Fire's Protected 11 - MLS Expansion Draft

The Fire's list of eleven "protected" players doesn't really contain any surprises and was relatively easy to figure out from spots 1-9.  Dominic Oduro, Patrick Nyarko, Sebastian Grazzini, Marco Pappa, Logan Pause, Gonzalo Segares, Jalil Anibaba, Cory Gibbs, and Sean Johnson seemed to be no-brainers to me.  The last two spots which the Fire used to protect Pavel Pardo and Orr Barouch were the wild cards.

I thought Pardo might have gone unprotected as an older player taking up an international spot with a probable substantial pay hike coming in 2012.  His desire to play in Chicago also could have served as a deterrent for the Montreal Impact but the organization decided not to gamble with the 35 year old World Cup veteran.  The decision to protect Orr Barouch over Dan Gargan and Daniel Paladini indicates to me that the Fire intend to work out a permanent deal with Tigres, who currently own the forward's rights.

As expected goalkeeper Sean Johnson has graduated from the Generation Adidas program and was eligible for selection if not protected.  Corben Bone is still part of the program since he hasn't seen much playing time in two seasons and is still automatically protected.  Kellen Gulley and Victor Pineda are also not available to Montreal as Homegrown Players.

Here's the full list:


Sean Johnson, Cory Gibbs, Jalil Anibaba, Gonzalo Segares, Pavel Pardo, Logan Pause, Marco Pappa, Sebastian Grazzini, Orr Barouch, Patrick Nyarko, Dominic Oduro

Available for Selection

Jon Conway, Alec Dufty, Yamith Cuesta, Dan Gargan, Steven Kinney, Josip Mikulic, Pari Pantazopoulos, Mike Banner, Mike Videira, Daniel Paladini, Baggio Husidic, Cristian Nazirit, Gabriel Ferrari, Diego Chaves

There are some names on the list which could draw interest from Montreal at 2:00 on Wednesday but teams can only lose one player during this season's expansion draft.  Dan Gargan could be an attractive option for Jesse Marsch's Impact as could center backs Josip Mikulic and Yamith Cuesta.  Injuries to Steve Kinney and Gabriel Ferrari should keep them safe from selection unless Montreal is really looking to gamble on players going through off season rehabilitation from pretty major injuries.

Daniel Paladini and Baggio Husidic can both play a role in the league as utility players and also stand a chance of being selected.  Cristian Nazirit's salary alone is reason enough for Marsch to stay away and Diego Chaves' days in Chicago seem to be numbered although the Fire do hold an option to bring him back in 2012.

The Fire lost John Thorrington and Peter Lowry in last season's expansion draft amid some head scratching decisions but this season seemed pretty straight forward.

2010 Protected List

Banner, Carr, Conde, Husidic, Kinney, Nyarko, Pappa, Pause, Ristic, Segares, Watson-Siriboe



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  • Ah, crikey, I'd hate to lose Gargan. To my mind, he's more valuable than Barouch. Hard decision, though - both those guys have so much going for them, and contributed a lot down the stretch.

    I'm glad you posted the 2010 protected list, though. It makes for interesting reading. Banner, Carr, Kinney, Husidic and Ristic jump out at me, seeing as they're either gone or never really figured into the first team in 2011. The other names that jump out are Watson-Siriboe since he's not protected this year.

    It also seems to me that the guys who should be protected are fairly easy to identify - last year, not so much. I think that's what Guillermo's saying too.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Correct you are Modibo.

  • I think that shows the increased quality and direction that this team has compared to last year. hopefully id won't take 23 games for them to figure it out next year. It would also be unfortunate to see mikulic or Gargan leave, and i think they could have gotten away with leaving Pardo unprotected.

  • In reply to colton:

    Yeah...tricky part is they had to protect at least three internationals per the rules.

  • Gargan could be a goner, he'd be the one I would select from the list and the one selection that would hurt the Fire the most.
    However they'd still have Cuesta, Mikulic and Kinney in the wings and given their youth the Fire won't be hurt as bad as last year.
    Doubt if Marsch would select Banner, though Chaves could be an outside choice.
    Roster is much stronger than last year and with several high draft picks next year, plus possible DP or other high level signings,
    the Fire has to be at least in the top five or six of MLS.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Top 5 in the East for sure.

  • I can see Paladini getting picked. Its hard to find a holding midfielder for a cheap price. I think, if I was Montreal, I would look into him. He has a good work ethic. Been around awhile and has some pretty good ball skills. He can pass the ball pretty well and doesn't mind doing the dirty work.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    and you are assured of 4-5 prayers per game from 35-40 yards that end up in the seats. ;)

  • Maybe Montreal will pick Adu. Philly isn't protecting him.

  • "you are posting too quickly, slow down" - lol, what i can't make 2 quick comments without being scolded on this site!

  • No one from the Fire selected, surprised with some of the choices
    Marsch made.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Houston is enraged that Montreal grabbed up Ching. They shouldn't be, they unprotected him, and Ching threw down the equivalent of "Don't pick me....I mean it!", which they of course didn't fall for. I think either Ching comes around (not likely), or Impact/Dynamo work out some sort of trade.

    Really surprised they didn't pick up Bravo, though. I would've thought he would go as well.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Agree.....Houston should be mad at nobody but themselves. They gambled and lost. Now they'll need to give up even more to get Ching back.

    I like what Montreal got from Chivas USA though....especially in exchange for Riley.

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