New 2012 Jerseys and Quaker

The 2012 kits have finally been unveiled along with a brand spanking new sponsor that's reportedly shelling out around $8 million over three years for the right to have the Quaker Oats logo adorning the front of shirt.  My thoughts on the new look?

Okay, so that road jersey isn't exactly the "Chicago Flag" jersey that everyone has been clamoring for over the better part of the last several seasons but it does look pretty good.  The "Our City, Our Club" theme that the Fire has been trumpeting since last summer is evident in the color of the jersey along with the red Chicago stars that accompany the light blue striping in a nod to that "Flag" jersey that supporters want.  What really makes it stand out is that it's different from your typical MLS/Adidas template that makes some kits look downright boring.  It's pretty sharp but I can't help but think this would have been more appropriate as a third kit rather than the primary road outfit.

The lack of a "stripe" across the chest in the 2010/2011 road shirts is something that bothered a lot of supporters and this will likely annoy some people as well.  Some fans let management know during last year's town hall meetings that the lack of a stripe in the white road kits was bothersome because the stripe itself was emblematic of the Chicago Fire Department and a typical fire fighter's uniform.  That complaint apparently went unnoticed and probably should have been worked back into the design of the new road jersey somehow.

I like the road jersey but can understand some displeasure among those with an issue regarding the stripe.  As far as the home jersey goes, I have two big issues that really distract from the look for me.

I can't stand soccer kits with collars.  Just don't like them and probably never will.  The addition of the collar really irks me even though the 1998-99 versions sported that feature.  I'm also not buying the solid blue stripe across the chest.  I think it looks much nicer and allows the lettering/logo to "pop" off the shirt in white.  A white band with blue lettering would have looked cleaner, brighter, and kept with the traditional Fire home jerseys of the last fourteen years.

Ah, who am I kidding......I'll buy them both anyway.  The collar on the home jersey will just allow me to wear it while dining at fine restaurants.


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  • Like them both

  • I can find some things I don't like about them, but these are both so much nicer than I was expecting! I will be getting the blue kit ASAP.

    An improvement on last year's (I was one of many who didn't like the bank white road shirts) for sure. I have a couple shirts with collars that I don't mind, and one that is obnoxious -- so it all depends on how they fit it. The Logan Pause shot with the shirt looks like very strange material -- did Adidas change the fabric or was that a photoshopped image (it was a screenshot from a video).

    Mainly, though, I was afraid the Quaker image would look terrible, but I think it was stylized very nicely, looks great.

  • I don't mind the home kit, although I understand the disdain with the white bar departure in lieu of the blue bar. The white bar being a shout out to firefighters should have been a staple of the jersey. Personally don't mind the jersey as a whole though, other than the collar.

    Collars make soccer jerseys look like polo shirts. Not down with that.

    Many are already saying the away kits are too akin to a NE Revolution jersey. I think that's an inevitability with ANY primarily blue jersey. I see that argument, but personally don't care. I love the away kits.

  • Among the jersey hoopla here's some info on Puppo's contract dealings.......

    Hat tip to iron81 for finding this and posting it over at HTIOT.

    Puppo has a three year deal but his rights are shared by River Plate and the Fire. The Fire have the option to buy his contract in full after 6 months or a year and that option is based on his performance with the Fire. Puppo did not want to come to MLS initially but eventually relented and came over. He was on loan at Danubio when the deal was struck.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    After my initial disdainful reception, they are starting to grow on me. Plus I LOVE collars on soccer jerseys because, after all, it's a gentleman's game!

    Also, I love the uniqueness of the Fire's kit in comparison to the other kits in the league.

  • The Fire officially announce that Pavel Pardo has re-signed with the club.......

    It's a two year deal.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    nice, glad it's a done deal. now with the sponsorship money and pardo signed they can focus on signing a famous, amazing, talented, goal scoring maching, DP forward. ;)

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:


    Now I feel I'm following a team on the up. If Chicago couldn't successfully keep Pardo in town - especially since he wanted to stay - or get a jersey sponsor before the season, all the new signings (Robayo and Puppo mainly) and draft picks would have been a letdown. This gives me some optimism for the new season. At the very least we have a new look, and if Pappa ends up leaving, I won't be too disappointed.

  • Guillermo,
    Things are improving and looking more positive as we head into the 2012
    Season. Yesterday the announcement That Quaker is the New Jersey sponsor for the Fire and today the two year deal for Pavel Pardo.
    I even apologized to Julian Posada yesterday for my prior negative remarks about him not getting anything Positive done in 2011 for the team
    and us Fans and congratulated him on signing Quaker. I hope we can now
    sign Grazzini beyond July 2012 and have a long overdue Successful Season for "All of Us Chicago- Fire Fans."

  • In reply to Juergen:

    wait a second...Quaker sponsored the state of New Jersey? easy on the capital letters. ;)

  • so you think this is the roster we are going to have heading into the season? or maybe a few more changes(ie dp or a player from europe)?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    There's always a chance to add because they have an international spot open, but if I were to guess.....yes - what you see now will probably be the roster heading into the season.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    i have this strange feeling that the team is missing that final piece.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    It's not so strange....they ARE missing a final piece.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I disagree. As far as I can tell, they are strong literally everywhere on the field barring injuries. There's not a single guy in our XI who couldn't contribute to a Supporters Shield winning team. I'm really excited about the roster Frank put together.

  • In reply to iron81:

    Maybe if Oduro can repeat his second half last year and maybe if Puppo turns out to be the real deal.

    I still think they need a forward with no maybe's attached in order to challenge for top spots.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    This post sold me that Puppo will be valuable this year:

  • Per Sam Stejskal, Yamith Cuesta is not with the team in Florida for training camp. When asked about the defender's status Frank Klopas would only say that "they are trying to work things out with (Cuesta)" but would not elaborate.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    That might explain the draft strategy. GR, every team has strengths and weaknesses. Right now, this Fire roster is better than last year's starting roster by a long shot. My worry is what will happen in July if Seb Grazzini's contract is not extended? Is this going to be an issue?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    That's a question I'll surely ask.

  • As I've said before. The new addition to the front office won't be a "technical director" per se.

    From David Gubala via SBI........


    Hauptman informed local media that the club is looking to explore the additions that are necessary for the club to put all the puzzle pieces together. One of those is the addition of Guillermo Petrei, who will act as the club's managing director of soccer operations.

    "He's a guy from Buenos Aires that we got to know over the years," Hauptman said. "He's been involved in having his own academy in Washington D.C. and he’s a very smart, savvy guy.

    "His job is more going to involve overseeing soccer from a process and organization perspective. It's really about making sure our approach is right and that nothing falls through the cracks and that we're being very analytical, very thoughtful."

    Hauptman mentioned that Guillermo does not have an official title, but he will be instrumental in working with the club's coaching staff along with handling player personnel duties.

    You can never have enough guys named Guillermo in soccer. ;)

  • fb_avatar

    I think we really need to figure out Graz's contract before the season starts. Another 2 years too please.

  • In reply to waam:

    I'm of the opinion that if Grazzini mirrors his 2011 production over the course of the first few months of 2012, it'll be a similar situation to the Pardo signing. It seems that Seba really likes Chicago, and the FO would be ignorant to not re-sign him to an extension should he hit the ground running at the start of this season.

  • I loved seeing Keane's 2 bullets for Villa yesterday (even tho they put them above my Fulham in the table). The second one especially was a cracker. It's good to see him, Donovan, and Henry making a good account for MLS over there.

  • In reply to colton:

    henry is injured at the moment.

  • #CJRoF2012

  • GR,

    Whats the word, need some new news or gossip, something?

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