MLS/Fire Schedule Released

And it's not even March yet. 

Major League Soccer released the complete league schedule today and what do ya know.....the Fire are the opening day opponent for yet another expansion team at home.  Chicago will open the season north of the border on March 17 against Jesse Marsch and the Montreal Impact.  I was actually shocked to see that they're not also opening Houston's new stadium in May.

 The Fire will appear on NBC once, the new NBCSportsNetwork five times, ESPN one time, and Galavision five times.  The local television schedule will be released later this spring.  With the new schedule format incorporated this season Chivas USA, Colorado, Portland, and San Jose will not be making appearances at Toyota Park in 2012. 

In other highlights, the Brimstone Cup will be decided in one match on May 23 in Bridgeview, the Fire travel to Columbus on May 26, and the club will commemorate the 141st anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire on October 3 against the Philadelphia Union. 

Here's the complete Fire schedule:

1 Saturday, Mar 17 Montreal Montreal 1:00PM  
2 Saturday, Mar 24 Philadelphia Chicago 7:30PM  
3 Sunday, Apr 1 (Galavision) Colorado Colorado 6:00PM  
4 Sunday, Apr 15 (Galavision) Houston Chicago 6:00PM  
5 Saturday, Apr 21 (NBCSN) Toronto FC Toronto FC 2:30PM  
6 Saturday, Apr 28 Seattle Chicago 7:30PM  
7 Friday, May 4 (ESPN Deportes) Chivas USA Chivas USA 10:00PM  
8 Wednesday, May 9 Real Salt Lake Chicago 7:30PM  
9 Saturday, May 12 Kansas City Chicago 7:30PM  
10 Sunday, May 20 (Galavision) Portland Portland 6:00PM  
11 Wednesday, May 23 FC Dallas Chicago 7:30PM  
12 Saturday, May 26 (Galavision) Columbus Columbus 6:00PM  
13 Saturday, Jun 2 New England New England 6:30PM  
14 Sunday, Jun 17 (NBCSN) New York Chicago 4:00PM  
15 Saturday, Jun 23 Columbus Chicago 7:30PM  
16 Friday, Jun 29 (NBCSN) Kansas City Kansas City 7:00PM  
17 Tuesday, Jul 3 Houston Houston 7:30PM  
18 Sunday, Jul 8 (ESPN) LA Galaxy Chicago 2:00PM  
19 Saturday, Jul 14 Vancouver Chicago 7:30PM  
20 Wednesday, Jul 18 New York New York 12:00PM  
21 Saturday, Jul 21 Toronto FC Toronto FC 3:00PM  
22 Saturday, Jul 28 San Jose San Jose 9:30PM  
23 Saturday, Aug 4 Toronto FC Chicago 7:30PM  
24 Sunday, Aug 12 (Galavision) Philadelphia Philadelphia 6:00PM  
25 Saturday, Aug 18 New England Chicago 7:30PM  
26 Wednesday, Aug 22 DC United DC United 6:30PM  
27 Sunday, Sep 2 (Galavision) Houston Chicago 6:00PM  
28 Saturday, Sep 15 Montreal Chicago 7:30PM  
29 Saturday, Sep 22 Columbus Chicago 7:30PM  
30 Friday, Sep 28 (NBCSN) Kansas City Kansas City 7:30PM  
31 Wednesday, Oct 3 Philadelphia Chicago 7:30PM  
32 Saturday, Oct 6 (NBC) New York New York 2:30PM  
33 Saturday, Oct 20 New England New England 6:30PM  
34 Saturday, Oct 27 (NBCSN) DC United Chicago 3:00PM


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  • Grr... opening ANOTHER MLS stadium?!? I hope we DESTROY the Impact and make Joey Saputo cry in his pastis and throw his coq au vin to the floor!

    I do like that 6 games will be on NBC / NBC SportsNetwork. The time to get cable is coming...

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Only 3 West Coast trips, though, and those are spaced out. Colorado and Houston aren't as bad... and no away games to Vancouver, Seattle, LA...

  • Have already started working out the details for a trip to BMO in July.

  • Why is soccer so pointless? Because teams have few goals. Just funnin.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Might want to take that comedy act on the road. ;)

  • Pleasantly surprised that they released the schedule so soon. MLS seem to have sidestepped the debacle's of last season with rival midweek road games, back to back weekends in LA, etc. Haven't taken a real close look yet at the East/Wes/home/away balancing yet, but just what I've heard on the internets has me excited for this season.

  • fb_avatar

    With the inclusion of Montreal, and the swoon of New England and TFC continuing... It looks like Chicago will battle it out with Dynamo and Crew for the possible 4th and 5th spots. Thats unless you think we can challenge for the Eastern title with Union, NYRB and KC.

  • In reply to waam:

    If the organization builds on the final 10 game run of the 2011 season, any of those teams can be challenged. I think the biggest roadblocks in the East for Chicago will be SKC and Houston.

  • For some reason I am a bit jealous of the bears management. They have one bad season and they make big management changes. The fire has two bad seasons and they promote the man responsible for the mess. Question does hauptman really have a clue what it takes to be successful in the league? Check out the positive moves that Seattle has made in the off season to continue their success.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    like i said before i think hauptman bought the because he thought it would be fun to own a sports team. he said it himself that he wanted to buy the team after going to see a couple chelsea games. i don't think he really wants to spend the money on this team in order for it to be a top tier team. yeah teams have won without spending money, but the way the league is setting itself up with new DP rules it is making it easier for teams to get these DPs, especially young ones, into the league to make their teams more competitive.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Four playoff appearances in eleven years (1 in the last 5) is hardly a rousing success. Angelo wasn't fired after just one bad year, he was fired for his overall ineptitude in drafting talent over the better part of a decade. The Fire are certainly no picture of stability but neither are the Bears. Seattle on the other hand, definitely appears to have a clue (new third kit notwithstanding). ;)

  • Did the Fire ever release anything confirming that it came to an agreement with Kheli Dube? Any details?

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    They have not reached an agreement with Dube but maintain his MLS rights. They have right of first refusal if he does sign with the league.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    So is it a bit of a waiting game? Sort of a "come out to preseason, we'll see how you do and how you mesh, and then maybe we'll see if we can come to an agreement" type of thing? That would be perfectly grand, as it would leave our options open for the draft and any other signings that could come our way.

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    More of a "see if you can get a better deal and we'll decide if we want to match it" situation.

  • fb_avatar

    How are the Fire feeling about Conde?

  • In reply to waam:

    If he's serious about a return......hopefully trade bait. That's on my list of questions for the folks in charge...

  • The Fire have brought back Mike Matkovich as an assistant coach. Leo Percovich will also return.

  • Comments from Klopas on Euro trip and Conde. Not much in terms of news yet.........

  • do you think hauptman would ever pay a transfer fee for a player?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    It's easy to say no to that question but MLS teams in general aren't in the practice of paying transfer fees for anyone.

  • who do you think the fire will take in the draft?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    I'm thinking it will be a forward but I'd like to see these combine matches before picking a name.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    In the mock draft, they are projecting the Fire to take Maryland's striker Casey Townsend. If Chandler Hoffman or Colin Rolfe slips to nine, they can grab either of them as well. Hoffman is being compared to a young Chris Wondolowski. Since they have 2 picks in the 2nd round, they can use one of those picks on a defender with some speed.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    they already have a defender with speed, mike banner. ;)

  • In reply to penapirata:

    You,ve got to be kidding, Banner's best position would be anywhere on our opponent's team, there he could be of best benefit to the Fire

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    yes i am kidding.

  • so anything new yet?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Hoping to have a new post up later today after speaking with Klopas.

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