Carr v Barrett Mega Showdown Spoiled the headline is a bit tongue in cheek but just when we thought we'd see two former maligned Fire strikers starting against each other in an MLS Cup Final the count is down to one.  Chad Barrett will miss the season's final match after suffering a dislocated ankle during training last week. That leaves Calen Carr, the man traded to Houston for Dominic Oduro as the focal point of interest for Fire fans on Sunday.  Dasan Robinson is also a member of the Galaxy but it's not likely that he gets onto the pitch this Sunday.

Without Brad Davis I don't see Houston beating the Galaxy at the Home Depot Center, where the Galaxy has yet to lose this season.  My pick : Galaxy 2 Dynamo 1

Speaking of Brad Davis, the league's assist leader finished second in the MVP race to DC's Dwayne DeRosario.  United's record with DeRo on the pitch was 5-6-6.  The guy had several great games but disappeared in many others.  In my opinion, Davis was more deserving.  The Dynamo without Davis would have been exactly where DC United was with DeRosario....out of the playoffs. 

USA New Kit?

Here's a look at what is rumored to be the USA Men's National Team away kits for 2012.  Not a big fan of hoops........



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  • the title to this post made me lol, literally. i do feel bad for barrett though, i like the guy and a dislocated ankle just before playing in the mls final has to be pretty devastating.

  • Guys
    If we really think about this past season there is really not too much to be happy about. Under klopas as manager the team was even or worse than under cabos. The addition of the midfielder and the Mexican international changed the team quite a bit. The question is what would have happened if klopas and jefferies had properly understood their talent level from the start of the season rather than wait for mid season older players to be available on the cheap. My feelings are that we would have witnessed one hell of a bad season.
    At this point I hope that klopas realizes that he has the least amount of coaching in any pro league throughout the world and gets himself someone that can equal the coaching field against the likes of arena and the other more experienced coaches. I hate to say this but hauptman does remind me of Bill Wirtz. Chicago world be a great soccer town but I think we will in the middle of the pack for years under current management.
    Guiermo you have done a great job with the blog

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    In reply to brokerjohn:

    the Mexican international? you mean, Pavel right? lol.

  • In reply to waam:

    Yes the Mexican international is pavel. I honestly do hope the fire are exciting end to end but I have my doubts. When a professional team has a chance to really look at it competition then will coach against another teams strength. Please look at what happened to Douro
    Odura during the US championship game. Schmidt used a old formation of a sweeper and wiped out the speed issue. This will continue unless the central midfield is strengthened and a decent other scorer is established. It's a real shame that chaves was overlooked until the end of the season. Aa far as who to protect it should not be too difficult other than a few players there is not that much exciting talent

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    i agree that hauptman is like bill wirtz. i just think that he bought the team because he thought it would be the "cool" thing to do. he says he wants this team to succeed but he doesn't show it by in vesting in the product on the field. i still don't understand why this team always waits until the summer to get players to help the team. is it that hauptman doesn't want to pay a transfer fee? i don't know if hauptman is running this team into the ground or what. i have a feeling that as long as he owns the team we will not win an mls cup. i hope they prove me wrong on that last point though.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Thanks Broker. Bill Wirtz was a tool of a magnitude that no owner in Chicago will probably reach.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    That's only because Hauptman loves in California. He is aspiring to reach Wirtzian levels not seen by other owners. I disagree completely that the team played worse under Frank than under De Los Cobos. There was not a single defensive set piece under De Los Cobos that every opposing team did not have a legit scoring chance. Frank fixed the back end immediately. He also changed the attitude about how to score. He got rid of "pretty but losig soccer" and created an attitude that getting a goal even if ugly was still good. There is no doubt that a good number of the Fire's ties under Frank would have been losses under Carlos. Was the team good? No, was it better, yes. Do they need a second scorere, yes. Do they need a better wing option that can score, yes. Can Patrick Nyarcko become that scoring option? I don't know. He has shown glimmers, but he is not selfish enough. So.... for the future is better than the past because things that were broken were fixed, but not everything has been fixed yet. Its a good show to watch now instead of the train wreck that the last season started as.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    "he has the least amount of coaching in any pro league throughout the world"

    That is absolutely laughable!

    Are you not aware that Jay Heaps was just named to the Revs post? Have you ever heard of Jason Kreis? Former players with no experience take over teams all the time. Take it easy on the hyperbole.

    That said, it's clear that the Krafts are getting a coach on the cheap with Heaps - he's gotta be an even cheaper hire than Klopas. But that doesn't mean an inexperienced coach can't do a good job.

  • Modibo

    Okay lets try to grad the history of old Frank's coaching experience. Before the first game he coached this year for the Fiire he had never coached a out door team in his life. Who could have less experience than 0 games. In addition who do you think was responsible for De Los Cabos, guess who Klopas. Yes the team was better after the South American and Mexican international arrived but his record was exactly the same as Cabos until the two players arrived.
    Maybe just maybe Frank could be a decent coach but he should have absolutely nothing to do with picking players. He famous European trips have been an absolute mess and the idea of aligning themselves with one or two foreign teams that was followed at the start of the season was and is a disaster.
    Finally if anyone thinks that Oduro ( a very nice guy ) will have another incredible year then they believe in Santa. Smart teams like Seatle will go to the sweeper system a la the US cup and completely eliminate the speed that has served him so well.
    I wish that our Harvard educated owner knew something about the sport but I believe that he is clueless. All anyone has to do is talk to his expert Javier to know that this team is headed to the same middle of the road finish year after year until the mangment mess is figured out. I did purchase another season package because I really enjoy the sport but I do not expect anything from the home team. Could you imaging the Hawks, Bulls, or B
    ears naming the person the most responsible for failure the coach of the team?

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Look, Calm down.. I realize you're upset. But your statement that he had less experience than any coach in the world was a joke considering that Jay Heaps was announced as the coach of New England just days before, and Kreis nearly navigated his team to the CONCACAF Champions' League title earlier this season with 0 games experience before taking them over in 2007.

    My comment had nothing to do with what Frank did or will do. I'm not saying anything about the rest of your argument, I didn't say he was blameless in the de los Cobos hiring or other personnel selections, I didn't say anything about Oduro or Hauptmann or foreign trips. I pointed out that you're going off the handle about his experience and you're wrong about it. Period.

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