who that is. Perhaps he needs to hire a PR man to raise public awareness of his existence.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Two big tasks completed (team store/jersey sponsor) but still a long way to go.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Fire pick up another GK in draft probably 3rd string material...

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