Pappa to Holland Rumors Resurface

Rumors of an impending transfer for the Fire's Guatemalan midfielder have been floated around for some time now but one possible destination that keeps resurfacing is the Dutch Eredivisie.  Specifically FC Twente.  According to this report from's Spanish site, the Fire are involved in negotiations with Twente regarding a transfer during the upcoming January window.  The story states that the amount of the transfer fee is the only thing keeping the deal from being completed.  The Fire are asking for over 1 millions euros and Twente seems to be offering a smaller amount.


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  • Good sell him, he already said he's not coming back after his contract ends.

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    If he had a longer contract with Chicago, and wanted to stay, he would be worth more that 1mE

  • Now's the time to sell him. Waam is right, if he wanted to say, I'd want to keep him, but if he's going to leave then the team has to make money off of it and use it to build for next year. Pappa never quite found his place after Grazzini came, but Grazzini needs a backup and a long-term replacement.

  • While the Fire's new 2012 uniforms are still shrouded under a veil of secrecy (I hear you can check out the "Our City, Our Club" page for some clues), DC United has released a picture of theirs......
    I can do without the collars on the road kits, but the home version is pretty nice.

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    They do show the Chicago flag alot throughout the openning video!!! Oh man, that would be EPIC! Though, they do show Potato alot in the video as well...ugh, don't toy with me on this, Guille.

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    It won't be the Chicago flag light blue version that everyone has been clamoring for but it will have some elements of that design in it from what I've been told.

  • if you go to the dc store site you can also buy their jerseys and receive 30% off just in time for christmas. would be nice to get one of fire as a christmas present, just saying.

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    That would seem to make sense to me but the marketing geniuses here in Chicago must know better than we do. ;)

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    They actually have people in marketing? That explains the one billboard I see on I-55...

  • i pray to god that the crew jerseys are not a preview of what is to come for us.

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    Or take a cue from an MLB team's new jersey, the Florida Marlins

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    I have to think the home kit picture is not the finished product.....

    The yellow road kit looks like the golf shirts worn by front office staff.

  • Sporting KC has reacquired Seth Sinovic from Montreal in exchange for Davy Arnaud and allocation money.

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    Maybe we can ask for Peter and John back as well. We might even get them back for free.

  • Props to HTIOT for pointing this one out. De Telegraaf reports that Pappa is a cheaper option for FC Twente if they can't their top choice Dusan Tadic..........

  • Jesse Marsch keeps dealin' in Montreal acquiring a top notch keeper in Donovan Ricketts from LA for allocation money.

    A Ricketts move was bound to happen with the emergence of Josh Saunders after Ricketts' injury. Good move for both sides.

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    Hey I just tweeted you asking you a question (@chancekev). Told me to email you. Does this work?

  • In reply to KChance:

    Yes it does.

    Allocation dollars are the MLS equivalent of funny money. Clubs can trade players in exchange for allocation dollars (a sum agreed to by both teams) in order to use that sum to increase their salary cap/budget amount. For example, the Galaxy received allocation money for Donovan RIcketts. If that amount was $100k they can apply that dollar figure towards increasing (or decreasing depending on how you look at it) their cap/budget by $100K.

    MLS also awards unpublished allocation amounts to the clubs each year through various criteria.

    Here's a description from MLS' site:
    Allocation Money
    Allocation money is a resource available to clubs in addition to their respective salary budgets.

    A club may receive allocation money for:

    failure to qualify for the MLS Cup Playoffs;
    the transfer of a player to a club outside of MLS for value;
    expansion status;
    qualification for the CONCACAF Champions League;

    Each year the MLS Competition Committee determines the allocation amount to be made available to each club. Allocation money can be traded by clubs. Allocation money does not count against a club’s salary budget and can be used:

    To sign players new to MLS (that is, a player who did not play in MLS during the previous season).
    To re-sign an existing MLS player, subject to League approval.
    To “buy-down” a player’s salary budget charge below the League maximum of $335,000.
    In connection with the exercise of an option to purchase a player’s rights or the extension of a player’s contract for the second year provided the player was new to MLS in the immediately prior year.

    Unfortunately MLS does not make the allocation amounts public so it's nearly impossible to figure out exactly what each team has available in terms of "cap" each year. This of course leads to conspiracy theories and speculation about the league catering to LA and New York.

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