Pappa Called To International Duty - Will Likely Miss FC Dallas Match

If the Fire are to make a last ditch effort to qualify for the MLS playoffs the mad push will have to start with a victory over FC Dallas on Wednesday.  That push will likely begin without the services of midfielder Marco Pappa who has been called by Guatemala for their match against Belize in Guatemala City tomorrow. 



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  • It's always a difficult decision and a touchy subject but in this instance Houston's Andre Hainault chooses club over country by declining a call from Canada in order to stay with the Dynamo during their playoff push.......

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    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Do that too many times, and you may never play International again. However, if it was just a friendly, I'm sure Canada can understand.

  • In reply to waam:

    It's a touchy situation....Hainault is actually skipping a World Cup Qualifier against Puerto Rico to stay with the Dynamo.

  • Oduro may miss the FC Dallas match due to illness.....

  • Canada's pretty much through. Stephen Hart will get over it.

    Pappa and Guatemala can I think all but sow up the next round with a win vs. Belize Tuesday night as well. Pappa's a key player for his country, Canada can go a game against Puerto Rico without Hainault.

  • How would you rank the four trophies in MLS? I think I would most like to see the Fire win the supporter's shield, and the the champion's league. Then MLS Cup and last US Open Cup.

  • In reply to colton:

    Tough one.....for me I'd rank them......

    1. MLS Cup
    2. Champion's League
    3. Supporter's Shield
    4. US Open Cup

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I would go:

    1. MLS Cup
    2. Champions League
    3. USOC
    4. Supporter's Shield

    But, I'll take a World Club Cup over all of them. Unrealistic? I don't care. If you're going to dream, dream BIG.

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    In reply to fcoba85:

    For me...

    1. Champion's League
    2. MLS Cup
    3. USOC
    4. Supporter's Shield (awarded by the fans? c'mon, thats like winning an internet poll)

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