MLS Releases Re-Entry Draft List & More

MLS Re-Entry Draft

Major League Soccer has released the full list of players who will be available via the Re-Entry Draft on December 5 and December 12.  The list includes a few interesting names including Bobby Boswell, Santino Quaranta, Dasan Robinson, Peter Lowry, Arturo Alvarez, Andy Williams, Bobby Convey, Nate Jaqua, and John Thorrington.  Since the Fire are now in the market for a back-up 'keeper there are a few available there too.  Greg Sutton, Joe Cannon, and Fire original Zach Thornton can be had.   

The current draft selection order is:

1. Vancouver

2. New England

3. Toronto FC

4. Chivas USA

5. San Jose

6. DC United

7. Portland

8. Chicago

9. Columbus

10. FC Dallas

11. New York

12. Philadelphia

13. Colorado

14. Seattle

15. Sporting KC

16. Real Salt Lake

17. Houston

18. Los Angeles

19. Montreal

MLS Network?

I asked the Don himself about the possibility of an all MLS/soccer network similar to NFL/MLB/NBA versions last spring and he pretty much shot the idea down.  Well, now it seems that a full blown channel is something that Garber and the league are at least entertaining at some point according to this article

NBC Gets A Voice

NBC Sports has hired Seattle Sounders FC play by play man Arlo White as their pbp voice for MLS broadcasts starting March 11.  Kyle Martino is rumored to be the top choice on color commentary.   

Get Your Mug On 2012 Season Tickets

Want to get your Fire related photography memorialized for all eternity by plastering your image on next year's season tickets?  The Fire is looking for fan photo submissions from anyone interested in participating.  Check out the details here.


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  • is that the NBC channel that took over VS channel?

  • In reply to CountChocula:

    It is indeed. They will also broadcast some matches on the main NBC channel.

  • I'm thinking we should try to get a backup keeper and either Convey or Arturo Alvarez . I couldn't say if Thornton is still good enough to be a 2nd string keeper and he'd probably want too much to be a 3rd stringer/coach.

  • I'd love to see Zach come back but he is on the much heavier side than when he left. Seeing him in September, I don't think he'd be any better a #2 than Conway.

    Looking at the list, Cronin, Sutton, Nolly or Adin Brown might be decent choices to try and get through Re-Entry. All depends on salary requests but if they're cutting loose Conway who made $70,000 last year, I suspect they're not willing to spend much more than that on a backup.

    Sutton made 75K (Greg actually backed up Zach in 1999-2000)
    Nolly made 65K
    Cronin made 72K
    Brown made 72K
    (Seems around 70K is the going rate for an MLS backup).

    Thing about picking a back up for this year: They WILL be playing, would rather get a veteran that can step in when Sean's away and then draft a young GK that could rise in the case that Johnson tries to move abroad after 2012.

  • Out of the whole list, there about only 20 that are worth taking a look at, don't see any game changers, maybe a a goalie pick up, perhaps a defender or mid field player for depth. That's the disadvantage of a last minute surge, if they had a worse record they would be higher in the selection list, most of the potentially quality players will be off the board by the time the Fire has it's turn.

  • Everton loves them some American 'keepers.......

    Sean Johnson will train with them next week.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    good deal. it should benefit him as well as the team, and hopefully pay dividends for national team callups as well.

  • Waiting on officical announcement, but the Fire have finalized the deal to purchase the contract of Orr Barouch from Tigres.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Wooohoooo my "inside" information was correct. lol

    Any details on what it is going to cost or how much of a cap hit he will be?

  • In reply to KChance:

    Nice investigative work there. ;)

    No details on the cost yet....monetary details in MLS are guarded more closely than the alien bodies at Area 41.....allegedly.

  • In reply to KChance:

    According to Ives Galarcep the buyout was around $100K but details haven't been completely worked out.

  • A couple of the most interesting names on the re-entry list are now off the table.

    Houston has re-signed Bobby Boswell and San Jose has traded Bobby Convey to Sporting KC in exchange for an international roster spot.

  • how about we as fans help andrew raise some money for a dp by taking this idea from sevilla:

  • Per Orrin Schwarz's Daily Herald aritcle today, the Fire have placed a claim on a 19 year old Ecuadorian midfielder who is very dynamic "like Patrick Nyarko" according to Javier Leon.

    He is a two way midfielder who can play in the middle and on the right.

    Other nuggets from the artice.....Pavel Pardo is meeting Klopas in Germany and Marco Pappa and Patrick Nyarko may train with Atletico in January.

    Could the young Ecuadorian be this guy?

  • Check out this goal by Cazares.......

    oh my

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Smooth as a baby's bottom.

  • If he's the one, probably a good pickup, especially at age 19,
    shows excellent footwork and creativity, wonder how many current
    Fire players could do that well in the heat of competition.
    Ability to play the flanks and middle is a plus.
    With Orr and the 17 y/o they are bringing up is a positive sign for the future.

  • Uncovering little nuggets like this Jay Nolly bit is one of the things the guys over at HTIOT do really well.........

    Dudes don't miss anything!

  • It's official. The Fire have acquired goalkeeper Jay Nolly from Vancouver in exchange for a 2013 first round pick.

    The Whitecaps have also re-signed John Thorrington and Joe Cannon, thereby taking their names off of the Re-enty draft availability list.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    in exchange for a 2013 *supplemental draft* first round pick.

    is nolly any good? a solid gk back up?

  • In reply to Drew:

    It's hard to say based on his numbers last year as Vancouver's defense was pretty bad. He posted a 2-6-6 record in 14 starts, but the couple times I watched the 'Caps I thought he was fine. Better than Conway, I'd say, but that's just my feeling, not a very informed opinion.

  • Glad they finalized the Barouch deal. That needed to happen, with the solid year he put up this season for such a young player.

    I think Nolly was the best the Fire were going to get in the way of an experienced GK. From what I've seen, he's not bad, and like Mateu said, definitely an improvement over Conway. Couple of nice moves for the Fire today.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Nolly's not bad. Nice upgrade at the back up keeper spot.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Totally agree. I didn't necessarily mean "best the Fire could get" in a negative way. Nolly's a decent keeper for sure, I think he'll fit well and do fine if/when filling in for SJ.

  • Andy Williams retires

  • On a different note, I was just listening to last week's Extra Time Radio podcast with Arlo White and he says he got into American sports through an aunt and uncle living in Chicago, so he's been a life-long Bears and Cubs fan.

  • Logan Pause signs through the end of the 2013 season.

  • Ex-US International Lee Nguyen signs multi-year contract w/ MLS.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    team to be decided by weighted lottery. anybody else think that this weighted lottery system is kind of a joke?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    I'm not crazy about it either, but it's one of many league issues I'm not a fan of.

    In other news, Nazarit and Ferrari were released today:

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Maybe then Fire will keep Chaves?

  • I like Chavez. He scored some nice goals for us. I think he can also help out in midfield. He has good ball skills a good finisher definitely worth having on our team I think.

  • In reply to Juergen:

    i agree, he's worth having around for depth for sure

  • In reply to Drew:

    Agreed. That was my first thought upon hearing the news as well. While I think Chaves will remain in a sub role like he did in Frank's system once the team found some chemistry, I do think he proved later in the season that he can come on when called upon and provide some offense. He's not starter material, but he's a good option to have on the bench.

  • i prefer chaves off the bench as well.

    Fire definately need a 2nd starting striker to complement Oduro

  • are the fire looking to hire a technical director? i haven't heard a peep about this since klopas was officially made the team's coach.

  • In reply to Drew:

    not hearing anything is the norm for this ownership.

  • Andrew said they had a goal of bringing someone in who would fill the TD role, although it wouldn't be the same type of role Frank played in that position. The new TD would not be involved in the youth programs and lower ranks, they would be more involved in the scouting and prospecting of first team players. Haven't heard anything as of late, although there were some unsubstantiated rumors that Eric Wynalda was being sought for the job. Haven't heard anything since then, though.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    thx for the info jeff! was sort of curious since it sounded like klopas was going on another scouting trip to europe. obviously i think it's great that he does that, but it also seems like he has forgotten that he's not the TD anymore. i don't remember past coaches being sent on international scouting trips. don't get me wrong, if he wants to go the extra mile, i'm all for it. BUT, i would imagine the org would want to put someone in place sooner than later, considering it is the off season and all, but logic doesn't always seem logical in the case of the Fire organization. it's not like being unprepared will do them any good, when they definitely need various signings to make this team legit again. anyway, if you are reading andrew, i will work in a TD (or assistant) capacity at a very reasonable wage...i might even be able to help you secure a jersey sponsorship worth more than the $0 you received last year.

  • In reply to Drew:

    Its a pretty wild accusation to say it seems like he's forgotten he's not technical director anymore... What would you have him do in the current absence of a technical director? Sit at home and do nothing? I'd imagine since he's going to Atletico it was just as much arranged for him to go abroad by Andell as anything else.

    Beyond that, almost every MLS coach goes abroad at some point in the offseason, its not even close to being a new thing. Its not going the extra mile... It should always be the job of both the Technical Director and Head Coach to go abroad to find players, if an MLS team isn't doing that at this point, they're stupid.

    Just for the record, CDLC did go to Europe last year with Frank:

    There are plenty of shots you can take at the Fire, but this one seems misguided and off base.

  • In reply to seaside:

    my "accusation" of him forgetting about losing his td role was tongue in cheek. i'm obviously just not that clued in to mls coaches responsibilities. all other sports i follow the coaches aren't involved much in player acquisitions or scouting, and as i said, i'm all for him going on the trip. anyhow, i think you missed my point which was that i find it somewhat surprising that they still don't have anyone in the td role yet. they had klopas working dual roles for 1/2 the season (so weren't they already doing due diligence for a new td at that point? shouldn't they always be doing that?), didn't participate in the playoffs, are in the midst of the offseason and don't have anyone hired. does that seem right to you? it just doesn't make sense to me...but i guess i'm misguided and off base...

  • In reply to Drew:

    Sorry I misunderstood.

    My understanding is that Jeffries was more or less playing the TD role when Frank took over as head coach. Believe Frank was the TD in name only and heard whispers giving Jeffries a great deal of credit for pulling the trigger on the Oduro and Gargan trades, perhaps two of the best deals made league-wide this season.

    Maybe they searched, didn't find anyone they were willing to pay and Jeffries will continue in the role? Who knows? I find it odd that nothing's been announced but I'm honestly not troubled by it either.

  • In reply to seaside:

    Jeffries took over part of Frank's responsibilities as TD. At Frank's press conf w/ Andrew, Andrew said they wanted to keep Jeffries in his role of working with the youth programs and helping Frank with scouting, but that ultimately he was looking to bring in another person. Player decisions, according to Andrew, are still in Frank's lap, so him going abroad as either TD or coach (as CDLC did last year as well) isn't new.

    I really think the organization is just extremely hush-hush about some of this, like they are about the jersey sponsorship. From a somewhat objective viewpoint, we have to remember that they have a jersey sponsor they're trying to wrap up, a Technical Director to bring on board, potentially new asst. coaching staff to hire, and new acquisitions to scout, hold talks with, and sign. That's a tall task, to say the least. While answers are hard to find in a sponsorship category that is now a year old, the hopes of having one secured and announced in the next 3 weeks is exciting. I'm sure there's going to be something to report in January as a result of this European trip, so I would think of anything on the Fire's plate currently, hiring a TD is the least of their concerns, as they can somewhat "make due" for the time being until these other issues are hammered out. I would personally love to see all these things resolved yesterday, but it's asking a lot of the club (outside a sponsor, maybe) to have all these things lined up for the 2012 season, when the 2011 season wrapped up a month and a half ago.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    i hate objective standpoints... ;)

    not to beat this into the ground (though i will:)), but i guess my expectations of how an organization is to be run may be a bit high for the fire. i would think posada would be working on the sponsorship, and andrew, probably in conjunction with Jeffries, would be hiring a TD. i just don't like the idea of not having all hands on deck as soon as possible. again, i just can't see 1 other team in town leaving such an important position in the team open for so long, especially considering klopas' position change half way through the season and the important personnel decisions that will be made sooner than later. oh well, it's all good...thanks for your input and opinions jeff and's hoping the fire pull it together and make a cup run next year.

  • In reply to Drew:

    I definitely see your point. I would think and hope that the FO is much farther along on all those fronts than they're letting on. I'm just trying to play the part of the eternal optimist this offseason.

    They started making moves last offseason and continued doing what was necessary, culminated in letting CDLC go. I believe since doing that, and bringing in Pardo/Gargan/Grazzini, the powers that be have been moving the club in a positive direction. My hope is that they continue in that vein so we end up with a club that's a feared playoff contender instead of a team one win outside the playoff picture.

  • Congrats on tying the knot, GR! Honeymoon in Bridgeview?

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Thanks Redline. Unless Bridgeview has palm trees and 80 degree weather I think I'll pass on that suggestion.

  • i thought the league was going to release the schedule at about this time of the month? any rumors from "Klopas' Big Adventure"?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    From what I can gather, the league is still pushing to release the schedule this year but I'll believe that one when I see it.

    Just back in the US today......back to standard operating procedure tomorrow.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Having just gotten back from vacation a few weeks ago, welcome home....and my condolences. :)

  • Fire chose Dube in the reallocation draft or whatever it is called. Now they will try and negotiate a deal with him. Baggio was picked up by Colorado, and Conway by someone else.. Orrin on his twitter also said that the fire are brining in a forward, but he wasn't sure if it was europe or latin america..

  • Wilman Conde wants back into MLS......
    The Fire still have his MLS rights. Interested?

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I know he is moody, and at times a walking yellow if not red card.. but i thought he was solid.. and maybe we could play him as a d mid, where when he was in that spot he seemed more comfortable. Especially, if we do what we did with pause on the right side near the end of the year. it would allow him to stay in one position, while having a good fill in for pardo if he needs a rest..

  • In reply to lijien:

    I've said this across the internets today, but I'll continue to contend that Conde should go elsewhere. As I recall he was one of the attitude problems that existed in the locker room during the 2010 season. I doubt he comes to the Fire in a sub role anyway, and while Jalil would be the odd man out in a Conde scenario, I don't know that Jalil deserves losing his starting spot just because Conde comes back to town. Now, if we brought him in and he played as a back up to Gonzalo to shore up the LB position, and he knew and agreed to that role coming in, I would be more on board with a move to bring him back. Of course that presents its own issues with Conde not playing his natural role. I just don't know that he he'd settle for a team that's not going to put him in the starting XI (nor should he).

  • so when you going to ask klopas the tough questions about his trip?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    When he gets back.

  • If the 2008 version of Conde comes back, then that's the Conde I would like to see playing for the Fire. The 2010 version of Conde is a player who cannot help any team because of his crap attitude.
    Anibaba's starting spot is not automatic. The Fire have missed the playoffs two years running, so I don't believe that any player can lay claim to a starting spot in December. If Conde is better able to help the Fire win than Anibaba or Gibbs, then one of them should sit. It would be interesting to see if a guy like Conde coming in pushes Anibaba to elevate his game.

  • I'm not sure why you think that Conde's attitude was any better early on. My memory is that his attitude was terrible when he got here and got better with time. JC Osorio brought him in, but when JCO went to NY, Conde was still under contract to the Fire. He pouted and tried to hold out to go to NY, but that never happened. He and Hamlett clashed (a recurring theme, as Hamlett clashed with Soumare, too). Then he wanted more money. It was always something with him. His final season I don't remember attitude issues, but I remember a lot of critical errors that led to goals and losses. He would have 80 good minutes, but those 10 bad ones would kill us. With Pardo, Pause, Gibbs, Anibaba, Mikulic, Cuesta, and Watson-Siriboe, I'm perfectly happy with our central defensive core. I think Cuesta actually is quite similar to Conde, and doesn't come with Conde's baggage. Can we improve in the middle? Sure, but Conde isn't the improvement we need.

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    one of the biggest questions is can conde be as good as he was in his first couple of years in the league or would he play like the end of his time in mls? his attitude is a big question obviously, but more so, imo, is his level of play. i personally think cuesta is nowhere near as good as conde was when he was an all star mls player, but i'm not so sure he can still play at that level. in any event, i do think our central d is pretty well sorted out right now, so if the team wants to upgrade, i'm not sure focusing resources on that position would be prudent.

  • The bottom line for me is this: If we're going to consider bringing back an available defender who's moved abroad, I'd rather have Krzysztof Krol anyday. Dude loves the Fire, he's a solid defender, and he won't come to the team with a huge price tag OR attitude.

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