Fire Start Preseason With 0-0 Draw

The Fire and DC United played to a 0-0 draw to begin 2012 pre-season play.  The team also released the names of the trialists in camp.  Goalkeepers Alec Kann and Paulo Tornaghi, defender Jonathan Okafor, and midfielders Walter Restrepo, Omar Persad, Alex, and Ivan Guerrero are all vying for a spot along with open tryout winner Fabrizio Pittaluga.

Here are the line-ups for the Fire and DC employed this afternoon:


GK Woszczynski (Tornaghi 33'),(Kann 61')

D Gargan (Videira 33')(Okafor 61')

D Anibaba (Berry 33')(Chavez 61')

D Gibbs (Watson-Siriboe 33')

D Segares (Jumper 33')(Pantazopoulos 61')

M Pause (Paladini 33')(Walls 61')

M Pardo (Bone 33')(Pineda 61')

M Nyarko (Guerrero 33')(Pittaluga 61')(Persad 78')

M Grazzini (Alex 33')(Restrepo 61')

F Barouch (Mkosana 33')(Frimpong 61')

F Oduro (Dube 33')(Gulley 61')


GK Willis (Dykstra 74')

D Russell (Korb 45')(Rodriguez 64')

D McDonald (Svard 45')

D Jakovic (Dudar 45')(Portillo 81')

D Woolard (Zayner 45')

M Najar (C'deBaca 45')

M Kitchen (Saragusa 45')

M Richter (Shanosky 64')

M Boskovic (King 45')

F Brettschneider (Rozeboom 71')

F Santos (Jerome 45')

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  • I'm hearing that Cristian Nazarit has signed with Colombian club Deportivo Cali on loan. So I guess the Fire still hold his rights. I certainly don't expect to see him back, but I believe this means he will continue to take up a roster spot and possibly an international slot.

  • In reply to iron81:

    Not sure what the loan deal is about but the Fire released him and I was under the impression that ties had been Cut. I don't believe he will continue to take up a spot but I'll look into it.

  • Didn't the Fire have him on a loan with an option. They declined the option and gave him back to his original club. Sounds like his original club just sent him out on another loan.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    The Fire definitely had Nazarit's rights last season. The impression everyone in Chicago was left with was that his contract was terminated. But the Colombian press is saying Nazarit is on loan to Cali with an option to buy next December. They did not specifically say the Fire was loaning him to Cali, but I don't know what other club would be involved.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    The Fire have no ties to Nazarit. He won't take up a roster space or an international spot. If he's on loan in Colombia, it's not through the Fire.

  • Glad Nazarit is gone. He was a big disappointment from the beginning and
    did not produce the positive results as expected.

  • Did everyone see that the timbers signed kris Boyd. I must admitt that I am envious of a team willing to go after a great young exciting forward. Now who did we sign as our hope of the year a guy that has only scored two goals in a league in south America. Come on hauptman how about taking a bold move!

  • Guys and gals. How good would letoux look in a fire jersey. He was just traded to Vancouver.

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